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Sacrifical Hides Collection Project 2021
Shaheed Foundation Pakistan collects hides of sacrificial animals on the occasion of Eid ul Azha in Karachi. The activity receives tremendous appreciation from momineen and many youngsters also voluntarily join hands with SFP workers on this occassion to complete the project successfully in different parts of the country. The proceeds obtained from the sales of the sacrificial hides produces a significant revenue each year which normally. It goes directly into the services being rendered by Shaheed Foundation Pakistan for the noble Khanwada-e-Shohada-e-Millat.

Shaheed Foundation Pakistan will install its camps for collection of hides In Karachi.

Momineen are requested to donate hides in these camps and where ever possible drop the hides on the designated point yourself, due to shortage of human resource amid the increasing demand of the project in different parts.

Sacrifical Hides Collection Project 2021