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Ramadhan ul Mubarak 2022: Join Hands for the Noble Cause of Martyrs

Shaheed Foundation Pakistan extends its heartiest greetings and felicitations to all momineen and mominaat on the auspicious occasion of arrival of Holy month of Ramadhan.

Ramadhan-ul-Mubarak, is the month of sacrifice and love. It signifies our sensitivity towards the sufferings and pains felt by the oppressed. The noble Families of beloved Martyrs of millat merit great attention for these martyrs have offered the greatest sacrifice on the path of Ahlulbayt[AS].

The Holy month of Ramadhan-ul-Mubarik offers a unique occasion to remember martyrs by serving their families with the best that we have to recognize their rights on us.

Momineen are requested to spread the message of Martyrs far and wide to garner support for the noble cause of martyrs.

Every word counts .Every action done and all the support extended with sincerity will augur well for the cause of Martyrs.

Insha Allah!

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