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Poonch Sector: Syed Aziz Hussain Shah martyred and his brother injured in terrorist attacks.
Terrorist incident in village Kot of Poonch district, Abbaspur tehsil, Azad Kashmir On January 5, 2022.
Two unknown terrorists came to the house of Syed Aziz Hussain Shah Sahib and told his family that they had to meet Aziz Shah Sahib.
Family of Syed Aziz Hussain Shah served them tea.

When Syed Aziz Hussain Shah came, terrorists fired bullets at him which caused his martyrdom. Upon hearing the sound of the bullets, his brother Sakhawat Hussain Shah reached the spot. The terrorists also shot him and he is seriously injured. Aziz Shah's wife threw chillies in the eyes of the terrorists and closed the door after beating them with the help of sticks.
People from nearby neighborhoods reached and informed Abbaspur police station and police arrested the injured terrorists.
Please recite surah e fatiha for Shaheed Syed Aziz Hussain Shah and dua e saihat for his injured brother Sakhawat Hussain Shah.