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Important News for International specifically USA Donors

Shaheed Foundation Pakistan is an Independent institution of Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan. For last 26 years Shaheed Foundation has been extending services to around families of martyrs towards their complete self-reliance through multi-concerted efforts in health care, education and familial/living expense support as well as extending healthy recreational, learning and spiritual growth opportunities.

It is important to point out that in event of any tragedy, often emotionally various set of peoples begin collecting funds without coordination. Therefore it is requested to momineen to offer the help through Shaheed Foundation Pakistan and its authorized charities. It is also important to obtain / demand receipt from anyone and everyone whosoever promises to deposit it to Shaheed Foundation Pakistan.

Now for Millat's awareness, we may like to add the following points as to what are our mode of operations in case of events.

-  Need base assessment done by cross functional teams possessing 26 years and more experience of dealing with these incidents and the after math.

-  Emergency relief fund is provided in case of some tragedies if the need is determined to be such for situation/family/families.

-  Accurate information on the details of incident are shared on website for depicting exact picture of the situation.

-  Data on Shohada and Majruheen families is cautiously collected through first hand efforts directly by people at grassroots right across country. This is necessary to avoid duplication so that resources are most efficiently channelized.

-  Shohada coffins are decorated with Al-Shaheed Chador [Sheets]

-  Based on accurate assessment, monthly support of families of martyrs is started.

-  Daily wagers who got injured and their livelihood is cutoff. The families are supported till their families are self-reliant i.e. their sources of income become equal or greater than expenses.

-  Victims who get paralyzed due to the incidents are provided monthly medical expense coverage for their treatment.

-  Victims who can live normal lives again through support artificial limbs, for them this treatment is financially made available on case to case basis in cautious manner due to exorbitant funds involved by taking donor base in confidence ahead of time.

Shaheed Foundation Pakistan's Charity partners are present right across the globe that is in formally inked agreements with SFP. https://www.shaheedfoundation.org/about/international-partner-charities


No one else whether an individual or entity of any kind is authorized to collect funds in the name of Shaheed Foundation. As matter of Standard Operating Procedure, even our own current members are not authorized to collect funds without issuing receipts. All funds are only collected on cash counters at SFP offices or through box collection system or through official bank accounts only, details of which can be found on website. In event you're not given receipt for any funds given in the name of SFP, please feel free contact:


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Website: www.shaheedfoundation.org


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We have signed the MOU with "Al-Kauser Inc." of USA. All USA donor, kindly donate all your contributions to "Al-Kauser Inc." only.

We look forward for your generous support. Jazakallah!

Al Kauser Inc. Details:
SA. Name: Al Kauser Inc
Acct #: 4382551947
Routing 031201360
TD Bank
Address: P. O. Box 1032
East Windsor NJ 08520
PayPal www.alkauser.net/donate
Website www.alkauser.net

May Allah bless your noble selves with all the choicest blessings and bounties of this world and the here-after by the right of Hazrat Zahraa (s.a.) for your continued help to the noble cause of martyrs.


Best Regards,
Shaheed Foundation Pakistan