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Eid e Qurban Projects 2021
Hide collection project 2021:
Like previous years, this year too Shaheed Foundation Pakistan will collect Sacrificial Hides in Karachi and selected cities of Pakistan.

Bakra Mandi 2021 for Martyrs Children:
On the event of Eid-ul-Azha, Shaheed Foundation Pakistan organizes Bakra Mandi for children of Shohada-e-Millat in different cities of Pakistan. In this Bakra Mandi, bakra will be given to children as a gift, so that they are aware of the importance of event of Eid ul Azha as well as celebrate the festivities of joyous occasion alongside other friends and family members.

Meat Distribution Project:
Like previous years, On the event of Eid-ul-Azha distribution of meat in deserving families will be organized Light for Life welfare organization. This year too, meat collection points will be collocated with sacrificial hide collection camps set up by Shaheed Foundation Pakistan.

Eid e Qurban Projects 2021