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Karachi: Firing on Asad Agha (Noha & Maqbat Khuwan)

Incident Date: 12th Jan 2023

A well-known Noha and Maqbat Khuwan Janab Asad Agha shot and injured by the terrorists past night. Asad Agha was targeted in Karachi's Mausamiat area. He was on his way to Mehfil e Milad of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (sa).

Asad Agha was on his way to New Rizvia Society after delivering manqabat at Mehfil Milad in Incholi Society Block 20, When the Takfiri terrorists on a motorcycle opened fire at him.

According to sources, Asad Agha has been shifted to Agha Khan Hospital in a serious condition, where doctors are busy trying to save his life. Shaheed Foundation Pakistan requests special prayers from all believers for his speedy full recovery.