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1st Muharram ul Haram 1443 Hijri - Imam Hussein and His Noble Family
Imam Hussein and His Noble Family
Imam Hussein born on Thursday on the 3rd of Shaban, on the 4th year of Hijra (10.1.626 CE).

He is the second son of Imam Ali, his brother Imam Hassan. He is the second grandson of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad after his brother Imam Hassan.

His mother Fatima daughter the messenger of Allah, so this great and noble family reflects the personality of Imam Hussein.

His agnomen and blessed childhood
Abu Abd Allah is the most famous agnomen of Imam Hussein, he also is called (Shaheed) meaning the Martyr.

He was brought up in the prophet`s house, the house which was the land of the revelation of the Holy Quran by Jibraiel (In houses, which Allah hath Permitted to be raised to Honor; for the celebration, In them, of His name: In them is He glorified In the mornings and In the evenings, (again and again)(1). This newborn blessed child has obtained the honor of being brought up in the house of the prophet and the Imamate, his grandfather the prophet Muhammad and his mother Az-zahraa Al-Batool. His father Al-Imam Ali Amir al-Muminin (the commander of faithful) (pbuh) and His brother Al-Imam Al-Hassan (pbuh), so he inherited the self-esteem and faithfulness and good manners from them.

The Imam in the Prophets narrations:
1- those two sons of mine are Imams whether they rule or not

2- Hassan and Hussein are the masters of the Paradises youths

3- Jabir Son of abd Allah al-Anssary narrated that the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said (the paradise miss four members of my household, Allah loves them and ordered me to love them, and they are: Ali bin Abi Talib and Hassan and Hussein and Al-mahdi who Issa bin Mariam (pbuh) will pray after him (peace be upon them).

4- Al-Turmathy narrated the Prophet (S.A.W) took the hands of Hassan and Hussein and said "he who loves me and those two and their father will be with me in the day of judgment ".

5- Hussein is from me and I am from him, Allah loves who loves him, Hussein is one of my sons.

6- Abi saeed Al-khudary narrated the prophet said "I swear by Allah that the Mahdi who the Issa (pbuh) will pray after is from us, he touched Hussein on the shoulder and said from this one, from this one".

Real History of Karbala
The real history of Karbala starts since the day Imam Hussein (pbuh)arrived in Karbala in 61 A.H and announced his revolution against Yazid Son of Muawyia and declared his refusal to recognize Yazid as the Caliph of Muslims, Imam Hussein (pbuh)was let down by the people of (Kufa) who had vowed to defend and support his revolution, people of Kufa sent many letters to Imam Hussein (pbuh)pressing the Imam (pbuh)to come to Kufa and pledging to support and defend him, but soon after Imam Hussein (pbuh)arrived in Karbala, they let him down and did not keep their promises and vows. Imam Hussein (pbuh)continued his blessed revolution undeterred by the few supporters and being let down, with only few loyal companions, he was patient and fought the massive army, the battle ended with the Martyrdom of Imam Hussein(pbuh)and his faithful companions.

After this Battle, the city has become one of the famous Islamic cities and by the will of Allah, the city had grown to be since that date the city of faith and everyones wish to come to this city for the Pilgrimage of al-Hussein (pbuh)the city also called the city of al-Hussein (pbuh)

Karbala, in this way, started to grow and develop and boom, for in addition to this historical significance, it has a good and a fertile soil made it a good land for agriculture.

Source: https://www.imamhussain.org/english/

1st Muharram ul Haram 1441 Hijri - Imam Hussein and His Noble Family