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  • City: Parachinar
  • Date & Time: 23 Jun 2017 at 05:12:00 PM
  • No# Of Martyrs: 65
  • No# Of Injured Persons: 200
Parachinar - Twin Blasts
Two back-to-back blasts hit the Turi Market near Tal Adda in Parachinar city of FATA's Kurram Agency. Parachinar is a predominately Shia-populated town, located near the Afghan border.[8] The first blast took place in the evening around 17:00 local time in Turi Market, located just outside of the city's recently designated Red Zone. The explosive device was planted in the market, where many people were busy shopping for Eid. The second explosion targeted rescuers and bystanders, as they rushed to help the survivors of the first blast. A suicide bomber detonated the explosives strapped to his body. At least 65 people were killed and more than 200 others were injured in the twin bombings.

List of Martyred (Shaheed) in the event:
Twin Blasts Parachinar 2017    Twin Blasts Parachinar 2017

The tragedy occurred as Muslims across the country are commemorating the Juma tul Wida or the final Friday of the month of Ramadhan ul Mubarak as Yaum ul Quds to express solidarity with the oppressed nations of the world and especially the beloved Palestinians fighting the Zionist occupation for several decades.

The first explosion occurred in Turi Market at Tal Adda close to a bus terminal. As the people converged for evacuation of the casualties another blast rocked the place resulting in more casualties.

Nearly 65 momineen have been confirmed martyred at the time of filing of these lines and over 200 are injured. Moving scenes were witnessed on the occasion as the horrific tragedy brought the life to a literal stand still in the scenic Agency Headquarters of Parachinar.

Parachinar is home to an over-whelming majority of Shia muslims, located on the strategic Afghanistan Pakistan border.

The area has remained a thorn in the eyes of global arrogance for last several decades especially from the times of the draconian martial law regime, which systematically orchestrated several terrorist attacks on the oppressed momineen of Parachinar under various pretexts using state machinery as well as mercenaries from neighboring agencies to foment trouble in the peaceful region, in an attempt to change the demography.

Ethnic cleansing of Shia muslims through terror attacks has remained a key feature ever-since and various terrorist groups have been used as tools against the oppressed momineen of Parachinar to dent their resolve.

The vigilance and natural chivalry of the momineen of Parachinar who have braved all these attacks and continue to defeat the nefarious designs of global arrogance, obviously frustrates the enemies of Islam and every now and then, there is some cowardly and dastardly attack on soft targets in the region.

Ironically this is fifth large scale attack in the region in recent times and this comes at a time, when the Parachinar has almost been under a siege in the name of ‘security’.

Whether the so called security is meant for terrorists or the oppressed momineen of Parachinar could be anybody's guess.

The systematic marginalization of the valiant nation is counterproductive for the cause of durable peace in the region, as the momineen of the area possess an unmatched faith, bravery and courage to take on any challenge and the recent past is a witness to the fact.

It is time for those at helms of affairs to change their lopsided priorities and start thinking of providing security to the oppressed people instead of providing security to Ramzan Mengals and his likes across Pakistan.

One can fool some of the people all the times and all the people some of the times, but one cannot fool all the people all the times.

The local hospital administration made appeals that the facilities in the local hospital are limited. There has been news of evacuations of injured momineen to Peshawar as well.

Protesting momineen has also been staging sit in in Parachinar.

Despite suffering the tragedy the valiant momineen also made full scale participation in Quds Day Rallies to express solidarity with the oppressed nations of the world, it has been learnt.

Twin Blasts Parachinar 2017  Twin Blasts Parachinar 2017  Twin Blasts Parachinar 2017

Twin Blasts Parachinar 2017  Twin Blasts Parachinar 2017  Twin Blasts Parachinar 2017

Twin Blasts Parachinar 2017  Twin Blasts Parachinar 2017  Twin Blasts Parachinar 2017

Twin Blasts Parachinar 2017  Twin Blasts Parachinar 2017  Twin Blasts Parachinar 2017