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We have been supporting families for 26 years

Shaheed Foundation Pakistan (Regd.)

In the name of the Lord of the Martyres (shohada) and Saleheen.

In all the languages of the world, there are few words which encompasses the meaning of (izzat) piety and glory, due to which these words get sacred ness.Some of such words are teacher,scholar,apostle(wali),prophet and imam.

It is quite obvious that the word itself does not contain the sacredness but there is something hidden in that word which gives it (sharafat) and glory.

In Islam, the word 'shaheed' is a word which contain sacredness and glory, therefore the use of this word brings the same impression in our mind.

Our Mission
  • Provide proper educational guidance to children of martyrs.
  • Provide moral and financial support, as well as better career options to students.
  • Provide Islamic knowledge in the shape of regular course to the families of martyrs specially children.
  • To publish and propagate the thoughts and courage of martyrs.
SFP Current Setup
Shaheed Foundation Pakistan - Orgnational Structure:
Nigran Committee Members:
  • Allama Syed Baqar Abbas Zaidi
  • Allama Syed Ahmed Iqbal Rizvi
  • Allama Hafiz Syed Muhammad Haider Naqvi
Central Committee

New Central Committee was established on 14th June 2020, it has been just over a year. Some of the achievements are listed below:

  • Published SFP Calendar - which was on halt for long
  • HR Policy 2021
  • Office Shifted to newly established building
Central Committee Members:
  • Syed Hossein Hosseini s/o Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif Hussain Al Hussaini
  • Syed Salman Naqvi s/o Shaheed Dr. Mohammad Ali Naqvi
  • Dr. Hani Amini S/o Shaheed Allama Ghulam Muhammad Amini
  • Hasnain Raza Brother of Shaheed Nazeer Abbas
  • Abbas Ali
  • Ashiq Hussain
  • Faizan Askari
  • Department of Family Matters
  • Education Department
  • Medical Department
  • Tablighat Department
  • Publications Department
  • Finance Department
  • Accounts Department
  • Information Technology Department
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