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  • City: Karachi
  • Date & Time: 28 Dec 2009 at 03:12:00 PM
  • No# Of Martyrs: 46
  • No# Of Injured Persons: 115
Bomb Blast at M. A. Jinnah Raod, Karachi
SFP News
December 28 2009

Namaz-e-Janaza of shaheed was held on 29th December 2009 after Namaz-e-zohrain atMehfil-e-Shah-e-Khurasan. Janazay of shoda were taken to different parts of the city (Malir, Sakhi Hasan, Sohrab Goth), like always momineenremaincalm, no incident of violence happened in the janaza procession. That proves that on 10th Muharram procession after the bomb blast,whatever happened was not done by momineen. It was a preplanned event, the main aim of that was to stop azadari-e-Imam Hussain.

If we go back 30th May 2005 the tragic event of Imam Bargah Madinatul Ilm, where many momineen embraced shahdat and many were injured in that attack. Within minutes of that event a foreign fast food franchise was burnt to ashes. How can momineen burn that while they were collecting pieces of their beloved relative shaheed.

Same thing happen on M. A. Jinnah bomb blast, momineen were in the procession holding Alam, Taiza, Zuljana and other Zyarats. After the blast, they try to end the procession at its destination without any other tragic event occur, which they did. Other momineen were engaged rescue work, collecting pieces of their beloved relative and other momineen. How can these momineen torch building, shops, vehicles and spread violence, while they were engaged in the rescue operation.

We condemn this act of violence and urge government to take stiff action against them, who tried to stop azadari-e-Imam Hussain.

Some names of momineen who embraced shahdat are:

S.No.Name Father NameAge
1Shahzeb Ali(Gilgit)Munawar 5 Years
2Munawar (Gilgit) 44 Years
3Mohammed ShahidGhulam Ali28 Years
4Aamir HussainGhulam Hussain 16 Years
5Aamir Hanif 20 Years
6Abdur Razzaq (Ranger)Chand Khan 34 Years
7M. Bazil (Fahim Sadique son)Fahim Sadique6 Years
8Anzalna (Niece Fahim Sadique)Mohammed Hanif 13 years
9Farooq Kabir (Sunni Brother)Abdul Ghafar 60 Years
10Farooq (Edhi) Qayum 26 Years
11 Maria (Bohri Jamaat) 35 Years
12 Mustafa (Bohri Jamaat) Murtaza 35 Years
13 S. M. Nusrat Hussain Abdi S. Ishrat Hussain 45 Years
14 M. Shahid Chathore 30 Years
15 Abid Ali (Scout)
16 Asif (Scout)
17 Tasawar Hussain (young boys Scouts)
18 Iqbal Zaidi (Malir) Mustafa Zaidi 45 Years
19 Salman Merchant (Soldir Bazar) Ali Raza 18 Years
20 Shahzaib Anwer Ali 34 Years
21 Zohaib Ali (Khada Market Kharadar) Ramzan Ali Giga 16 Years
22 Syed Mohammed Abid
23 Raza M. Rahan
24 Rehana kazmi
25 Sajjad Hasan Shahid Hussain
26 Tabasum Sajjad W/o Syed Hassan
27 Syed Muzzamil Shah Shahjee
28 Shahjee Haider Mastan Shah
29 Zameer Hussain (Gilgit) Seher Meer
30 Mohammed Irfan Samoo Moahammad Iqbal 30 Years
31 Mohammed Anwer Somoroo Ali Mohammad 30 Years
32 Haider Murtaza Merchant
33 Murtaza Abbas Merchant
34 Kaleemullal Ibadullah 10 Years
35 Musharaf Baig Anwer Baig 35 Years
36 Unknown (young boys Scouts)
37 Musharf khan
38 Wasim Abbas Shah 19 years
39 Mussawer abbas Shah 19 years
40 Syed Mulazim Hussain Shah Afzal Hussain Shah
41 Abbas Mirza (Korangi) Mohammed Mirza 24 Years
42 Anwar Hussain Fida Ali 32 Years
43 Shehzad Shahid 24 Years
44 Malik Tahir Malik Zamrad 32 Years
45 Faisal Ghulam Mohammad 30 Years
46 Unknown

Some names of momineen who are injured are:

According to SFP News, a blast occurred in a procession at M. A. Jinnah Road, Karachi 43 momineen embraced shahdat and more then 78 momineen were injured in the attack. Please pray for the injured person.

According to sources there are many injured and many shahadat are expected in the blast. Injured people are been shifted to hospitals.

In just three days there are 6 attacks on procession:
1- Paposh nager, Karachi bomb blast, where 22 momineen were injured.
2- Qasba Mour, Karachi bomb blast, where 24 momineen were injured.
3- Muzaffarabad bomb blast, where 12 momineen embraced shahdat and 33 momineen were injured.
4- Pirjo Goth, Khairpur, where 4 momineen were injured.
5- Sadhoja Village in taluka pano akil district Sukkar, where many momineen where injured in the attack.
6- Bomb Blast at M. A. Jinnah Raod, Karachi, where 25 momineen embraced shahdat and 65 momineen were injured

There have been 6 attacks on innocent people in processions and Government has been nothing to stop these kinds of attacks. We condemn these kinds of attacks.

We appeal all momineen to remain calm and end the procession to its desitination.

CCTV Footage

We will update as soon as we receive information about this blast.
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