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Luqmankhel Parachinar: Arshad Hussain embraced martyred
Shlozan, Luqmankhel, Parachinar
Shahadat Date: 23 October 2023

Arshad Hussain, son of late Hussain Akbar Sukna Luqmankhel, was a tractor driver. Shaheed used to bring the sand trap from Darban Tangi near Shluzan Dara, But yesterday the enemies of Ahlebait(alehisallam) opened fire on him, as a result of which Arshad Hussain son of late Hussain Akbar was martyred on the spot and Imran Ali son of Amr Ali Sakna Luqmankhel who was a laborer was injured. The martyr's brother was also with him who was safe.

Recite Surah e Fatiha for the departed soul. Jazakallah

Arshad Hussain