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Yaum-e-Nakbah [The Catastrophe] and Yaum-e-Murdabad Amrika Commemorated
15th May was commemorated by freedom loving people of the world across the globe particularly the Palestinians as Yaum-e-Nakba[The day of Catastrophe] as it  marks the 65th Anniversary since nearly a million Palestinians were rendered homeless and forcibly deprived of their lands by the exponents of global arragance,international Zionism and imperialism ,back in 1948  . 

Many muslim countries including Pakistan do not consider the Zionist entity named Israel ,therefore, a legitimate state and hence have no diplomatic relations with her in solidarity with the Palestinian muslim brothers claim to their birth right to return to their lands.  Ironically however some nations within Gulf are becoming increasingly indicative of granting a diplomatic status to the usurper and illegitimate regime emboldened by earlier precedents set by President Saadat of Egypt ,the Oslo Accort and the leader of Palestinian Liberation Organization Yasser Araafat . Lately the Fatah faction of the independence movement in Palestine also closely aligned itself by the two state solution desired by the international zionism where-as most Palestinians and for that matter the large majority of muslims across the globe do not considered the Zionist entity to be a legitimate state in the first place. The popular representation of the Palestinian people is by the democratically elected independence movement faction of Hammas which strongly believes in taking every inch of Palestinian lands back from the clutches of international zionism rejecting two state proposal . Recently the Prime minister Haniyeh was quick to respond very clearly that no arab nation has the right to impose a solution of their choice on the Palestinians ,which was considered by analysts a response to the overtures of Emir of Qatar who had hinted towards the acceptability of the solution proposed by global arrogance , within the Arab world ,uni-laterally .  The Hamas governments enjoys the respect of  muslims for  its principled and un-equivocal stand on Palestinian Issue.

This year's rallies in Palestine again received mal-treatment at the hands of Israeli oppressive regime in occupied west bank ,who used brutal force against protesting women and children who were asserting their right to return to their lands.

Israeli forces also resorted to use of force outside a refugee camp near the West Bank city of Hebron and at a prison near Ramallah, leaving several Palestinians injured.

Thousands also rallied in the main square of Ramallah, the Palestinian's de facto capital while Jerusalem remains under Israeli control, holding up placards with the names of villages depopulated in 1948 and old keys, symbols of lost homes.

That is why the day is not just commemorated only in Palestine but across the supporters of Palestinian cause across the entire world . It is a matter of immense proud that we are a citizen of a country who do not approve of this zionist entity and have resisted through sixty seven years of our existence any political moves or hints in that direction ,besides always raising voice for the Palestinian cause ,perhaps on one of the most vibrant scales in entire Asia . Just like the Yaum-ul-Quds day commemorations on the orders of Imam-e-Rahil Imam Khomeini Rizwanullaah Ta'ala , muslims in Pakistan commemorate and express solidarity with Palestinian cause on 16th may each year .

On this occassions protest rallies are staged each year on the orders of Shaheed Quaid Allaama Sayyid Arif Hussain al-Hussaini across entire Pakistan and the day is commemorated as Yaum-e-Murdabad Amrika. 

This year too massive turn outs at the rallies across the Pakistan was witnessed in which ladies children and elderlies from Sunni and Shia muslims school of thought protested against the global arrogance and expressed solidarity with Palestinian muslims who adhere to Sunni branch of Islam making it abundantly clear that Shia and Sunni muslims are one and support each other regardless sending effective message to global arrogance and her wahhabi stooges who are busy fanning sectarian hatred  .


 Only recently a revered companion of Rasool-e-Khuda[SAWW] was exhumed and his body was reportedly put on display , the shrine of the close companion is located in adra area of syria , a place named after Lady Mariam called Lady Mary in Christianity [Salamullaah Alaiha.] Tombs of Hazrat Ammar Yasir another revered companion ,Hazrat Jafar Tayyar , Sayyida Sakina [Salamullaah Alaiha] also came under attack . 

The rebel wahhabi front Jubsh Nasrah openly claims its organizational affiliation to Al-Qaeda 's Iraq command and has also threatened to attack other revered sites in Syria including Shrine of Sayyida Zainab [Salaamullaah Alaiha] .

Responding to this threat , the locals managed a volunteering cordon for fighting the insurgents and keeping them at bay on self help basis. Also responding to the threats of US funded wahhabi groups ,Sayyid Nasrallah the head of Lebanese resistance group Hezbollaah termed the threat as being realistic [for it had precedents] and fore-warned any such move will spiral situation out of control ,he was also quick to point to a precedent , the after math of the bombing of shrines of Holy infallibles from the progeny of Rasool-e-Khuda [SAWW] in Samaarra Iraq.  

A gruesome video of a takfiri wahhabi terrorist cutting open the chest of a dead soldier and eating his heart and lungs was shared on some social networking utility which speaks volumes of the kind of barbarians and savage mindset ,Shia and Sunni muslims in Syria are up against  and for that matter muslims elsewhere are fighting the same phenomenon [as they have kept no secret of their allegiance to Al-Qaeda and vowed more such attacks]  

Alarming still is the increased rhetoric of takfiri wahhabi pseudo scholars who have become increasingly vocal regarding the structure built on Roza-e-Rasool-e-Khuda [SAWW] after the recent de-secrations of Shrines in Syria ,Jordan and Iraq ,which is indicative of the future direction it is intending to take .

Rallies today covered most recent important international events besides expressing solidarity with the oppressed muslims of Palestinians and  all the oppressed around the globe . 

Most Major Shia political parties including Majlis-e-Wahdatul-Muslimeen are likely to commemorate the day tomorrow as a day of protest against desecrations and rallies will be held across the entire length and breadth of the country shortly after friday congregations .

 It is Laylat ur Raghayeb -the first shab-e-juma of Rajab - as we write these lines and lets wholeheartedly pray for all the oppressed nations of the world and especially for the early re-appearance of Imam-e-Mehdi[A.t.f.s]  in these sacred moments.