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Rally Brutally Baton-Charged ,Tear -Gassed.

June 1,2010

2030 HRS PST

Rally taken out by brothers of Imamia Students Organization to show solidarity with the oppressed people of Gaza and Palestine ,and to condemn the naked aggression of Israel against the human rights activists and Turkish khubaib foundation's mission 'Freedom Flotilla', was brutally baton charged and tear -gassed when the rally was going towards American embassy chanting ,Down with USA and Down with Israel . Women and Children who had joined the protest against the barbarism of Israel ,were also reportedly mis-treated by the Law-enforcing personnel .Besides, as many as 12 ,protestors were picked up by the Police . Some momineen sustained injuries as a result of brutal baton charge and tear-gassing by the police.

In protest against police action , momineen have staged a sit -in at Nomayesh Chowrangi for the release of innocent conscientious and duty -conscious shia youth.

Till last reports ,it is continuing and people are joining the protests from other areas also