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Quetta:Twin Blasts ::91 Shahadats &190+Injured (UPDATED NAMES)


2335 HRS PST

The names of some of martyrs have been ascertained as.

1-    Mohammad Ali Khan s/o Mirza Ghulam Nabi
2- Haji Ali Ahmed  S/o  Mohammad Sarwar
3- Ali Nawaz S/o Ali Akbar
4- Tyeb Ali S/o Haji Mohammad Tahir
5- Basharat Ali S/o Ghulam Nabi
6- Sadaqat Ali S/o Ghulam Nabi
7- Nasir Ali S/o Najaf Ali
8- Khyadam Ali S/o Najaf Ali
9- Imdad Ali S/o Najaf Ali
10- Zahid Ali S/o Habib allah
11- Jamshad S/o Bashir Ahmed
12- Asad Ali S/o Haji Aziz Ali |
13- Mujtaba S/o Mohammad Aziz
14- Haji Pervaiz S/o Haji Thair Ali
15- Noor Ahmed S/o Fayyaz Mohamma
16- Mirza Mohammad Iqbal S/o Mirza Ghanzfer Ali 
17- Mohammad Arif S/o Ali Hassan
18- Abrar Ali S/o Ghulam Hassan
19- Haji Mazhar Ali S/o Mukhtar Ali 
20- Mohammad Idris S/o Adbul Hadi
21- Murtaza Baig S/o Mustafa Baig
22- Jamshad S/o Hazrat
23- Syed Noor Agha S/o Syed Asghar Shah
24- Syed  Dawar Haider S/o Syed Shahid Abbas
25- Syed Sajjad Akbar S/o Syed Ali akbar
26- Syed Sajjad  Hussain S/o Syed Abbas Ali 
27- Irfan Ali S/o Khar Mohammad
28- Mohammad  Hassan S/o Mohammad  Qasim
29- Jafer Ali S/o Mohammad  Afzal
30- Mujahd Hussain (DSP)
31- Zafar Ahmed (Police)
32- Kamran Ali S/o Haji Jaan Ali
33- Shabir Ahmed S/o Naheed Ahmed
34- Abdullah S/o Bostan Ali
35- Qurban Ali S/o Didder Ali
36- Syed Ahmed S/o Syed Mosa jan
37- Ali Raza S/o Mohammad Sharif
38- Ramzan Ali S/o Mohammad Ibraim
39- Mohammad Ali S/o Ahmed Ali 
40- Nunwar Hussain S/o Ali Maddad
41- Syed Mzafar S/o Syed Essa
42- Syed Messam S/o Syed Zakir Shah
43- Wajid Hussain S/o Ghulab Hussain
44- Zohair Abbas S/o Bostan Ali
45- Mohammad Mehdi S/o Hussain Buksh
46- Mohammad Murtaza S/o Ghulam Rasool
47- Abbas Ali S/o Mohammad Ali
48- Liquat Ali S/o Hussain Ali
49- Nazir Hussain S/o Mohammad Nabi
50- Karbali Ashraf S/o Karbali Mosa
51- Mohammad Ali S/o Mohammad Hassan
52- Irfan Ali S/o Ishaq Ali
53- Mohammad Hasan S/o Mohammad  Mosa
54- Shahid Abbas S/o Khuda Dad
55- Mirza Hussain S/o Mohammad  Ishaq
56- Shah Hussain S/o Rehan Shah
57- Zeshan Haider S/o Mohammad  Raza
58- Habib Ullah S/o Mirza Khadim Hussain
59- Ashan Ali S/o Ghulam Haider
60- Waqar Hussain S/o Ghulam Hussain
61- Abdul Hameed S/o Haji Abdul Qauom 
62- Nisar Ahmed S/o Haji Mohammad Hussain
63- Bilal S/o Mohammad Mosa
64- Ghulam Husssain S/o Abdul Ahmed
65- Ishaq Ali S/o Abdul Ali
66- Mohammad Arif S/o Mohammad Jawad
67- Iftikhar Ali S/o Ghulam Hussain
68- Imran Sheikh (Samaa T.V)
69- Saif Ull Rehman (Samaa T.V)
70- Sibteen Ali S/o Nabir Ali
71- Fareed ullah S/o Haji Naseem
72- Owis Ahmed S/o Lal Mohammad
73- Ismail  (plice)
74- Naseem (Plice)
75- Mirza Hussain S/o Mohammad Ishaq (police)
76- Nazir Hussain (Police)
77- Arif (Police)
78- Gul Jan (Edhi Rzacar)
79- Abdul Sabor (Edhi Rzacar)
80- Mohammad Arif (Edhi Rzacar)
81- Mohammad Zarif (Edhi Rzacar)

Alamdaar Road Blasts Shaheed Names


2317 HRS:

According to details received shortly , the blast occurred in a snooker club adjacent to pearl chowk . Pearl chowk lies between two Imambargahs Nichari Imabargah and Qandhari Imambargah on Alamdaar road. The area houses concentrated momineen population nearly cent per cent on either side of the road named after Alamdar-e-Karbala (Hazrat Abbas).
The snooker club is in the basement of a building near pearl chowk .

A relatively low intensity blast first occurred inside the building as some area people were gathered here for retiring . As rescue work was on with rescue workers and law enforcement personnel besides area momineen  packed on the scene of the blast, a powerful blast occurred on the road just outside the building . Forty people are said to have embraced shahadat in this tragedy and over 150 are said to be injured , majority of them are believed to be momineen . Exact identifications are being ascertained. 


10 January 

Ye Zabaan kaat do ,
jismo jaan kaat do.
midhat-e-Murtaza ki saza do mujhe,
zikre Shah-e-Najaf se ruku ga nahi
chahay sau baar suli charha do mujhe,
tukray tukray karo 
mera saara badan
aag roshan karo 
aur jala do mujhe
jab mere jism ki raakh ban jaye na
lay kay hathon mein apnay uraa do mujhe
ik do din nahi
subhe mehshar talak 
jab jahaan jis taraf wo hawa jaye gi
Haq Ali Ya Ali Ya Ali ki sadaa ayegi!

Two powerful blasts rocked Alamdar road area in Quetta ,it has been learnt. Many momineen have embraced maryrdom among others ,dozens  others are reported to be injured . The injured have been shifted to Civil Hospital Quetta ,where emergency has been declared. 

 The exact number of Shohada and injured are being ascertained . 

Shaheed ki Jo Maut Hai!
Wo Qaum ki Hayat Hai!