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Peshawar : Fourth Members of the Same Family Succumbs to Injuries - [Parachinar Blast Update.]
Kifayat Hussain Turi a young momin who had sustained injuries in the blast that took place in Parachinar [31st March 2017] breathed his last in Peshawar on 11th April 2017,it was learnt here.

He alongside other injured victims was air lifted to Peshawar where he was under treatment at the Combined Military Hospital Peshawar.

Shaheed was a native of Baghdi town in the vicinity of Parachinar where he used to work as a cook and had come to Parachinar for treatment where he became a victim of the bomb attack outside the Imambargah. He's survived by two sons and his elderly father.

Shaheed 's wife, Shaheed's son and Shaheed's daughter had embraced shahadat on the spot when the blast took place.

Please recite a fateha for all Shohada and pray to Almighty Allah behaqqe Ahlulbayt[AS] to alleviate the pain and suffering of the bereaved family .