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Kurram Agency: 8 Momineen killed in Taliban attack

Taliban militants attacked passenger bus convoy at Lower Kurram near Bagam area. As a result of firing many momineen embraced shahdat including a woman and child. The convoy was going from Parachinar to Peshawar.

The people at the accident said the militants opened fire vehicles only eight people killed on the spot while the vehicle was fixed the fire and kidnapped twenty people took with them to.

Meanwhile, sources said ABNA Kidnapped number of passengers is between 25 to 45.

This is particularly significant that FC personnel were present during the attack, however, remained silent spectators

In just last two weeks this was the third attacks on Shia passengers. 

This is total against the Peace agreement between the Shiites and the Taliban had made 2 months ago but still innocent massacre of Shiite Muslims continues.