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Karachi : Mohammad Zaman Embraces Shahadat
Shaheed's namaz-e-janaza will be offered at Masjid wa Imambargah Imamia in Manghopir and burial will take place in Mughal Hazara Qabristan .Please turn up in large numbers to express solidarity with Khanwada-e-Shohada-e-Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan. Recite a fateha please for Shaheed Zaman and all Shohada-e-Millat.

Mohammad Zamaan Son of Haji Qamar aged 33 years embraced shahadat when yazidi terrorists opened fire on shop located in Manghopir . Martyr's body has been shifted to local Imamia Mughal Hazara Imambargah. The area has witnessed several targetted martyrdoms of the momineen especially during last two years . It is another breeding ground of large scale militancy with many proscribed takfiri outfits who are brazenly challenging the writ of state, weild a lot of influence in area. Ironically in the same area sometimes back an entire bomb making factory was recovered which is a huge question mark on the intent of those at helms of affairs. 

Another unimaginably deplorable dimension is the fact that target killers belonging to outfits as Lashkar-e-Jhangvi had been caught in Quetta who were formal employees of the police force ,another region where Shia muslims live under constant threats to their lives . 

Only last week the newspaper quoted a responsible official who was recording statement before the judiciary of 'missing containers' carrying caches of weapons .

Similarly the recent escape of alleged who was caught with the  explosives laden vehicle in Barakahu , the jail breaks in Dera Ismail Khan ,the earlier one in Bannu amply point out , that the issue is not limited to sheer incompetence alone , their is active collaboration of crime too by takfiri wahhabi elements within the deep state.

With such being the state of affairs ,the ever-widening trust deficit is but a natural consequence ,arousing a strong sense of alienation in a vast section of population ,on the loss of whose lives ,the state's machinery remains in-different . Further deplorable is the fact that on several occassions criminals are not just being protected by the takfiri mindset within the deep state but also active collaboration and patronage of orchestrators of most horrendous crimes against the beloved land by the black sheep within, has wrecked a lot of havoc and taken its toll largely on innocent civilians .

It is high time that our lopsided priorities are set right . Instead of making sheepish offers of negotiating a truce from a position of wretchedness and utter humiliation,which is like a repeat enactment of several earlier undignified official surrenders on this count , the stake holders must stand high moral ground and call a spade ,a spade.

The need of time is to forge unity among our ranks and especially with Sunni muslim brothers as well as all other religious minorities who are citizens of the beloved country and only together the Pakistanis can take the country out of the quagmire it has stuck in ,due to a handful of thugs who hold it hostage in various garbs and attires.

The response of Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan and Khanwada-e-Shohada-e-Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan has been clear and unequivocal.

No to negotiations with terrorists of anykind,anywhere.The sacred blood of martyrs of this beloved country should not go in vain and no one should even think for a fraction of second to sell our freedom to cannibalistic takfiri wahhabi mindset .  The political will of 180 million Pakistanis can not be held hostage to the whims and wishes of global arrogance ,her local institutionalised collaborators and takfiri wahhabi cannibals. 
We must vow to chase out of our pure lands these cannibals and their patrons who have habit of compromising the dignity of our  beloved country  and selling the blood of fallen martyrs of innumerable tragedies that have afflicted Shia and Sunni muslims , Christians and other religious entities .