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Karachi : Azadari Continues - Dastardly Cracker Attack During Ladies Majlis Leaves 25 Injured,1 Martyred
As many as 25 are reported to have sustained injuries when yazidi terorrists threw a cracker while a ladies majlis-e-aza was in progress.

A young child has embraced shahadat.

The incident occurred in FC Area number 1 ,Dar-e-Abbas Imambargah .

This area has given multitude of martyrs as Sipah-e-Yazid operates in this area ,much like the rest of Pakistan in complete connivance of the those at the helms of affairs.

Ironically only a day before the case of noted ,vocal human rights activist Shaheed Khurram Zaki was closed ,terrorists roam freely as government functionaries were quick to 'celebrate' the 'success' as Ashura processions culminated.

Proscribed terrorist organizations  placed on schedule 4 to dodge general public opinion,have long had the 'license to kill' in the name of 'faith' ,tens of hundreds of shia martyrs and graveyards filled with our martyrs bear testimony to this fact.