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In the Loving Memory of Dr. Asad Abbas Naqvi [Shaheed-e-Saniha-e-Masjid-e-Hyderi]

Almighty Allah, the sole creator of universe, made humans and facilitated us with all requirements that would be needed to survive in this world, to perform good deeds and to earn his pleasure. But how he originated humans? Straight and simple answer to this question is by the coordination of two noble persons “the Mother” and “the Father”. To one he filled with emotions and to another the responsibility of guardianship. Importance of these two people can’t be ignored in the life of successful people. But children often don’t realize their importance, it is rightly said that value of anything is judged upon loosing it forever.

I lost physical soul of my father in a tragic bomb blast at Masjid e Hydri. It was the fine afternoon of Friday (7th May 2004) when my father Dr Asad Abbas Naqvi was leaving for Friday prayers to Kharadar Bara Imambargha, yet before his exit, a patient entered the clinic for check up. He was unable to say no to him and started the checkup. Duration of checkup caused delay to offer Friday prayers. He had a habit to offer Zuhrain by Jamat, if the Friday prayers were missed. He went to Masjid e Hydri and joined the Zuhr prayers. In first rakat, at the final takbeer and after the declaration of three testimonials the blast occurred. My father survived for a week after the deadly blast and embraced martyrdom on 13th May 2004 at Aga Khan Hospital.

My father was an MBBS doctor by profession with majors in Eye. He was a simple, down to earth, humble and an intelligent person of family and society. His love for humanity was at his peak, usually come late by 11pm to home but on a single call even sometimes at 2am at night make his sleep disturb and reach to medical emergencies for all irrespective of cast and creed. Regularly visits to all relatives to perform Sulah Rehmi (Rights of people). After his martyrdom many close and far flung relatives claimed that “Asad visits us regularly”. He was also quite religious. After performing Haj in 1998, he changed completely, started reading Islamic books including different duas, tafaseer of Quran by Zamima and majalis books. We hardly find any book that is not marked up with his summaries of different chapters which he read. He devoted an hour, sometimes more for taqibat and amal daily after his return from office late night. Once he said to my mother and decided not to go in any Mehndi and Mayum occasions just because of mixed gatherings and unlawful acts i.e songs. I must say that he was a well deserved person to attain Martyrdom. Even after 9 years of his departure, many people remember him, cry over his demise and remember his hospitality to them. He was the true example of Maula Ali a.s saying :

“Live in this world in a way that if u die people weep over you and if you are alive, they are keen to have your company.”

He was a very creative person; usually help me and my sister in school projects. I remember when he taught us how to make chemistry and biology practical journal’s diagrams. He never deterred us to excel in any co curricular activities, instead appreciated us. He had also a keen interest in designing different things such as furniture. He was a man with complete balance of life.

Concluding, I must say that my father was a best father of this world, life after him was very difficult to survive but since his life was sacrificed for a being the follower of Maula Ali a.s, this gap was filled by our Imam e Waqt a.s. Sometimes I consider my family lucky for having so many blessings of Allah enrooted by Imam e Zamana just due to my father’s blood. Being honest we never felt that we are alone. Finally I would like to thank Shaheed Foundation Pakistan for giving me an opportunity to highlight some aspects of my father’s personality. May God grant us the true path and to understand true teachings of Islam and Ahlul bait a.s. Ameen.    

 Contributed by : Farzand-e-Shaheed