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Gilgit: Attack on Imamia Hostel
SFP News
May 23rd 2009

Gilgit: 14 years old Ali Murtaza S/O Shahnawaz the student of 8th class is martyred while his class mate Ansar Ali is injured in a terrorists attack yesterday.

This incident occurred yesterday when Yazidy terrorists attacked on Imamia Hostel, Kandoz, Gilgilt, with firing and hand-grenade.

People of Gilgit are in very much anger and annoyed thousands of people marched protest in the city.

In the last month on 20th April Deputy Speaker Northern Areas Legislative Assembly Asad Zaidi embraced Shahadat along with his driver when yazidi terrorists attacked his car near Kashrote Airport at around 10 pm . Another person sustained injuries in the attack.

Hundereds of the Shia Muslims have been victims of terrorism in Gilgilt by Yazidy terrorists, while it is Shia Majority region.