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Funneral of Shuhda-e-Karachi Observed
SFP News
February 06, 2010

Funeral of Shuhda offered in three different places including Jinnah Ground Aziz abad, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and RCD Ground Saudabad, Malir.

Funeral of MQM Activist and Christians

The funeral of 7 MQM Activists offered respectively at Jinnah Ground Aziziabad, the bodies of Shuhda buried at Yasinabad graveyard. Six bodies of Christian family buried in Gora Kabaristan, Shahra-e-Faisal and their funeral offered at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. Countrywide mourn is observed specially in Karachi.

Funeral of 14th Azadaran-e-Imam Mazloom (A.S)

Fourteen noble martyrs of the Central Chehlum-e-Imam Hussain Procession of Karachi were buried today amid tears and cries  . The collective Namaz-e-Janaza of the fourteen Shohada was offered in RCD ground ,near Imambragah Hussaini Sifarat Khana Malir , the Namaz-e-Janaza prayers were led by Maulana Kausar Abbas Naqvi. 

Heart rending moments were witnessed at the RCD ground as the ambulances carrying the coffins of the 14 noble Shohada begun to arrive at the ground . The ground began to resonate as tens of hundreds of participants of Janaza chanted in unison, continuously for minutes, Labbayka Ya Hussain, upon watching a glimpse of the martyr’s coffins. Shuhda’s Dead bodies Coffin printed with the slogan of Labaik Ya Hussain” was presented by Shaheed Foundation Pakistan The ground was packed to its capacity, besides, scores of momineen were present around and outside .
Separate arrangement was made for ladies and Khanwada-e-Shohada inside the Hussaini Sifarat Khana compound and media teams from a number of privately owned TV networks were present ,supposedly for live coverage of the event . 
Representatives from across the socio-politico-religious spectrum of Millat-e-Jaffaria
Pakistan in Particular and Pakistani society ,at large participated in the Namaz-e-Janaza.  Similarly a large number of Ulema-e-Ezaam from the cross-section of Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan participated in the event . Relatives ,friends and family members of the noble martyrs were present .
Stringent security measures were adopted on self -help basis ,for the day's events and young volunteers participated for keeping a vigilant eye on un-scrupulous elements with renewed vigour .  

Burial in Model Colony Graveyard and Wadi-e-Hussain   
After Namaz-e-Janaza prayers concluded , the momineen marched in the form of a procession led by Ulema-e-Karam and coffin carrying ambulances ,from RCD ground to Model Colony Morh traffic signal enrout Model Colony Daak Khana ,Awami hotel etc.  From here 13 martyrs bodies were directed leftward towards airport graveyard ,while one martyr Shaheed Asif of JTCHS was taken rightwards  towards superhighway , enroute newly constructed road along Cantt boundary, joining superhighway and shara-e-faisal.
The mourners displayed exemplary patience , discipline and very commendable steadfastness throughout this quite a longer journey to Wadi-e-Hussain Graveyard . Here Namaz-e-Janaza of Shaheed Asif was re-offered ,for those relatives who missed the earlier one.  
Mourners Dispersed Peacefully

After burials mourners dispersed very peacefully in line with the Hussaini traditions of  Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan ,proving once again that Azadaaran are the safeguards of the country's Peace and  Azadari is the Guarantor of the dear Country's stability .
Meanwhile Chehlum of Shaheed Salman aged 23 (Saneha-e-Ashura) will be held on Monday after Maghrebain at Najafi Hall . The program is organized by Khanwada-e-Shohada ,all momineen are requested to participate.

Images of Namaz-e-Janaza