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Eid Gift project 2015: Eid Gifts for the Families of the Beloved Martyrs

Shaheed Foundation Pakistan is currently serving 1933 families of martyrs of Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan with a monthly amount May 2015 of Rs. 19,302,380 across the length and breadth of the country for the last several years.

Shaheed Foundation ever since its inception paid attention not only to financially strengthening the families of martyrs after the apparent departure of the beloved martyrs but also tried within its limited means and humble capabilities to wholeheartedly serve the families of martyrs by offering psychological solace to the bereaved family and healthy entertainment to the children of martyrs through a well chalked out program encompassing different spheres of our lives. 

By the blessings of Holy Masoomeen [Alaihimussalam] these humble efforts helped to slowly and gradually restore the confidence and trust of families integrating them into the mainstream society as an icon of hope and resilience for the entire momineen fraternity. 

Any nation's dignity are martyrs and in the eyes of Quranic teachings the beloved martyrs' hopes are pinned on those who are left behind [lamma yalhaqu bihim.] and in their unwavering spirits and indomitable will which enables them to fight all fears and all distresses. [Allaa khaufun alaihim wala hum yahzanun].  

It is our religious obligation individually irrespective of anything and collectively as a nation to accord the martyrs ' dignified families the real status they deserve based on the ranks they enjoy in front of the Holy Infallibles [Alaihimussalat wassalam] .  

One of the key factors is to include the heirs of martyrs on all occasions and festivities and jubilations, so that they do not in any manner feel left out or miss the martyr in apparent absence of the guardian.  

In fact, it is important for us and us alone, much more than it is for the families of martyrs. Most martyr’s families often share that the feel the presence of the martyr among them all the time and it is no exaggeration again since it’s the true promise of Allah in the Holy book. 

These occasions are an opportunity for us to prove our loyalty to Ahlul bayt [AS] and the dignified heirs and children of the beloved martyrs, as we should rest assured that we need them more than they would ever need us.

 We need to learn from them sacrifice, magnanimity and magnificence.

As the Holy month of Ramazan sets in, all families are preparing of course for the Holy month which would be followed by the Holy Celebrations of Eid-ul-Fitr. 
This year too ,the preparations are under way for the same and with the blessings of Holy Masoomeen it is expected inshallaah Shaheed Foundation Pakistan will be able to do better efforts this year to bring pleasure and joy to the hearts of our little angels ,the children of martyrs and the dignified heirs of martyrs.

Include the families of Martyrs in your Eid Celebrations by contributing to the noble cause.

This year unlike the routine practise cash amounts are being sent to the families as eid gift depending upon the number of family members so that they can Purchase the Eid accessories according to their choice and enjoy the shopping activity which is an interesting part of the eid celebrations especially for  children .

Contribute Wholeheartedly to Bring Smiles to the Children of Our Mohsineen-e-Millat!

Eid Gift distribution Project  2015 

SFP Supporting Martyrs' Families in 64 Cities of Pakistan 
Total no of families: 1950, Total no of Person: 7800 approx.,
Amount : 19,500,000.00 approx.  

Eid Gift Required Amount per Person in Different Currencies 

Pakistan Rupees: 2500 PKR Per Person
British Pound: 16 GBP Per Person
Australian Dollar: 32 AUD Per Person
US Dollar: 25 USD Per Person

Statistics of Eid Gift Disbursement Amounts from Previous Years

Year 2013, No of families in distribute Eid Gift:  1504 Amount   11,810,126.00
Year 2014 No of families in distribute Eid Gift:   1687 Amount   16,113,500.00

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Eid Gift project 2015: Eid Gifts for the Families of the Beloved Martyrs

Eid Gift project 2015: Eid Gifts for the Families of the Beloved Martyrs