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Dr. Syed Abbas Hyder Embraces Shahadat.



May 10 ,2010:

2300 HRS PST

Inna Lillah wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon!

Renowned Doctor Syed Abbas Hyder s/o Syed Murtaza Meerza was shot martyred by yazidi terrorists at around 830 pm in the metroville neighbourhood of orangi town karachi ,shortly after he was leaving for home after finishing the days job.

He was shot from a close range as he sat in the car and received three bullets in head. He instantly embraced Shahadat. He is survived by his widow and daughter . He was also the son-in -law of a trustee of Kherul Amal Imambargah. After legal formalities concluded at the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital karachi , his body was shortly shifted to Masjid-e-Khair ul Amal Block 20 . His namaz-e-janaza schedule shall be shortly announced by heirs.

The enemies of Islam ,Pakistan ,Muslimeen and Momineen must not forget what a genius like Hazrat Ali (AS) had said centuries ago : The nations which come out of bloodbaths have greater generations. Inshallah Tashayyu will emerge stronger still for it is the tafseer of Surah-Al-Kauthar and the ideology of sufyaniyyat will remain 'abtar' ,the way it has been promised by the Lord of Universes.

The Nur of the exalted Martyrs will radiate forever, illuminating the lives of Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan and certainly their pure blood has its own ways to leave lasting impacts .Inshallah it will pull of the masks from the faces of yazidi terrorists,their local mentors and International Collaborators .

Please recite a fateha for Shohada-e-Islam wa Shohada-e-Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan.

"LABBAYK YA HUSSAIN means you are in the battle-field.

Labbayka Ya Hussain means that you,your house-hold and your Children are in battle-field.

Labbayka Ya Hussain means that you are left alone.

Labbayka Ya Hussain means that(wicked) people sever ties with you .

Labbayka Ya Hussain means that the wicked give you foul blames .

LABBAYK YA HUSSAIN means that a mother sends , her beloved son to the battle-field and when his Martyred Glorious body is handed-over to Her; she wipes off the dust and blood from his enlightened face and offers her wishes to him that; 'May Allah Enlighten Your Face on Qiyamah ,the way you have enlightened my face in front of FATIMA ZAHRA (S.A)..

'And this is What LABBAYKA YA HUSSAIN(A.S) means "