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D.I.Khan : 24 Martyred ,Dozens Injured.


February 20 ,2009 :


1800 HRS PST :


D.I.Khan :

The following are the names of the martyrs received shortly from our D.I.Khan team .

1. Iftekhar aged 35.

2. Ulfat aged 32.

3.Raza aged 36.

4.Mehdi aged 23

5.Intezar aged 31.

6.M. Younus aged 52.

7.Nazir Hussain aged 58.

8.Inamullah aged 43.

9.Ali Shehenshal aged 6.

10.Fawad Ali aged 25.

11.M Yasin aged 35.

12.Zulfiqar aged 35.

13.Hasan Raza aged 17.

14.Azman Hussain aged 35.

15.Qayyum Nawaz aged 55.

16. Ghulam Qadir aged 25.

17.Ghulam Shabbir aged 35.

18. Rajab Ali aged 20.

19.Saqlain aged 45.

20.S Arif Hussain aged 22.

21.S Sadiq Hussain aged 50.

22.S Amir Abbas aged 25.

23. S Kifayaat aged 28.

24. S S Jaun Ali aged 20.

Taaj ne Aale Mohammad S.A.W.W pe Jo Roka Paani...!!

Piyaas k Abr se Yun toot Kar Barsaa Paani...!

Be Dharak Qasr-e-Hukumat main Dar aya Paani...!

Hogaya Ser se shehenshah k oonchaa Paani..!

taajdari ma-e-aurang-o-nageen doob gayee..!

ASMAAN se jo laree thee wo zamee doob gayeee...!!

Sher Ali Baloch ,40 , a prominent religious personality of D.I. Khan embraced Shahadat when yazidi terrorists attacked him near Topan Wala Chowk at around 1 45 pm yesterday.

The Nur of the exalted Martyrs will radiate forever, illuminating the lives of Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan and certainly their pure blood has its own ways to leave lasting impacts .Inshallah it will pull of the masks from the faces of yazidi terrorists,their local mentors and International Collaborators .

Please recite a fateha for Shohada-e-Islam wa Shohada-e-Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan.

"LABBAYK YA HUSSAIN means you are in the battle-field. Labbayka Ya Hussain means that you,your house-hold and your Children are in battle-field. Labbayka Ya Hussain means that you are left alone. Labbayka Ya Hussain means that(wicked) people sever ties with you .Labbayka Ya Hussain means that the wicked give you foul blames .

LABBAYK YA HUSSAIN means that a mother sends , her beloved son to the battle-field and when his Martyred Glorious body is handed-over to Her; she wipes off the dust and blood from his enlightened face and offers her wishes to him that; 'May Allah Enlighten Your Face on Qiyamah ,the way you have enlightened my face in front of FATIMA ZAHRA (S.A)..'And this is What LABBAYKA YA HUSSAIN(A.S) means "