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Bomb blast in Procession, Muzaffarabad
SFP News
December 27, 2009

According to SFP News a blast occurred in a procession in Muzaffarabad. At about 8 people were dead, many injured in the blast. Please pray for all the blast injured.

The incident occurs at Muzaffarabad in a procession. In the procession when security agencies try to stop a suspicious person he blew himself, injuring many and as a result 8 people were killed. In 8 deaths, there are 3 police men and 5 momin.

We condom these kind of attacks on innocent momineen and urge Government to take action against these kinds of attacks.

Some name of shaheed are below:

S.No. Name Father Name Age
1 Syed Aamir Ali Naqvi (shaukat lines) syed mazloom hussain shah 28 Years
2 Syed shahzad hussain kazmi (Dharian) syed meer Hassan shah 22 Years
3 Syed Mahmood Hussain Naqvi (Bandi kareem) syed chand hussain naqvi 40 Years
4 Syed Ismat Hussain Shah (meerpura) syed noor hussain shah 45 Years
5 Syed Imam Ali Naqvi (miani Bandi) syed naveed Hussain naqvi 15 Years

Lastly we appeal for prays for the injured in Muzaffarabad, Qasba mour and Paposh nagar blast.

We will update as soon as we receive information about this blast.
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