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Banned Outfits Attacked Lahore & Quetta
SFP News

The Triple Suicide Blasts at Karbala Gamay Shah Lahore in the Yom-e-Ali (A.S) Procession on 21st of Holy Ramdan & another attack in the Procession of Yom-ul-Quds in Quetta exposed the terrorist & illegal activities of the Banned out fit Lashkar-e- Jhangvi .Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has the same non Islamic agenda like Tahreek-e-Taliban and the same way like Taliban pronounced openly after performing such bad deeds Lashkar-e-Jhangvi accepted that the Suicide attacks took place by them. Banned so Called Sipah-e-Sahaba has also the same manifesto to kill Shia-Muslims in Pakistan These three banned out fits interlinked each other and also involved in anti-state criminal activities.

Yom-al-Quds (The Day of Quds) is observed every year in worldwide against illegal occupation of Israel on Bayt-ul-Muqadas. Attacking on participants on Yom-al-Quds, Lashka-e-Jhangvi and Taliban have once again proved themselves as mercenaries of Israel.

In these attacks in two different cities atleast 95 people have been martyred and more than 462 are injured. 53 are martyred in Quetta and 302 injured while 42 are martyred in Lahore and 160 are injured. Many injured are in critical condition

We as Shia-Muslims protest with Government of Pakistan to take quick actions to crash those non state factors which involved in coloring their hands with the Blood of people of Pakistan & want to destroy Pakistan ultimately. The fatwa from Scholars/Ulema of Ahl-e-Sunah also have come in past & present also that the Suicide attacks are HARAAM.Even these criminal activities are continuously killing Shia-Muslims in Pakistan through different ways like Target killing of Shia Doctors and prominent Shia leaders and Shia Brothers in Karachi as well as in Quetta, like Suicide and remote control attacks on Shia-Muslims Religious Procession in all over Pakistan Such as Karachi, Lahore, D.G.Khan, D.I.Khan, Hangu, Parachanar. These so called Jihadi are also targeting Pakistani forces and innocent local citizens. Its also observed that Sunni Mosques and Scholars like Mufti Naeem are also being targeted by Taliban and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi Terrorists

Our Agencies as well as State failed badly in coping that terrorism in Pakistan. The all Interior Ministries of Pakistan merely issue announcement of condemn & taking actions but the Blood of Shia-Muslims has been flowing in the green Land of Pakistan since past many years. The Law Minister of Punjab Rana-Sana-ullah is very famous in links with Sipah-e-sahaba a Banned Outfit.

This purely depicts poor governance and discriminated policies of Government of Pakistan reflecting also critical Law and Order situation throughout the Country.We hope that the government of Pakistan & its allied agencies now takes serious measures to safeguard Shia-Muslims in Pakistan whose elders had taken crucial part in the Independence of Pakistan.