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23rd March : Pakistan Day Commemorated With Fervour & Enthusiasm.
n the name of Allah, the one who bestowed upon us the blessings we were not worthy of. Certainly, Allah Subhanahu wa taala is the Bestower of all blessings and bounties upon us.

Among these blessings is, this independent state of Pakistan, where we have freedom to preach and practice the religion of Allah and His Rasool (s). Salutations and blessings of Allah be upon him and his holy progeny.

23rd of March is marked in the history of Pakistan as a breakthrough, as on this day, the Muslims of the united India decided to work for a separate independent state for themselves. This struggle proved fruitful by the grace of Almighty Allah and the holy 14, on 14th August 1947 when Pakistan emerged on the world map.

We extend heartiest felicitations to all the Pakistanis all around the world ,on this auspicious occassion.

Pakistan Day 23rd March 2013