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بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم ۔ کیا آپ نے اس شخص کو دیکھا جو سزا و جزا کو جھوٹلاتا  ہے ؟ یہ وہی ہے جو یتیم کو دھکے دیتا ہے- اور مسکین کو کھانا کھلانے کی ترغیب نہیں دیتا- پس ایسے نمازیوں کے لئے ہلاکت ہے- جو اپنی نماز سے غافل رہتے ہیں- جو ریاکاری کرتے ہیں- اور< ضرورتمندوں کو> معموملی چیزیں دینے سے بھی گریزکرتے ہیں۔ {سورہ ماعون} بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم ۔ کیا آپ نے اس شخص کو دیکھا جو سزا و جزا کو جھوٹلاتا  ہے ؟ یہ وہی ہے جو یتیم کو دھکے دیتا ہے- اور مسکین کو کھانا کھلانے کی ترغیب نہیں دیتا- پس ایسے نمازیوں کے لئے ہلاکت ہے- جو اپنی نماز سے غافل رہتے ہیں- جو ریاکاری کرتے ہیں- اور< ضرورتمندوں کو> معموملی چیزیں دینے سے بھی گریزکرتے ہیں۔ {سورہ ماعون}
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Latest News

18-Feb-2017 - In the Loving Memory of Renowned Eye Specialist Shaheed Dr. Ali Haider and His Son [Martyred 2013]
16-Feb-2017 - Sehwan : 50 Devotees Martyred as Blast Rips Through Laal Shahbaz Qalandar Shrine..
16-Feb-2017 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Kirani Road ,Hazara Town ,Quetta ,Feb 2013
13-Feb-2017 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Masjid-e-Imamia Hayatabad Peshawar
13-Feb-2016 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report for the month of ​January​ 201​7​
11-Feb-2017 - Shahadat Anniversary of the Lady of Heavens and Earth Sayyida Fatima-al-Zahra [Salaamullah Alaiha].
6-Feb-2017 - Sahiwal : Dr. Qasim Ali Embraces Shahadat
5-Feb-2017 - Our Martyrs ,Our Pride - You Live in Our Hearts !
5-Feb-2017 - Kashmir Solidarity Day Commemorated Across Pakistan With Fervour and Enthusiasm.
5-Feb-2017 - Martyrdom Anniversary Shaheed Muzzaffar Ali Kirmani and Shaheed Nazeer Abbas....
1-Feb-2017 - Chalgari :Inauguration of Bahisht-e-Zahra[SA] Graveyard...
1-Feb-2017 - Shikarpur : Martyrs of Friday Congregation Blast [Jan 2015] Remembered
25-Jan-2017 - Karachi : Qari Kazim Raza Baltistani Embraces Shahadat
23-Jan-2017 - Al Shaheed Magazine ​Jan, Feb, Mar 2017
21-Jan-2017 - Parachinar: Blood,Tears and Cries as Powerful Blast Rocks the Resilient Parachinar...
19-Jan-2017 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report for the month of December 2016
15-Jan-2017 - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Mohsin Naqvi..... Lay Zindagi ka Khums ALI [AS] ke Ghulaam se...
10-Jan-2017 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Alamdar Road Quetta ,10th Jan 2013
8-Jan-2017 - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Agha Syed Zia ud Din Rizvi....
8-Jan-2017 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Momin Pura.....
8-Jan-2017 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Chattian Hattian Blast...
8-Jan-2017 - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Hassan Ali Rizvi....
6-Jan-2017 - The 'Pehelwan' Who Saved Hundreds of Children - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Aitezaz Hassan
28-Dec-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Ashura Karachi 28th December 2009
25-Dec-2016 - Birth Anniversary of Prophet Jesus [Peace Be Upon Him] and Christmas.
25-Dec-2016 - Birth Anniversary of Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah [RA]
17-Dec-2016 - 17th Rabi-ul-Awwal : Birth Anniversary of Rasool-e-Khuda[SAWW] and His Great Grandson Imam Jafar al-Sadiq[AS]
12-Dec-2016 - Unity week: 12th Rabiul Awwal - 17th Rabiul Awwal
10-Dec-2016 - Abbottabad:Yousuf Hussain,Embraces Shahadat
8-Dec-2016 - 8 Rabi ul Awal: Martyrdom Anniversary of maula Imam Hassan Askari (A.S)
29-Nov-2016 - 28th Safar : Shahadat Anniversary of Hazrat Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba[AS].
29-Nov-2016 - 28th Safar, Martyrdom Anniversary of Holy Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W.) and Imam Hasan Mujtaba(A.S)
27-Nov-2016 - Karachi : DSP Faiz Ali Shigri Embraces Shahadat
25-Nov-2016 - Sahiwal : Imambargah Caretaker Dr. Khalid Mehmood Embraces Shahadat
22-Nov-2016 - Karachi : Nazimabad Tragedy Injured Lady Kaneez Fatima Embraces Shahadat
20-Nov-2016 - Saltanat-e-Ishq DVD 2016 Released
19-Nov-2016 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report for the month of October 2016
18-Nov-2016 - 17 Safar: Shahadat Anniversary Hazrat Imam Ali Raza a.s.
12-Nov-2016 - Khuzdaar : Dozens of Devotees Embrace Shahadat as Powerful Blast Rocks Shah Noorani Shrine
11-Nov-2016 - Karachi :Ghulam Murtaza Embraces Shahadat ,another Two Injured
9-Nov-2016 - 7th Safar : Birth Anniversary of Baab-ul-Hawaij Imam Musa Ibn-e-Ja'afar al -Kazim[AS]..
9-Nov-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Brother Saeed Haider Zaidi....
6-Nov-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Allama Aftaab Haider Jaffri.....
6-Nov-2011 - Karachi : Azadari Continues - Kamran Kazmi Embraces Shahadat ,Imran Kazmi Sustains Injuries.
2-Nov-2016 - Rawalpindi : Azadari Continues - Raza Jafri Embraces Shahadat
29-Oct-2016 - Karachi : Azadari Continues - Terrorists Attack another Ladies Majlis in the Megapolis
28-Oct-2016 - Barsi Shohada e Jaicobabad
28-Oct-2016 - Barsi Shohada e Chahlgari Bolan
26-Oct-2016 - Quetta : Pakistani Nation in Mourning as Terrorist Attack on Police Academy Leaves 61 Martyred
17-Oct-2016 - Karachi : Azadari Continues - Dastardly Cracker Attack During Ladies Majlis Leaves 25 Injured,1 Martyred
16-Oct-2016 - Al Shaheed Magazine ​Oct, Nov,Dec 2016
13-Oct-2016 - Al Shaheed News paper (Oct 2016) Issue
13-Oct-2016 - 10th Muharram :Ashura-e-Moharram Commemorated Worldwide With Religious Fervour
12-Oct-2016 - 10th Muharram : Heart Rending Masayeb of Shahadat of Imam Aali Maqam Imam Hussain[AS]..
12-Oct-2016 - Ye Keh ke Doob Gaya,Aftaab-e-Ashura,Rahay Hussain[AS] ki Ta Hashr Roshni Baaqi...
11-Oct-2016 - 9th Muharram : Masayeb of the Flag Bearer of Karbala Hazrat Abal Fazlil Abbas[AS]
11-Oct-2016 - Saltanat-e-Ishq DVD 2016 released
11-Oct-2016 - Karachi : Azadari Continues - Shaheed Jawad Raza Laid to Rest Amid Tears and Cries..
10-Oct-2016 - 8th Muharram : The Heart Rending Masayeb of Shabih-e-Payambar,Hazrat Ali Akbar[AS]..
9-Oct-2016 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report for the month of August 2016
9-Oct-2016 - The Sublime Message of Imam Hussain[AS] Before Embarking on the Journey of Karbala!
7-Oct-2016 - Karachi : Azadari Continues -Firing on Majlis-e-Aza in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Leaves Three Injured
7-Oct-2016 - Karachi : Azadari Continues -Mansoor Sadiq Zaidi Embrace Shahadat,Son Injured
6-Oct-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Shaheedah Batool,Child Martyred Two Years Ago
4-Oct-2016 - Rawalpindi : Azadari Continues With Fervour - Two Momineen Martyred in Gun Attack
4-Oct-2016 - Quetta :Azadari Continues With Fervour as Firing on a Bus Leaves Mominaat Martyred
2-Oct-2016 - Aye Ahl-e-Azaa,Azaa ke Din Aa Pohnchay......
26-Sep-2016 - 24th Zilhajj : Heartiest Greetings & Felicitations on the Blessed Occassion of Eid-e-Mubahila..
24-Sep-2016 - BAKRA MANDI PROJECT FOR CHILDREN 2016 (Result)
23-Sep-2016 - Bakra Mandi 2016 for Martyrs Children (Karachi)
23-Sep-2016 - Bakra Mandi 2016 for Martyrs Children (Punjab)
21-Sep-2016 - 18th Zilhajj : Greetings and Felicitations on the Blessed Occassion of Eid-e-Ghadeer
18-Sep-2016 - Bakra Mandi 2016 for Martyrs Children (Rawalpindi / Islamabad)
17-Sep-2016 - Shikarpur : Mohammad Rafique Embraces Shahadat
13-Sep-2016 - Shikarpur : Major Tragedy Averted as Duti-Conscious Policemen/Guards Foil Two Separate Suicide Attacks.
13-Sep-2016 - 10th Zilhajj : Heartiest Greetings and Felicitations on the Occassion of Eid-ul-Azha
12-Sep-2016 - Meat Distribution Project for Mostahqeen​
12-Sep-2016 - Hide collection (Qurbani Ki Khaalain) 2016
12-Sep-2016 - Bakra Mandi 2016 for Martyrs Children (Lahore)
12-Sep-2016 - Bakra Mandi 2016 for Martyrs Children (Sialkot & Gujranwala)
12-Sep-2016 - Bakra Mandi 2016 for Martyrs Children (Interior Sindh)
12-Sep-2016 - Bakra Mandi 2016 for Martyrs Children (D.I. Khan)
11-Sep-2016 - 9th Zilhajj: Day of Arafah
11-Sep-2016 - Hajj 2016 : Spiritual Aspects and Importance of Hajj in the Eyes of Ahlulbayt[AS]..
10-Sep-2016 - 7th Zilhajj : Shahadat Anniversary of Hazrat-e-Imam Mohammad Ibn-e-Ali al Baqir [AS]
6-Sep-2016 - 6 September: Defence Day Pakistan
3-Sep-2016 - Sacrifical Hides Collection Project 2016
3-Sep-2016 - Bakra Mandi 2016 for Martyrs Children
2-Sep-2016 - Shahadat Anniversary of Imam Mohammad Taqi Al-Jawad
29-Aug-2016 - Sukkur : Annual Picnic for Khanwada-e-Shohada Sindh Province and Bolan District.
28-Aug-2016 - Allama Mufti Ja'afar Hussain[RA] -The Glorious Leader Who Galvanized the Nation!
17-Aug-2016 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report for the month of July 2016
14-Aug-2016 - 11th Zeeqa'ad : Birth Anniversary of Shah-e-Khurasan,Imam Ali Ibn-e-Moosa-al-Riza[AS] Being Celebrated Worldwide...
14-Aug-2016 - Pakistanis Across the World Are Celebrating the National Independence Day With Fervour...
8-Aug-2016 - Quetta :August Festivities Turn Sombre as 63 Martyred in the Bloodbath...
5-Aug-2016 - 28th Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif Hussain al Hussaini Being Commemorated Today...
4-Aug-2016 - 1st Zeeqa'ad:Birth Anniversary of Karima-e-Ahlulbayt,Hazrat-e-Masooma-e-Qom[SA]..
3-Aug-2016 - Felicitations and Greetings on the Birth Anniversary of the Hazrat Abu Talib [AS]
1-Aug-2016 - Quetta:Mohammad Nabi and Ghulam Nabi Embrace Shahadat
20-Jul-2016 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report for the month of June 2016
20-Jul-2016 - 15th Shawwal : Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Ja'afar Al- Sadiq [AS]..
19-Jul-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Talib Hussain,Who Sacrificed Life to Avert a Major Tragedy!
17-Jul-2016 - 10th Shawwal : Belief in al-Mahdi[atfs],a Unifying Point for Shias and Sunnis.
15-Jul-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Allama Hasan Turabi[RA] on Tenth Shahadat Anniversary...
13-Jul-2016 - 8th Shawwal: Demoliton and De-Secration of Jannatul Baqi (Black Day)
6-Jul-2016 - Dera Ismail Khan : Advocate Shahid Abbas Embraces Shahadat
5-Jul-2016 - 1st Shawwal : Heartiest Felicitations on the Blessed Occassion of Eid-ul-Fitr...
5-Jul-2016 - Dua-e-Wida-e-Maah-e-Mubaarak-e-Ramadhan...Alwida Shahr Allah!
4-Jul-2016 - Zakat-e-Fitra Collection on the Eve of Eid-ul-Fitr 2016
4-Jul-2016 - Importance of Zakat ,it's Types and Benefits.
1-Jul-2016 - 25th Ramadhan : Jumatul Wida Being Commemorated as Yaum al Qods
30-Jun-2016 - Dera Ismail Khan : Nadeem Abbas Embraces Shahadat
29-Jun-2016 - Al Shaheed News paper (Jun 2016) Issue
28-Jun-2016 - 23rd Ramadhan : The Importance and Virtues of Shab-e-Qadr
28-Jun-2016 - 21st Ramadhan: Martyrdom Anniversary of Maula-e-Kaeynat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib [AS]
25-Jun-2016 - Shab-e-Zarbat-e-Maula-e-Muttaqiyyaan Imam Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib a.s.
22-Jun-2016 - Karachi : Renowned Qawwal and Maddah-e-Ahlulbayt[AS] Amjad Sabri Shot Martyred
21-Jun-2016 - 15th Ramadhan: Birth Anniversary of Sibt-e-Akbar-e-Rasool-e-Khuda [SAWW] ..
17-Jun-2016 - Ramadhan-ul-Mubarak 2016: Join Hands for the Noble Cause of Martyrs
16-Jun-2016 - 10th Ramadhan : Wafaat-e-Ummul Momineen Hazrat-e-Khadija-tul-Kubra [S.A].
12-Jun-2016 - Eid-ul-Fitr Gift 2016: Generously Participate to Bring Joy to Martyrs' Families
8-Jun-2016 - Saneha-e-Cadet Police Quetta June 2003 : Aye Shaheedo Tum Wafa ki Kainaat Hoo...
8-Jun-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Renowned Aalim-e-Deen,Agha Syed Jafar Naqvi [RA]
6-Jun-2016 - Blessed Month of Ramadhan : Dua-e-Istiqbal-e-Maah-e-Ramadhan.
3-Jun-2016 - 27th Anniversary of Imam-e-Raahil Ayatollah Sayyid Roohullah al-Mousavi al-Khomeini [RA] Being Commemorated .
2-Jun-2016 - Karachi :Imambargah Attack - Namaz-e-Janaza of Shaheed Mohammad Abbas is About to Begin
2-Jun-2016 - Karachi: Firing on Imambargah - Mohammad Abbas Embraces Shahadat,Several Injured.
31-May-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Masjid-o-Imambargah Ali Raza,Karachi,2004.....
30-May-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Masjid-e-Madinat-ul-Ilm,Karachi,2005
30-May-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Bari Imam Shrine,Islamabad,2005...
28-May-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Martyrs of Saneha-e-Jalalabad Massacre 1988 [Gilgit]
25-May-2015 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report for the month of April 2016
22-May-2016 - 15th Sha'aban : The Promised Saviour, Imam-al-Asr Sahib al-Zaman [atfs]
20-May-2016 - 'Friday of Oppressed' Being Observed Countrywide to Express Solidarity With the Oppressed Momineen
18-May-2016 - 11th Sha'aban :Birth Anniversary of Shabeeh-e-Rasool [SAWW] Hazrat Ali Akbar [AS]
13-May-2016 - Friday Marks Protest Day Countrywide Against Targetted Killings of Momineen
12-May-2016 - Parachinar: Firing on Protesting Momineen Leaves Three Martyred.
12-May-2016 - 4th shaban Birth Anniversary Hazrat Abulfazlil Abbas a.s.
11-May-2016 - 3rd Sha'aban: Birth Anniversary of Sayyid-us-Shohada Imam Hussain [AS] Being Commemorated Today
9-May-2016 - BIRTH OF BIBI ZAINAB s.a
8-May-2016 - Karachi:'Fearless' Khurram Zaki laid to Rest Amid Tears,Sobs and Wails!
8-May-2016 - Karachi:Renowned Scholar & Zakir-e-Ahl-e-Bayt [AS] Khurram Zaki Embraced Shahadat- Namaz-e-Janaza About to Begin.
7-May-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Masjid-e-Hyderi,Sindh Madressatul Islam
6-May-2016 - Dera Ismail Khan : Martyred Momineen Laid to Rest Amid Tears and Cries..
6-May-2016 - 28th Rajab - Departure Qafila-e-Imam Hussain a.s.
5-May-2016 - Dera Ismail Khan : Four Momineen Embrace Shahadat
4-May-2016 - 27th Rajab : Shab-e-Be'that-e-Rasool-e-Khaatam Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa [SAWW]
3-May-2016 - Earnest Appeal to Join Hands to Overcome Financial Challenge
3-May-2016 - Shahadat Anniversary Baabul Hawaij Imam Moosa Kazim [AS]
25-Apr-2016 - Peshawar: Dr. Zainab and Her Father-in-Law Shot Martyred
23-Apr-2016 - Earnest Appeal to Join Hands to Overcome Financial Challenge
21-Apr-2016 - Al Shaheed Magazine ​April,May,June​ 2016
20-Apr-2016 - 13th Rajab :Birth Anniversary of the Commander of Faithful and the Pious Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib [AS]
18-Apr-2016 - ​10 Rajab :Birth Anniversary​ ​​Imam Muhammad Taqi al-Jawad (A.S.)
17-Apr-2016 - Birth Anniversary Hazrat Ali Asghar a.s son of Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s
13-Apr-2016 - 5th Rajab Wiladat Imam Ali Naqi Al Hadi (a.s)
13-Apr-2016 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report March 2016
11-Apr-2016 - 3 Rajab: Shahadat Anniversary of Hazrat Imam Ali Naqi a.s.
9-Apr-2016 - Birth Anniversary of Baqir-ul-Uloom Hazrat Imam Muhammad Ibn-e-Ali al-Baqir [Alaihimussalam]..
9-Apr-2016 - Rajab-ul-Murajjab : The month Containing Laiylat-ur-Raghayeb [Night Preceding first friday of Rajab.]
9-Apr-2016 - Karachi:Applied Physics Gold Medalist,Hashim Rizvi Embraced Shahadat
8-Apr-2016 - Thirty Sixth Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Ayatollah Baqir-al-Sadr and Shaheeda Amina Bintal Huda al-Sadr
8-Apr-2016 - Karachi : Shahid Hussain and Ali Sajjad Embrace Shahadat-Namaz-e-Janaza after Maghrebain.
4-Apr-2016 - Bhit Shah: SFP arrange Picture Exibition at Bhit Shah
30-Mar-2016 - Birth Anniversary of Lady of Heavens and Earth Sayyida Fatima [SA]...
27-Mar-2016 - Blood,Tears,Cries and Sobs as the Heart of Pakistan's Struck by Terror
21-Mar-2016 - 13 Jamad-al-Sani: Shahadat Anniversary of Bibi Ummul Baneen[Salaamullah Alaiha]
23-Mar-2016 - Pakistan Day Being Celebrated Across the Country With National Vigour and Fervour.
22-Mar-2016 - Dera Ismail Khan: Syed Razi Ul Hasan Shah Embraces Shahadat
19-Mar-2016 - Dera Ismail Khan : Azhar Hussain Shah Embraces Shahadat
18-Mar-2016 - Mein Hussaini Hun Mera Naam Hai Sibt-e-Jafar.............
15-Mar-2016 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report February 2016
12-Mar-2016 - Martyrdom Anniversary of the Lady of Heavens and Earths Sayyida Fatima Zahra [Salamullah Alaiha]...
6-Mar-2016 - Majlis Barsi Shaheed Dr Mohammad Ali Naqvi at Lahore
3-Mar-2016 - Karachi: 3rd Tragic Anniversary Shohada e Abbas Town.
29-Feb-2016 - Bolan: Shohada Picture Exibition at Taziyati Jalsa
24-Feb-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Mehfil-e-Murtaza and Masjid-e-Abul Fazl Abbas [1995]
24-Feb-2016 - KARACHI: Picture Exibition at Himayatat-e-Mazlomeen Conference
23-Feb-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-DG Khan Blast....
23-Feb-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Dera [Sh. Sher Ali Khan Janaza Blast 2009 Tragedy]
23-Feb-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Martyred Agha Brothers ,[1995 tragedy]
23-Feb-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Masjid-e-Muntazir Malir [2003 Tragedy.]
21-Feb-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Dr.Ali Haider and His Son Murtaza
17-Feb-2016 - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Dr.Ali Raza Jafri...
15-Feb-2016 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report January 2016
8-Feb-2016 - Peshawar : Malik Iftikhar Hussain Embraces Shahadat
5-Feb-2016 - Martyrdom Anniversary Shaheed Muzzaffar Ali Kirmani and Shaheed Nazeer Abbas....
2-Feb-2016 - Shikarpur: Candle Light and Picture Exibition at 1st Barsi Shohada e Shikarpur
27-Jan-2016 - Al Shaheed Magazine Jan,Feb,Mar 2016
19-Jan-2016 - Rise,Rise to the Occassion for the Dignified Families of Beloved Martyrs...!
16-Jan-2016 - In the loving Memory of Shaheed Mohsin Naqvi - Lay Zindagi ka Khums Ali[AS] ke Ghulam se...
15-Jan-2016 - SFP Audit Report 2014-15 Released
10-Jan-2016 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report December 2015
8-Jan-2016 - Jacobabad: Azmat Shohada Convention
8-Jan-2016 - Karachi : Mukhtar Zaidi Embraces Shahadat
6-Jan-2016 - The 'Pehelwan' who Saved Hundreds - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Aitezaz Hassan
6-Jan-2016 - Quetta: Naveed Ahmed Embraced Martyrdom, 1 Momin Injured
29-Dec-2015 - 17th Rabi-ul-Awwal : Birth Anniversary of Rasool-e-Khuda [SAWW] and Sadiq-e-Aal-e-Mohammad [Alaihimussalaam]
24-Dec-2015 - Hafta-e-Wahdat-e-Islami (12 - 17 Rabiul Awwal) 2015
21-Dec-2015 - 9th Rabi-ul-Awwal : Heartiest Greetings and Felicitations on Eid-e-Zehra[SA]
20-Dec-2015 - 8th Rabi-ul-Awwal : Dil Se Gham-e-Hussain [AS] na ho Kam Khuda Karay!
16-Dec-2015 - Pakistani Nation Honours the Martyred Children of Army Public School Peshawar
13-Dec-2015 - Parachinar : City of Saviours of ZAINAB[SA] in Blood & Tears as Powerful Blast Rocks Eidgah Market..
11-Dec-2015 - Imam Hasan (A.S.):The Saviour of Islam
9-Dec-2015 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report November 2015
2-Dec-2015 - 20th Safar : Fortieth Day Commemorations of Martyrdom of Maula Hussain [AS] and Noble Companions [AS]
30-Nov-2015 - 17th Safar : Martyrdom Anniversary of Sultan-al-Arab wal Ajam,Imam Ali Ibn-e-Musa al-Riza[AS]
26-Nov-2015 - Bibi Sakina daughter of Imam Hussain (as)
25-Nov-2015 - Hazrat Zainab binte Ali(A.S.): Sharikat al-Hussain (Associate in the Mission of Imam Hussain(A.S.)
21-Nov-2015 - Peshawar:Imdad Hussain Jafri Embraces Shahadat
19-Nov-2015 - 7th Safar: Birth Anniversary of Imam Moosa Kazim [AS]- Baab-ul-Hawaij
18-Nov-2015 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report October 2015
13-Nov-2015 - Sialkot: SFP Stall in procession
9-Nov-2015 - Karachi : Cracker Bomb Lobbed in Sajjadia Imambargah North Nazimabad
9-Nov-2015 - Karachi: Haider Ali embraced martyrdom
9-Nov-2015 - Birth Anniversary of Sitara-e-Buland-e-Mashreq Dr.Allama Muhammad Iqbal [RA].
8-Nov-2015 - 25th Moharram Shahadat e Imam Zain ul Abedin (a.s.)
7-Nov-2015 - Quetta : Izzatullaah and Mohammad Hasan Embrace Shahadat
7-Nov-2015 - Quetta : Jafar Abbas Embraces Shahadat - Namaz-e-Janaza Update
4-Nov-2015 - Quetta: Ustad Sadiq embraced martyrdom
1-Nov-2015 - Karachi : Markaz-e-Aasar-e-Shohada & Nigehdasht Nears Completion...
30-Oct-2015 - Al Shaheed Magazine (Oct, Nov,Dec 2015)
26-Oct-2015 - Jacobabad: Ayesha Ashraf Embraces Shahadat - Shifted to Jacobabad
25-Oct-2015 - Jacobabad : Zahid Hussain Embrace Shahadat / Detailed Report.
24-Oct-2015 - Jacobabad : Azadari Continues With Fervour, as Powerful Blast Rocks Tasu'aa Procession
22-Oct-2015 - Balochistan : Powerful Blast Rocks Namaz-e-Maghribain,Several Martyred
22-Oct-2015 - Al Shaheed News paper (October 2015) Issue
21-Oct-2015 - The Message of Imam Husain (A.S.)
21-Oct-2015 - 6th Muharram : Historical Background of Tragedy of Karbala..
19-Oct-2015 - Karachi : Candle Light Vigil in the Loving Memory of Shaheedah Batool
19-Oct-2015 - 5th Muharram : 'Luhuf' - Sighs of Sorrow - Pledges By Companions of Hussain[AS]
18-Oct-2015 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Minaa [Hajj Tragedy 2015]
18-Oct-2015 - 4th Muharram : The Philosophy of Martyrdom of Imam Hussain [AS]
14-Oct-2015 - Imam Hussain`s (A.S.) Mission.
9-Oct-2015 - Bakra Mandi 2015 for children of Martyrs (Result)
8-Oct-2015 - Peshawar : Malak Jarrar Embraces Shahadat
8-Oct-2015 - SFP Bakra Mandi for children of Martyrs (Lahore, Faisalabad, Bhakkar/Layyia, Kohat)
7-Oct-2015 - Hide collection (Qurbani Ki Khaalain) 2015 Result
2-Oct-2015 - "Al-Ghadir" and its Relevance to Islamic Unity
2-Oct-2015 - SFP Bakra Mandi for children of Martyrs (Rawalpindi)
30-Sep-2015 - Karachi: Asad Ibrahim embraced martyrdom
25-Sep-2015 - Heartiest Greetings and Felicitations on Eid-ul-Azha 1436 A.H
24-Sep-2015 - Meat Distribution Project
24-Sep-2015 - Day of Arafa'h - 9th Zilhajj - Aamaal
24-Sep-2015 - Shahdat Hazrat Muslim Bin Aqeel
23-Sep-2015 - SFP Bakra Mandi for children of Martyrs (Karachi)
23-Sep-2015 - SFP Bakra Mandi for children of Martyrs (Alamdar Road, Quetta)
22-Sep-2015 - Shaheed-e-Rabza : Hazrat-e-Abu Dhar Ghaffari [RA] and His Struggle.
22-Sep-2015 - SFP Bakra Mandi for children of Martyrs (D.I. Khan)
22-Sep-2015 - Martyrdom of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir(A.S.)
21-Sep-2015 - Ijtaimai Qurbani / Bakra Mandi at Karachi
20-Sep-2015 - Meat Distribution Project
19-Sep-2015 - SFP Bakra Mandi for children of Martyrs (Hangu)
19-Sep-2015 - Karachi : Irfan Haider Zaidi Embraces Shahadat
18-Sep-2015 - Bakra Mandi 2015 for Martyrs Children
14-Sep-2015 - 29th Zilqadah : Shahadat Anniversary of Ninth Imam Mohammad Taqi al-Jawad
13-Sep-2015 - Hide collection (Qurbani Ki Khaalain) 2015
12-Sep-2015 - Ijtaimai Qurbani / Bakra Mandi at Karachi
12-Sep-2015 - Makkah :107 Martyred and 238 Injured as Crane Crashes onto Converging Hajj Pilgrims.
9-Sep-2015 - D.I.Khan: Khizar Abbas embraced martyrdom
8-Sep-2015 - Eid Qurban Projects 2015
8-Sep-2015 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report August 2015
6-Sep-2015 - Dera Ismail Khan : Zeeshan Haider & Nazakat Hussain Embrace Shahadat
6-Sep-2015 - Defence Day : Sila-e-Shaheed kia Hai? Tab-o-Taab-e-Javidaana..!
5-Sep-2015 - Picnic/ Get together for Martyr’s Family Alamdar road Quetta
30-Aug-2015 - The Missing Sayyid : 37th Anniversary of Ayatollaah Sayyid Musa al-Sadr [RA]
29-Aug-215 - Karachi : Ameer Hussain Embraces Shahadat.
28-Aug-2015 - Annual picnic for Martyr’s Children D.I Khan 2015
27-Aug-2015 - Birth Anniversary Hazrat Imam Raza A.S.
25-Aug-2015 - Families of the martyrs of Southern Punjab made a visit to Karachi.
22-Aug-2015 - Karachi: Welcome Ceremony Held in the Honour of Khanwada-e-Shohada-e-South Punjab
17-Aug-2015 - 1st Zi'qad :Birth Anniversary of Karima-e-Ahlul Bayt Hazrat-e-Fatima Masoomah-e-Qom [SA]
15-Aug-2015 - Karachi: Khanwada-e-Shohada Visit Quaid-e-Azam Tomb to Pay Homage.
14-Aug-2015 - 69th National Independence Day Marks Jubilations and Festivities Countrywide..
12-Aug-2015 - Karachi: Naved Abbas embraced shahdat
11-Aug-2015 - 25th Shawwal, The Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Jafar-as-Sadiq(A.S.)
8-Aug-2015 - Karachi: Annual Picnic for the Families of Shohada-e-Millat-e-Jaffaria Held at Karachi.
5-Aug-2015 - 27th Shahadat Anniversary of Shaheed Quaid Allama Syed Arif Hussain al Hussaini [RA] Being Commemorated Today......
2-Aug-2015 - Who Was Imam Jafar al-Sadiq(A.S.)?
25-Jul-2015 - Karachi : Raees Jafri Embraces Shahadat.
24-Jul-2015 - 8th Shawwal: Demoliton and De-Secration of Jannatul Baqi (Black Day)
22-Jul-2015 - Tribute to Shohada on Eid-ul-Fitr (1436 h)
18-Jul-2015 - 1st Shawwal :Heartiest Greetings on the Occassion of Eid-ul-Fitr.
18-Jul-2015 - Quetta : Duti-Conscious Watchman Intercepts Suicide Bomber ,Sacrifices Life and Averts a Major Tragedy.
18-Jul-2015 - How to Spend the Last Night of the Month of Ramadhan-ul-Mubaarak...
18-Jul-2015 - Dua-e-Wida-e-Ramadhan : Imam Zain-ul-Abideen [AS] Supplication Bidding Farewell to the Holy Month....
16-Jul-2015 - Zakat-e-Fitra Collection on the Blessed Occassion of Eid-ul-Fitr 2015
16-Jul-2015 - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Allaama Hasan Turabi on the Occassion of Ninth Shahadat Anniversary...
14-Jul-2015 - Eid Gift project 2015: Eid Gifts for the Families of the Beloved Martyrs
13-Jul-2015 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report June 2015
11-Jul-2015 - Al Shaheed News paper (July 2015) Issue
10-Jul-2015 - 21st Ramzan: Yaum-e-Ali Commemorated Countrywide With Fervor‏
7-Jul-2015 - Last Words from the Will of the Commander of Faithful and the God Fearing Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib [AS]..
6-Jul-2015 - 19th Ramadhan : Masjid-e-Kufa Hai ,Roza Daar Hai....
6-Jul-2015 - First Night of Qadr : First Odd Numbered Night of the Last Ashra-e-Ramadhan-ul-Kareem...
6-Jul-2015 - Quetta : Hasan Nematullah and Shabbir Nematullaah Embrace Martyrdom.
5-Jul-2015 - First Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Adeel Abbas Zaidi Being Commemorated Today.
4-Jul-2015 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Masjid-e-Kalaan Quetta....
2-Jul-2015 - 15th Ramadhan : Birth Anniversary of Sibt-e-Akbar-e-Rasool-e-Khuda [SAWW] ,Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba [AS]
1-Jul-2015 - Islamabad : Picnic for the Families of Shohada of Rawalpindi and Islamabad 2015 .
1-Jul-2015 - Quetta : Nadir,Asad and Waris Ali Embrace Shahadat
28-Jun-2015 - 10th Ramadhan : Death Anniversary Mohsina-e-Islam Hazrat Khadij-tul-Kubra [Salaamullaah Alaihaa]...
24-Jun-2015 - Dera Ismail Khan: Mukhtar Hussain Embraces Shahadat
21-Jun-2015 - Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Dr. Mustafa Chamran Being Commemorated.
19-Jun-2015 - Du'a at the Beginning of the Holy Month of Ramazan
17-Jun-2015 - Quetta: Annual Picnic 2015 for Families of Martyrs
17-Jun-2015 - Ramadhan-ul-Mubaarak : Fasting, its Religious Importance and Medical Benefits.
16-Jun-2015 - Box Membership Scheme (Sadqa & Khusnudi-e-Imam Zamana a.s)
9-Jun-2015 - Eid Gift project 2015: Eid Gifts for the Families of the Beloved Martyrs
8-Jun-2015 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report May 2015
7-Jun-2015 - Quetta : Intense Firing Leaves Five Momineen Martyred.
7-Jun-2015 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Cadet Police Quetta...
7-Jun-2015 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Thairhi Khairpur....
7-Jun-2015 - 20th Sha'ban : In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Haseeb Abbas and Shaheed Maulana Nur Ali
4-Jun-2015 - 26th Anniversary of Imam-e-Raahil Ayatollah Sayyid Roohullah al-Mousavi al-Khomeini [RA] Being Commemorated .
3-Jun-2015 - The Promised Savior, Imam-al-Asr Sahib al-Zaman
2-Jun-2015 - Mazloomon Ke Lab Pe Duaa Hai,Saahib-e-Dauraan [atfs] Ajaao ...........
31-May-2015 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Masjid-e-Haideri and Masjid-e-Ali Raza [AS]........
31-May-2015 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Jalalabad [Gilgit Baltistan]....
31-May-2015 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Bari Imam Shrine........
31-May-2015 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Masjid-e-Madinat-ul-Ilm....
27-May-2015 - Quetta : Arif Ali and Haji Hussain Embrace Shahadat
25-May-2015 - Quetta: Two Momineen Embraced Martyrdom,Three Injured.
25-May-2015 - Quetta: Anwar Ali Embraced Martyrdom.
23-May-2015 - 4th shaban Birth Anniversary Hazrat Abulfazlil Abbas a.s
22-May-2015 - 3rd Shabaan :Wiladat-e-Baa Saadat-e-Maula Hussain a.s
22-May-2015 - Peshawar : Firing After Namaz-e-Jumma Leaves Three Momineen Martyred.
20-May-2015 - 1st Sha'aban : Birth Anniversary of Sayyida Zainab Bint-e-Ali {SA}
16-May-2015 - 27th Rajab : Felicitations on the Auspicious Occassion of Eid-e-Mab'ath-e-Rasool-e-Khuda[SAWW]
13-May-2015 - Quetta : Ashraf Ali Embraces Shahadat
12-May-2015 - Quetta : Ali Raza and Abbas Ali Embrace Shahadat
9-May-2015 - Karachi : Dr.Anwar Ali Abdi Embraces Shahadat
7-May-2015 - Parachinar: Attack on a Football match​,​​ 2 Embraced Martyrdom
6-May-2015 - Peshawar: Ali Badshah Embraced Martyrdom
6-May-2015 - News Letter April 2015
3-May-2015 - 13th Rajab :Birth Anniversary of the Commander of Faithful and the Pious Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib [AS]
2-May-2015 - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Raja Iqbal & Tanseer Haider [Saneha-e-UET Lahore 1986].
1-May-2015 - 1st May : Teacher's Day - Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Ayatollaah Murtadha Mutahhari.[RA].
30-Apr-2015 - Imam Muhammad Taqi al-Jawad (A.S.)
29-Apr-2015 - Hazrat Ali Asghar: The Youngest Child of Imam Hussain (A.S.)
27-Apr-2015 - Peshawar : Abid Qizilbash Embraces Shahadat
27-Apr-2015 - Quetta : Zayereen Bus Attacked ,Two Martyred.
25-Apr-2015 - 5th Rajab Willadat Imam Ali Naqi Al Hadi (a.s)
23-Apr-2015 - 3rd Rajab Shahadat anniversary Imam Ali Naqi (as)
21-Apr-2015 - 1st Rajab, Birth Anniversary Imam Mohammad Al-Baqir (AS)
21-Apr-2015 - AL-SHAHEED Quarterly Magazine Issue April, May, June 2015
20-Apr-2015 - 1st Rajab : Aa'mal Recommended By Ahlul Bayt[AS] for the Holy Month of Rajab.
20-Apr-2015 - 1st Rajab : Season of Spiritual Treat & Birth Anniversay of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir [AS]
14-Apr-2015 - Karachi: Birth Anniversary of the Lady of Heavens and the Earth Sayyida Fatima Zahra [SA] Celebrated By Khanwada-e-Shohada
9-Apr-2015 - 20th Jamadi us Sani : Birth Anniversary of Hazrat Fatima tu Zehra [SA] and International Women Day.
7-Apr-2015 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report March 2015
3-Apr-2015 - 13th Jamad us Sani : Death Anniversary of Hazrat Umm-ul-Baneen [Salaamullaah Alaiha].
24-Mar-2015 - Dera Ismail Khan :Sajjad Hussain Embraces Shahadat
23-Mar-2015 - Shahadat Anniversary of Bibi Fatima [Salamullaah Alaiha] Marking the Ayyam-e-Fatimiyyeh [AS] Mournings.
23-Mar-2015 - 23rd March - Pakistan Day Being Commemorated With Zest and Fervour.
23-Mar-2015 - SFP Audit Report 2013 - 2014 Released
20-Mar-2015 - Gujranwala: Mazhir Ali Bukhari embraced martyrdom
19-Mar-2015 - D.I.Khan: Ghulam Abbas embraced martyrdom
19-Mar-2015 - Quetta: 2 momin embraced martyrdom
18-Mar-2015 - Second Martyrdom Anniversary of Renowned Man of Letters Shaheed Ustaad Syed Sibt-e-Jafar Zaidi
10-Mar-2015 - Chehlum of the martyrs of Shikarpur
7-Mar-2015 - Wiladat Imam Zain ul Aabidain a.s.
7-Mar-2015 - Barsi Shaheed Dr Mohammad Ali Naqvi
4-Mar-2015 - Fatima az Zahra (sa) - the Radiant one
3-Mar-2015 - Second Anniversary of Abbas Town Blast, Karachi
1-Mar-2015 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report February 2015
27-Feb-2014 - Peshawar: Qasir Ali embraced martyrdom
18-Feb-2015 - Khanwada-e-Shohada-e-Shikarpur visit to Wadi Hussain Karachi
18-Feb-2015 - Islamabad : Powerful Blast Rocks Imambargah Sakina [Salaamullaah Alaiha]
17-Feb-2015 - Karachi : Heirs of Shikarpur Martyrs' Determined as Emphatic March Continues on to Provincial Capital.
15-Feb-2015 - SFP: Shikarpur Visit 05-Feb-2015
15-Feb-2015 - Rahimyar Khan : Allah Ditta Mastoi Embraces Shahadat
14-Feb-2015 - Karachi: Irfan Ahmed Embraced Martyrdom
14-Feb-2015 - Peshawar: Gun and Bomb attack on Friday Congregation
10-Feb-2015 - Khairpur: Qabar Project for martyrs
10-Feb-2015 - Karachi :Another Injured of Shikarpur Saneha Embraces Shahadat.
8-Feb-2015 - Karachi: SFP visited injured of Shikarpur Blast
5-Feb-2015 - Shikarpur: Jumma Prayers Bomb Blast (Picture update)
5-Feb-2015 - Martyrdom Anniversary Shaheed Muzzaffar Ali Kirmani [RA].
1-Feb-2015 - Karachi :Ali Mohammad ,Shikarpur Blast Injured Embraces Martyrdom
31-Jan-2015 - Karachi : Sarfaraz Hussain Embraces Shahadat
31-Jan-2015 - Shikarpur : Mammoth Gathering to Bid Farewell to Martyrs Amid Sobs and Wails.
29-Jan-2015 - Birth Anniversary The Eleventh Holy Imam al Hasan Askari a.s
24-Jan-2015 - Karachi : Wazir Hussain Embraces Shahadat in Korangi [Machi Morh]
24-Jan-2015 - Karachi : Mohammad Ahmed Embraces Shahadat in Korangi no.1
24-Jan-2015 - Rawalpindi: SFP visited injured of Chattian Hattian Blast
17-Jan-2015 - Karachi : Iqbal Zaidi Embraces Shahadat
15-Jan-2015 - In the loving Memory of Shaheed Mohsin Naqvi - Lay Zindagi ka Khums Ali[AS] ke Ghulam se...
11-Jan-2015 - Rawalpindi: Another Injured of Chattian Hattian Blast Embraces Martyrdom
10-Jan-2015 - Karachi: Dr Syed Yawar Hussain embraced martyrdom
10-Jan-2015 - Peshawar: Dr Syed Asim embraced martyrdom
9-Jan-2015 - Rawalpindi: Suicide blast in Chattian Hattian, 8 Shaheed, many injured
8-Jan-2015 - Karachi : Tanzeem Rizvi Embraces Shahadat
6-Jan-2015 - Karachi: 2 brother embraced martyrdom
6-Jan-2015 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report December 2014
5-Jan-2015 - D.I.Khan: Kamal Hussain Embraces Shahadat.
4-Jan-2015 - Lower Orakzai : Three Martyred ,Seven Injured as Blast Rocks PlayGround
2-Jan-2015 - Hafta-e-Wahdat-e-Islami :12th Rabi-ul-Awwal to 17th Rabi-ul-Awwal
1-Jan-2015 - Karachi : Dr. Ahsan Ali Embraces Shahadat
1-Jan-2015 - Eid e Zehra (A.S)
31-Dec-2014 - Shahdat Imam Hasan Askari a.s.
29-Dec-2014 - SFP: Majalis-e-Aza in different zones (Ladies)
25-Dec-2014 - Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah
25-Dec-2014 - Birth Anniversary of Prophet Jesus [Peace Be Upon Him] and Christmas.
24-Dec-2014 - Hangu: Syed Baqar embraced martyrdom
22-Dec-2014 - Karachi : Aun Naqvi and Mutahir Jafri Embrace Shahadat
21-Dec-2014 - 28th Safar: Rehlat-e-Rasool-e-Khuda [S.A.W.W] and Shahadat Anniversary of Imam Hasan [AS].
19-Dec-2014 - Khairpur: Abbas Shah embraced martyrdom
18-Dec-2014 - Karachi: Mohammad Hussain embraced martyrdom
16-Dec-2014 - Pakistani Nation in Deep Mourning as 100 Plus Children Martyred in Un-precedented Attack on School
16-Dec-2014 - Application invited for the post of Project Manager
12-Dec-2014 - Arbaeen Commemorated Across the World With Fervour
12-Dec-2014 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report November 2014
10-Dec-2014 - 17 safar shadat imam ali raza a.s
9-Dec-2014 - Light for Life distributed Relief Item near Sialkot
5-Dec-2014 - 13th Safar : Shahadat Anniversary of Sayyida Sakina Bint-al-Hussain[AS] .
5-Dec-2014 - Karachi: Ghulam Hussain embraced martyrdom
5-Dec-2014 - Peshawar: Siraj Khan embraced martyrdom
4-Dec-2014 - Sfp Nasiran Shohada Membership scheme
4-Dec-2014 - The Message of Karbala In the Words of Sayyida Zainab Bint-e-Ali [SA]
1-Dec-2014 - Karachi : Dr. Shamim Raza Embraces Shahadat
30-Nov-2014 - Birth Anniversary of Baab-ul-Hawaij Imam Musa Ibn Ja'afar Al -Kazim [AS]
29-Nov-2014 - Karachi : Kamran Zaidi Embraces Shahadat
26-Nov-2014 - Islamabad : Maulana Sheikh Nawaz Irfani Embraces Shahadat
26-Nov-2014 - Karachi : Mukhtar Hussain Embraces Shahadat
26-Nov-2014 - Hyderabad : Ali Haider Embraces Shahadat
25-Nov-2014 - Fourteenth Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Ali Nasir Safavi {RA} Being Commemorated Today.
24-Nov-2014 - D.I. Khan: Kaleem Hussain embraced martyrdom
22-Nov-2014 - Dera Ismail Khan : Abrar Hussain Embraces Shahadat
19-Nov-2014 - 25th Moharram: Shahadat-e-Imam Zain-ul-Abideen (AS)
19-Nov-2014 - Peshawar: Police man Arshad Ali embraced martyrdom
19-Nov-2014 - Khanewal: Baba Khadim Hussain embraced martyrdom
18-Nov-2014 - Parachanar: Bomb Blast on School van 2 embraced martyrdom
15-Nov-2014 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report October 2014
14-Nov-2014 - Orakzai: Libab Ali embraced martyrdom
11-Nov-2014 - Quetta :Shakir and Naveed Embrace Shahadat
11-Nov-2014 - Peshawar: Wajid Hassan embraced martyrdom
10-Nov-2014 - Rawalpindi : Rizvia Imaambargaah Comes Under Attack, Two Martyred.
9-Nov-2014 - Birth Anniversary of Sitara-e-Buland-e-Mashreq Dr.Allama Muhammad Iqbal [RA].
8-Nov-2014 - Peshawar : Nasir Abbas Embraces Shahadat
6-Nov-2014 - Gujraat : Police Axe to Martyrdom Shia Muslim Tufail on Allegation of 'Tauheen-e-Sahaaba'
5-Nov-2014 - Orakzai: Road Side bomb blast 2 embraced martyrdom
4-Nov-2014 - Orakzai: 7 missiles attack 2 momineen injured
4-Nov-2014 - 10th Moharram : Ashura Commemorated Worldwide With Reverence and Enthusiasm
3-Nov-2014 - Matami Juloos were held throughout Pakistan on 9th of Muharram
2-Nov-2014 - Hazrat Abbas a.s: The brave Commander of Karbala
2-Nov-2014 - Karachi : Azadari Continues -Firing Leaves Youngster Martyred.
1-Nov-2014 - Al Shaheed News paper (November 2014) Issue
31-Oct-2014 - Karachi : Azadari Continues - Bomb Planted in Sweets Box Defused in New Rizvia.
31-Oct-2014 - Karachi : Azadari Continues Despite Cracker Blast Near Nipa Chowrangi
30-Oct-2014 - Karachi: Azadari Continues Despite Cracker blast Near Masjid-e-Wahdat-ul-Muslimeen.
28-Oct-2014 - Karachi : Nine Month Infant Embraces Shahadat ,Several Ladies Injured.
26-Oct-2014 - 1st Muharram : Qatluna Fillaahi Aadat ......Labbayk Ya Hussain [AS].
23-Oct-2014 - AL-SHAHEED Quarterly Magazine Issue Oct,Nov,Dec 2014
23-Oct-2014 - Quetta: Abdullah embraced martyrdom
23-Oct-2014 - Quetta: Firing on Bus Leaves Eight Momineen Martyred
23-Oct-2014 - Peshawar: Tahir Ali embraced martyrdom
21-Oct-2014 - Karachi: Altaf Hussain embraced martyrdom
21-Oct-2014 - Inauguration Markaz-e-Nighaidast, Rawalpindi (picture update)
21-Oct-2014 - Karachi: Basharat Ali embraced martyrdom
21-Oct-2014 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report September 2014
20-Oct-2014 - Al-Shaheed Saqafati Markaz Inauguration @Lahore
19-Oct-2014 - Inauguration Markaz-e-Nighaidast, Rawalpindi
19-Oct-2014 - Karachi : Ali Abbas Abidi Embraces Shahadat - Namaz-e-Janaza Update
15-Oct-2014 - Rahim yar Khan: Father and Son embraced martyrdom
15-Oct-2014 - Eid Qurban Projects 2014 (results)
15-Oct-2014 - Karachi : Syed Muneer Raza Embraces Shahadat-Namaz-e-Janaza Update
13-Oct-2014 - Eid-e-Ghadeer -18th Dhul hijjah
11-Oct-2014 - Lower Orakzai : Akbar Ali Embraces Shahadat in IED Blast.
6-Oct-2014 - Heartiest Greetings and Felicitations on Eid-ul-Azha 1435 A.H
5-Oct-2014 - Hide collection (Qurbani Ki Khaalain) 2014
4-Oct-2014 - 9th Zilhajj : Shahadat-e-Safeer-e-Hussain Janab-e-Muslim Ibne Aqeel [Alaihimussalam].
4-Oct-2014 - Quetta: Blast Leaves six Momineen Martyred.
4-Oct-2014 - Karachi : Rehmatullaah Embraces Shahadat
4-Oct-2014 - Kohat : Van Blast Leaves Three Momineen Martyred.
4-Oct-2014 - Ijtaimai Qurbani / Bakra Mandi
4-Oct-2014 - SFP Bakra Mandi for children of Martyrs (Karachi)
2-Sep-2014 - SFP Bakra Mandi for children of Martyrs (all over Pakistan)
2-Oct-2014 - Parachinar : Seven Martyred in a Blast at Parachinar Bound Van
2-Oct-2014 - Peshawar : ASI Asif Ali Embraces Shahadat
29-Sep-2014 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report August 2014
28-Sep-2014 - Light for Life distributed Relief Item near Muzaffargarh
27-Sep-2014 - Ijtaimai Qurbani & Bakra Mandi 2014
27-Sep-2014 - Khairpur: Didar Ali embraced martyrdom
25-Sep-2014 - Shahadat Anniversary of Imam Mohammad Taqi Al-Jawad
25-Sep-2014 - Peshawar: Muhammad Ali embraced martyrdom
19-Sep-2014 - Karachi: Naeem Ahmed embraced martyrdom
18-Sep-2014 - Eid Qurban Projects 2014
17-Sep-2014 - Karachi: Prof. Anees Anwar embraced martyrdom
17-Sep-2014 - Peshawar: Hyder Ali Embraced Martyrdom
15-Sep-2014 - Light for Life to Carry Out Relief Activities in Flood Hit Areas
14-Sep-2014 - Hyderabad: Mohsin Raza Embraced Martyrdom.
13-Sep-2014 - Karachi: Dr Abdul Aziz Embraced Martyrdom -UPDATE
11-Sep-2014 - Karachi: Syed Ali Hasan embraced martyrdom
10-Sep-2014 - Karachi: Malik Imran embraced martyrdom
9-Sep-2014 - Karachi: 2 momineen embraced martyrdom
6-Sep-2014 - Karachi : Allaama Ali Akbar Kumaili Embraces Shahadat -UPDATES.
6-Sep-2014 - Pakistan National Defence Day
5-Sep-2014 - Karachi : Kashif Hussain Son of Martyr Sadiq Embraces Shahadat.
5-Sep-2014 - Karachi: Mohsin Raza Embraced Martyrdom
29-Aug-2014 - Thirty Second Death Anniversary of Allaama Mufti Jafar Hussain [RA] Being Commemorated Today
29-Aug-2014 - Karachi : Ghulam Baqar Embraces Shahadat
28-Aug-2014 - Wiladat Hazrat Fatima Masooma-e-Qum (as)
27-Aug-2014 - Karachi: Dr. Naseem Aun embraced martyrdom
26-Aug-2014 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report July 2014
23-Aug-2014 - Karachi: Zakir ,Nawaz and Younus Embrace Martyrdom
21-Aug-2014 - Skardu: 1st annual picnic 2014 at Skardu
18-Aug-2014 - Karachi: Fida Ali and Zeeshan Embraced Martyrdom.
18-Aug-2014 - Karachi: Jaffer Ansari and Kashif Hussain Embraced Martyrdom
14-Aug-2014 - Happy Independence Day ...........
13-Aug-2014 - Dera Ismail Khan : Karam Hussain Embraces Shahadat
13-Aug-2014 - The School of Thought - Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (as)
12-Aug-2014 - Karachi: Dr. Ameer Mehdi Zaidi embraced martyrdom brother injured
12-Aug-2014 - Karachi: Abbas Haider embraced martyrdom
11-Aug-2014 - Martyrdom Anniversary Shaheed-e-Namoos-e-Imamat Shaheed Moharram Ali
10-Aug-2014 - Karachi : Kazim Naqvi and Daughter Embrace Martyrdom
5-Aug-2014 - Karachi: 2 momineen embraced martyrdom
5-Aug-2014 - 26th Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Quaid Allama Syed Arif Hussain Al-Hussaini
4-Aug-2014 - The Demolition of Jannat-ul-Baqi by Aal-e-Saud
30-Jul-2014 - Tribute to Shohada on Eid-ul-Fitr (1435 H)
30-Jul-2014 - Karachi: Nouman Raza embraced martyrdom
29-Jul-2014 - Quetta :Jawad Hussain and Zakir Hussain Embrace Shahadat
29-Jul-2014 - Karachi : Ahsan Manzoor Embraces Shahadat
29-Jul-2014 - Heartiest Greetings & Felicitations on Auspicious Occassion of Eid-ul-Fitr
28-Jul-2014 - Supplication of Imam Zain-ul-Abideen in Bidding Farewell to the Blessed Month [Dua-e-Wida-e-Ramadhan]
26-Jul-2014 - Al Quds Day: Solidarity with Palestine
25-Jul-2014 - In the Loving Memory Al Quds rallay Shaheed
24-Jul-2014 - Karachi : Tariq Ali & Iqbal Hussain Embrace Shahadat
24-Jul-2014 - Karachi : Syed Ali Raza Naqvi Embraces Shahadat
23-Jul-2014 - 26th Ramadhan-ul-Mubaarak /Jumat-ul-Wida :The Significance of Quds Day
23-Jul-2014 - D.I. Khan: Akhtar Kazmi Embraced Martyrdom
23-Jul-2014 - Karachi: Advocate Mubarak Raza Embraced Martyrdom
23-Jul-2014 - Karachi: Lady Huma Hussain Embraced Martyrdom,Husband & Son Injured
23-Jul-2014 - Tareekh-e-Shohada Book Released: Shohada-e-Bahawalpur
23-Jul-2014 - Faisalabad: Annual Picnic for Khanwada-e-Shohada-e-Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan
22-Jul-2014 - Karachi: Ghulam Sakhi embraced martyrdom
21-Jul-2014 - 21st Ramadhan : Yaum-e-Ali Commemorated Countrywide With Fervor & Reverence.‏
21-Jul-2014 - Sailkot: Annual Picnic for Khanwada-e-Shohada at Murree 27th June 2014
20-Jul-2014 - Al-Shaheed Quarterly Magazine July-August-September 2014
20-Jul-2014 - Al Shaheed News paper (July 2014) Issue
19-Jul-2014 - Karachi: Qamar Abbas Embraced Martyrdom
18-Jul-2014 - Karachi : Syed Haider Rizvi Embraced Martyrdom - Namaz-e-Janaza update
18-Jul-2014 - Shahdat Ameer-ul-Momineen, Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib (as)
16-Jul-2014 - Peshawar: Saba Ali Embraced Martyrdom
16-Jul-2014 - Karachi : Adeel Abbas Embraces Shahadat, Shehzad and Mansoor Injured - Namaz-e-janaza update
16-Jul-2014 - 17th Ramadhan : The First Military Victory of Islam -the Battle of Badr.
15-Jul-2014 - Hangu: Mohammad Ayub embraced martyrdom
14-Jul-2014 - Eighth Shahadat Anniversary Shaheed Allaama Hasan Turabi Being Commemorated
13-Jul-2014 - 15th Ramadhan : Birth Anniversary of Sibt-e-Akbar Hazrat Imam Hasan-e-Mujtaba [AS]
12-Jul-2014 - Karachi : Manzar Abbas Embraces Shahadat
12-Jul-2014 - Abbotabad: Allama Waseem Abbas & Father Embrace Shahadat
11-Jul-2014 - Islamabad: Annual Picnic for Khanwada-e-Shohada at Harnoi - 28th June 2014
10-Jul-2014 - Karachi:Asif Rawjani Laid to Rest Amid Tears and Cries
1-Jul-2014 - Saamarra : Shaheed Javed Hussain Makes the Entire Nation Proud With His Golden Example.
28-Jun-2014 - Karachi: Annual Picnic for Khanwada-e-Shohada-e-Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan
22-Jun-2014 - Eid Gifts For The Families of the Beloved Martyrs - PLEASE JOIN HANDS.
22-Jun-2014 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report June 2014
17-Jun-2014 - Hangu: Farhad Ali embraced martyrdom
16-Jun-2014 - Karachi : Akram Ali Embraces Shahadat.
16-Jun-2014 - In the Loving Memory of My Great Mother ,Shaheedah Bibi Umme Salma - Contributed by Farzand-e-Shaheed.
14-Jun-2014 - Karachi : Qaiser Zaidi and Shoaib Ali Embrace Shahadat -Namaz-e-Janaza Update.
14-Jun-2014 - 15th Sha'ban : Birth Anniversary of Munji-e-Aalam,Hujjat-e-Aakhir ,Imam Mehdi [atfs]
9-Jun-2014 - Quetta / Taftaan: Atleast 29 Momineen Confirmed Martyred ,Several Injured - Picture Updates.
9-Jun-2014 - Remembering Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Cadet Police Quetta [8th June 2003 ]
9-Jun-2014 - Karachi: Two Brothers Bashir & Nazir Embraced Martyrdom .
7-Jun-2014 - Karachi : Fazal Hussain Embraces Shahadat
4-Jun-2014 - 25th Barsi-e-Rahber-e-Kabeer,Imam Sayyid Roohallah Al-Musovi al-Khomeini[RA]
3-Jun-2014 - Karachi: Sajid Ali Embraced Martyrdom
3-Jun-2014 - 4th Sha'aban: Birth Anniversary of the Flag-Bearer of Karbala Hazrat Abol Fazl -al-Abbas [AS] Being Commemorated Today.
2-Jun-2014 - 3rd Sha'aban: Birth Anniversary of Sayyid-us-Shohada Imam Hussain [AS] Being Commemorated Today
2-Jun-2014 - Karachi: Ahmed Ali embraced martyrdom
31-May-2014 - 1st Sha'aban: Birth Anniversary of Shareekat-ul- Hussain ,Sayyida Zainab Bint-e-Ali [AS]
29-May-2014 - Karachi: Dr. Hasan Ali Qureshi embraced martydom
28-May-2014 - Karachi: Syed Hammad Ali embraced martyrdom
28-May-2014 - Karachi: Shabih Abbas embraced martyrdom
28-May-2014 - Karachi: S.ibne Raza embraced martyrdom
28-May-2014 - 28th Rajab - Departure Qafila-e-Imam Hussain a.s.
25-May-2014 - 25th Rajab : Martyrdom Anniversary of Baab-ul-Hawaij Imam Musa Ibn-e-Jafar al- Kazim [Alaihissalam]
22-May-2014 - Karachi: 2 Brother embraced martyrdom
21-May-2014 - D.I. Khan: Gulzar Hussain & Sunni Brother embraced martyrdom
20-May-2014 - Karachi: S. Hasan Mehdi embraced martyrdom
20-May-2014 - Al Shaheed Graveyard Project in different cities of Pakistan
19-May-2014 - Karachi: Sajjad Hussain embraced martyrdom
19-May-2014 - Karachi: Agha Moshin Raza embraced martyrdom
19-May-2014 - Karachi: Shaukat Hussain embraced martyrdom
17-May-2014 - Death Anniversary of Arif-e-Rabbani wa Faqeeh-e-Aali-Qadr Hazrat Ayatollah Taqi Behjat-e-Fumani [RA].
16-May-2014 - Yaum-e-Nakbah [The Catastrophe] and Yaum-e-Murdabad Amrika Commemorated
15-May-2014 - 15th Rajab : Shahadat Anniversary of Aqeela-e-Bani Hashim Sayyida Zainab Bint-e-Ali [SA]...
14-May-2014 - Karachi: Syed Mazhar Abbas embraced martyrdom
13-May-2014 - Karachi: Oun Nawaz embraced martyrdom
13-May-2014 - Hangu : Liaquat Ali Embraces Shahadat
12-May-2014 - 13th Rajab : Wiladat e Ameer ul Momineen Ali Ibn e Abi Talib (as)
12-May-2014 - D.I.Khan: Khuram Abbas Embraced Martyrdom
8-May-2014 - Karachi: Ishtiaq Hussain and his driver embraced martyrdom
7-May-2014 - Anniversary of Saniha-e-Masjid-e-Hyderi
5-May-2014 - Birth Anniversary of Our Imam Naqi (as)
3-May-2014 - Al-Shaheed Quarterly Magazine April-May-June 2014
1-May-2014 - Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Ayatollaah Murtadhaa Mutahhari [RA]
1-May-2014 - 1st Rajab : Birth Anniversary of Imam Baqir [AS] & the Beginning of a Special Spiritual Season.
30-Apr-2014 - Peshawar: Syed Ather Abbas Zaidi embraced martyrdom
27-Apr-2014 - D.I. Khan:Police Constable Mohammad Nawaz Embraces Shahadat
26-Apr-2014 - Karachi: Birth Anniversary of the Lady of Heavens and the Earth Sayyida Fatima Zahra [SA] Celebrated By Khanwada-e-Shohada
23-Apr-2014 - Karachi: Ejaz Hussain embraced martyrdom
23-Apr-2014 - Faisalabad: Syed Ehsan embraced martyrdom
23-Apr-2014 - D.I.Khan: Nazar Abbas embraced martyrdom
22-Apr-2014 - Karachi: Sajjad Mehdi embraced martyrdom
22-Apr-2014 - Karachi: Shahid Hussain embraced martyrdom
20-Apr-2014 - Karachi : Ali Raza Embraces Shahadat in Kharadar
20-Apr-2014 - 20th Jamadi-al-Sani : Birth Anniversary of Sayyida-tul-Nisa-il-Aalameen Hazrat Fatemah Zahra [Salaamullaah Alaiha]...
17-Apr-2014 - Karachi : Sadiq Hussain Embraces Shahadat - Namaz-e-Janaza About to Begin....
14-Apr-2014 - 13th Jamad-al-Saani : Shahadat Anniversary Bibi Ummul Baneen Hazrat-e-Fatima-e-Kalaabia [SA].
12-Apr-2014 - Quetta : Najeebullah and Juma Khan Embrace Shahadat
11-Apr-2014 - D.I. Khan: Behram Khan Gadi embraced martyrdom
11-Apr-2014 - Karachi : Advocate Syed Ghulam Haider Rizvi Embraces Shahadat
10-Apr-2014 - Ghulam Hussain embraced martyrdom
9-Apr-2014 - Karachi: Dr. Haider Raza Embraces Shahadat
9-Apr-2014 - 34th Martyrdom Anniversary Shaheed Ayatollah Baqir al-Sadr [RA] & Shaheeda Amina al-Sadr [RA]
8-Apr-2014 - Karachi: Dr. Syed Qasim Abbas embraced martydom
7-Apr-2014 - Karachi: Syed Anwar Shah embraced martyrdom
2-Apr-2014 - Shahadat Anniversary of Sayyida-e-Nisa-e-Alameen Hazrat-e-Fatema Zahra [SA]
2-Apr-2014 - Karachi: Asad Ali embraced martyrdom
1-Apr-2014 - Karachi : Zulfiqar [Haider] Embraces Shahadat in Nazimabad -Namaz-e-Janaza Update
30-Mar-2014 - Muslims World Over Condemn Desecration of Shrines By Wahhabi-Zionist Alliance.
25-Mar-2014 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report March 2014
23-Mar-2014 - Pakistan Day Being Commemorated With Zest and Fervour...
22-Mar-2014 - Karachi: Shujaat Hussain embraced martydom
20-Mar-2014 - Khairpur: Mir Manzoor embraced martyrdom
18-Mar-2014 - Karachi: Arif Hussain embraced martyrdom
18-Mar-2014 - First Martyrdom Anniversary of Renowned Man of Letters Shaheed Ustaad Syed Sibt-e-Jafar Zaidi Commemorated........
17-Mar-2014 - Karachi: Shaheed Khurram Hassan Laid to Rest Amid Tears and Sobs......
15-Mar-2014 - D.I.Khan: Shoukat Hussain embraced martyrdom
12-Mar-2014 - Barsi Programme Shaheed Professor Ustad Syed Sibt e Jaffer Zaidi
11-Mar-2014 - Karachi: Syed Fazal Abbas embraced martyrdom
11-Mar-2014 - Karachi : Naeem Jaffri Embraces Shahadat
11-Mar-2014 - Karachi : Itrat Hussain Embraces Shahadat
9-Mar-2014 - Peshawar: Iftekhar Hussain Embraced Martyrdom
7-Mar-2014 - Barsi Shaheed Dr Mohammad Ali Naqvi
7-Mar-2014 - BIRTH OF BIBI ZAINAB s.a
5-Mar-2014 - Peshawar: Policeman Ibne Hasan Ali embraced martyrdom
5-Mar-2014 - Karachi: Manzoor Hussain embraced martyrdom
4-Mar-2014 - Barsi Programme Shaheed Dr Syed Mohammad Ali Naqvi
3-Mar-2014 - First Anniversary of massive blast in Abbas Town
2-Mar-2014 - Beware of Fake Pages Running on Social Media ...
28-Feb-2014 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Kohistan........
28-Feb-2014 - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Danish Zaidi..........
28-Feb-2014 - Hangu: Hasan Patwari embraced martyrdom
27-Feb-2014 - Karachi: Renowned Allama Prof. Taqi Hadi Embraced Martyrdom
27-Feb-2014 - Karachi: Ammad Raza embraced martyrdom
27-Feb-2014 - Amal ki Shahraahon Par Shaheedo Roshni Tum Ho...........
25-Feb-2014 - Karachi: Mohammad embraced martyrdom
24-Feb-2014 - Karachi: Shehzad Hussain embraced martyrdom
24-Feb-2014 - Karachi: Sarwar Abbas Embraced Martyrdom
24-Feb-2013 - Kohat : Blast on Ustarzai Bound Bus Leaves 9 Martyred,Many Injured.
22-Feb-2014 - Lahore: Khanwada-e-Shohada Vow to Follow the Glorious Path of Martyrs
22-Feb-2014 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Masjid-e-Muntazir Mehdi Malir......
21-Feb-2014 - Martyrs' Families' Children Visit Dolphin Show in Karachi....
21-Feb-2014 - Kohat: Sher Mohammad Turi embraced martyrdom
20-Feb-2014 - Our Martyrs ,Our Pride - 5th Martyrdom Anniversary of Shohada of Janaaza Procession Blast Today!
19-Feb-2013 - Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Ayatollaah Sadeq-al- Sadr [RA]
18-Feb-2014 - Karachi: Azeem Hussain Embraced Martyrdom
17-Feb-2014 - Karachi: Shahab Haider Embraces Martyrdom
11-Feb-2014 - Hangu: Three Teachers Embraced Martyrdom
10-Feb-2014 - Karachi : Shahid Zaidi Embraces Shahadat
9-Feb-2014 - Our Martyrs,Our Pride - You Live in Our Hearts !
8-Feb-2014 - Felicitations and Greetings on the Birth Anniversary of Imam Hasan al- Askari [Alaihissalam]
7-Feb-2014 - Karachi: Prominent Teacher,Mehtab Alam Embraces Shahadat.
5-Feb-2014 - Shahadat Anniversary of Shaheed Muzzaffar Ali Kirmani and Shaheed Nazeer Abbas Being Commemorated Today!
5-Feb-2014 - Peshawar : Blast Rocks Vicinity of Imambargah Alamdar,8 Martyred,45 Injured.
4-Feb-2014 - Peshawar: Sardar Ali Asgher embraced martyrdom
3-Feb-2014 - Karachi: Arif Ali Naqvi embraced martyrdom
31-Jan-2014 - Karachi: Prof. Asgher Zaidi embraced martyrdom
30-Jan-2014 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report January 2014
30-Jan-2014 - Karachi: Molana Akbar Hussain embarced martyrdom
29-Jan-2014 - Quetta : Injured Child of Mastung Tragedy Embraces Shahadat.
27-Jan-2014 - Karachi : Manzoor Ahmed Embraces Shahadat
26-Jan-2014 - Rahim Yar Khan : Ghulam Mustafa Embraces Shahadat
25-Jan-2014 - Nation Pays Glowing Tribute to the Daring Young Martyr Aitzaz - Visit Details.
24-Jan-2014 - Sobs ,Tears and Cries As the Beloved Martyrs Laid to Rest ........
24-Jan-2014 - Karachi : Mohammad Ali Embraces Shahadat.
24-Jan-2014 - Peshawar : Mohammad Ali Embraces Shahadat .
23-Jan-2014 - Countrywide Sit-ins (Picture update)
21-Jan-2014 - Karachi: Wajahat Hussain Naqvi embraced Martyrdom
21-Jan-2014 - Quetta: Powerful Blast Rocks Pilgrims Bus, 28 Martyred (picture update)
21-Jan-2014 - Karachi : Qalb-e-Abbas Embraces Shahadat
20-Jan-2014 - Peshawar : Maulana Alam Mousavi-al-Mashhadi Embraces Shahadat
19-Jan-2014 - Tank: Syed Masroor Ali Shah embraced martyrdom
18-Jan-2014 - ' Tareekh-e-Shohada ' Book Released : Shohada-e-Multan and Shohada-e-Dera Ismail Khan [Part-2]
18-Jan-2014 - Karachi : Zaigham Abbas Embraces Shahadat
18-Jan-2014 - 17th Rabi-ul-Awwal : Birth Anniversary of Rasool-e-Khuda [SAWW] and Sadiq-e-Aal-e-Mohammad [Alaihimussalaam]
16-Jan-2014 - Karachi: Dr. Syed Qaiser Ali Embraced martyrdom
15-Jan-2014 - Lahore: Ali Hasan Qazalbash Embraced Martyrdom
15-Jan-2014 - In the Loving Memory of Poet of Ahlul Bayt [AS] , Shaheed Syed Mohsin Naqvi...
14-Jan-2014 - 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal to 17th Rabi-ul-Awwal : Hafta-e-Wahdat-e-Islami.
13-Jan-2014 - Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Quaid Agha Syed Zia-ud-Din Rizvi Being Commemorated.
11-Jan-2014 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Alamdar Road Quetta and Momin Pura Lahore
11-Jan-2014 - 9th Rabi-ul-Awwal :Greeting & Felicitations on Occassion of Eid-e-Zahra [SA]
11-Jan-2014 - 8th Rabiul Awwal Marks Major Congregations in Various Parts of the Country.
10-Jan-2014 - AL-SHAHEED Quarterly Magazine Issue January 2014
10-Jan-2014 - Martyrdom Anniversary Hazrat Imam Hassan Askari(A.S)
9-Jan-2014 - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Hassan Ali Rizvi on Twelfth Martyrdom Anniversary
7-Jan-2013 - National Peace Convention: Khanwada-e-Shohada Say 'No' to 'Negotiations' With Terrorists.
7-Jan-2013 - Peshawar : Sardar Waqar Embraces Shahadat.
6-Jan-2014 - Hangu :Young Martyr Etizaz Saves Nearly 500 Lives from Suicide Bomber.
5-Jan-2014 - Rajanpur: Dr. Azhar Hussain embraced martyrdom
5-Jan-2014 - Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar Being Remembered Today
4-Jan-2013 - Karachi: Three Momineen Embraced Martyrdom
3-Jan-2014 - Chakwal: Majlis e Aza Attacked, 15 Injured
2-Jan-2014 - Khairpur : Syed Ahsan Ali Zaidi Embraces Shahadat
2-Jan-2014 - Rituals of the Blessed Month of Rabi-ul-Awwal
2-Jan-2014 - Rabi-ul-Awwal : The Month of the Blessed Birthday of Rasool-e-Khuda [SAWW]
1-Jan-2014 - Quetta : Pilgrims Bus Attacked With Explosives Laden Vehicle
31-Dec-2013 - Second Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Askari Raza Being Commemorated Today.
31-Dec-2013 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report December 2013
31-Dec-2013 - 28th Safar - Marytrdom of Rasool e Khuda (S.A.W.W) and Imam Hasan (A.S)
29-Dec-2013 - Dera Ismail Khan : Mehran Ali Embraces Shahadat
29-Dec-2013 - Karachi: Aalim Raza,Safdar Abbas and Ali Shah Embrace Shahadat
29-Dec-2013 - Karachi : Mazhar Hussain and Iqbal Hussain Embrace Shahadat
26-Dec-2013 - The Miraculous Birth of Prophet Isaa [Alaihissalaam]
25-Dec-2013 - Birth Anniversary of Jesus Christ and Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah .
25-Dec-2013 - Arbeen of Imam Hussain [AS] Commemorated WorldWide With Fervour & Zeal
24-Dec-2013 - Karachi:Azadari Continues , Blast in Orangi Town no 10.
24-Dec-2013 - Karachi : Azadari Continues Despite Blast on Markazi Procession Route.
23-Dec-2013 - Fortieth Day Commemorations of Martyrdom of Imam-e-Mazloom and Shohada-e-Karbala [Alaihimussalaam]
21-Dec-2013 - Quetta: Syed M. Hussain Embraced Martyrdom
21-Dec-2013 - Shahadat Anniversary of Imam Ali Ibne Moosa al- Ridhaa [Alaihimussalaam]
20-Dec-2013 - D.I. Khan: Altaf Hussain Durani embraced martyrdom
18-Dec-2013 - Rahimyar Khan :Asif Soomro Embraces Shahadat
18-Dec-2013 - Rawalpindi :Majlis-e-Aza Continues Despite Powerful Blast near Masjid-e-Asna Ashari .
16-Dec-2013 - Gilgit : Mohammad Abbas Embraces Shahadat
15-Dec-2013 - Lahore : Zakir-e-Ahle-Bayt [AS] Allama Nasir Abbas of Multan Embraces Shahadat
14-Dec-2013 - Shahadat Anniversary of Sayyida Sakina Bintal Hussain [Salamullaah Alaiha].
10-Dec-2013 - Forty Traditions Narrated from Baab-ul-Hawaaij Imam Moosa Kazim [AS]
10-Dec-2013 - Karachi: Syed Qamar Hasnain embraced martyrdom
9-Dec-2013 - D.I. Khan: Sagheer Abbas Embraced Martyrdom
6-Dec-2013 - Peshawar: Two momineen embraced martyrdom
5-Dec-2013 - Condolence Message on Shahadat of Maulana Deedar Ali Jalbani
4-Dec-2013 - Karachi: Maulana Deedar Ali Jalbani & Guard Sarfaraz Embraced Martyrdom
3-Dec-2013 - Karachi: Syed Zakir Shah Embraced Martyrdom
3-Dec-2013 - Al Shaheed News letter
2-Dec-2013 - Karachi : Mudabir Raza and Haider Raza Embrace Shahadat
30-Nov-2013 - 25th Muharram : Martyrdom Anniversary of 4th Luminary of Imamat , Imam-e-Sajjad [AS]
26-Nov-2013 - Al-Shaheed Production New Releases - November 2013......
25-Nov-2013 - Karachi: Munir Hussain & his wife embraced martyrdom
25-Nov-2013 - Thirteenth Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Ali Nasir Safavi Being Commemorated Today.
24-Nov-2013 - Karachi : Two Blasts Rock Ancholi Society, Injured & Shohada Names List.
21-Nov-2013 - Karachi : Danish Hussain Embraces Shahadat Succumbing to Injuries,
20-Nov-2013 - Al Shaheed News paper (November 2013) Issue
20-Nov-2013 - Karachi : Jaffaria Imambargah Attacked in Qasbaa Colony
19-Nov-2013 - Quetta : Mohammad Qasim Embraces Shahadat
19-Nov-2013 - Gujraat : Professor Syed Shabbir Hussain Shah and His Driver Khadim Hussain Shot Martyred
18-Nov-2013 - Kohat: Terrorist attacks 2 momineen embraced martyrdom
16-Nov-2013 - Ashura-e-Imam Hussain [AS] Commemorated Countrywide With Reverence
16-Nov-2013 - The Last Sermon of Imam Hussain [AS] and the Narrative from Maqtal.
16-Nov-2013 - Punjab : Takfiris Attack Azadari to Damage Shia Sunni Muslim Unity , 50 + Azadaran Injured.
14-Nov-2013 - 9th Moharram 1435(2013) Procession
14-Nov-2013 - Sermon of Imam Hussain [AS] on the Night of 9th Muharram.
14-Nov-2013 - Commemorations of Imam Hussain [AS] Continue Worldwide Despite Threats.
14-Nov-2013 - Basilsila-e-Tasu'aa Hussaini : The Character of Alamdar-e-Karbala.
14-Nov-2013 - Karachi : Twin Blasts near Imambargah Abol Fazl al-Abbas[AS] North Nazimabad
13-Nov-2013 - SFP Audit Report 2012 - 2013 Released
13-Nov-2013 - History of Ashura
12-Nov-2013 - Khairpur : Ali Gohar Embraces Shahadat
10-Nov-2013 - Gujranwala : Namaz-e-Fajr Congregations Come Under Attacks :: Namaz-e-Janaza Updates.
8-Nov-2013 - Imam Hussain [AS] and the Interaction With the Army of Hurr
7-Nov-2013 - Traditions Regarding Love of Imam -e-Mazloom Imam Hussain [AS] and Azadaari !
6-Nov-2013 - Muharram 1435 [AH] Message.
6-Nov-2013 - Karachi : Ansar Hussain Embraces Shahadat
5-Nov-2013 - Sacrificial Meat Distribution For Deserving Families on Eid ul Adha.
5-Nov-2013 - Result of Sacrificial Hides collection project 2013
4-Nov-2013 - Karachi: Nadeem Haider with friend embraced martyrdom
4-Nov-2013 - Karachi : Subhaan Warsi Embraces Shahadat
4-Nov-2013 - Karachi: Dr Naseem Abbas Embraced Martyrdom
4-Nov-2013 - Karachi: Dr Sher Ali Embraced Martyrdom
3-Nov-2013 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report October 2013
1-Nov-2013 - Mach: Firing on vehicle 6 momineen embraced martyrdom
31-Oct-2013 - Bakra Mandi for Martyrs' Kids Parachinar (In Pictures)
30-Oct-2013 - Majlis-e-Barsi of Renowned Scholar Shaheed Syed Saeed Haider Zaidi at Karachi
29-Oct-2013 - Annual Picnic for Khanwada-e-Shohada-e-Islamabad & Rawalpindi
28-Oct-2013 - Hangu: Two Farmer Brother Embraced Martyrdom
25-Oct-2013 - Bakra Mandi for Martyrs' Kids Quetta (In Pictures)
24-Oct-2013 - Bakra Mandi for Martyrs' Kids sialkot (In Pictures)
24-Oct-2013 - Bakra Mandi for Martyrs' Kids Orakzai (In Pictures)
24-Oct-2013 - Karachi: Ali Raza embraced martyrdom
23-Oct-2013 - Eid-e-Ghadeer -18th Dhul hijjah
23-Oct-2013 - Lahore: Shaheed Dr. Raza jafri embraced martyrdom
22-Oct-2013 - Bakra Mandi for Martyrs' Kids Kohat (In Pictures)
21-Oct-2013 - Al-Shaheed Quarterly Magazine for October, November and December 2013 Released
21-Oct-2013 - Bakra Mandi for Martyrs' Kids Bhakkar (In Pictures)
21-Oct-2013 - Bakra Mandi for Martyrs' Kids Dara Ismail Khan (In Pictures)
21-Oct-2013 - Bakra Mandi for Martyrs' Kids Rawalpindi & Islamabad (In Pictures)
20-Oct-2013 - Bakra Mandi for Martyrs' Kids Karachi (In Pictures)
16-Oct-2013 - 62nd Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed-e-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan.
16-Oct-2013 - Heartiest Greetings and Felicitations on Eid-ul-Azha 1434 A.H
15-Oct-2013 - Annual Picnic for Khanwada-e-Shohada-e-Khyber Pakhtun Khwah [Dera Ismail Khan].
15-Oct-2013 - Karachi : Muneer Hussain Embraces Shahadat
15-Oct-2013 - 9th Zilhajj : Yaum-e-Arafah and Shahadat-e-Safeer-e-Hussain [AS]
14-Oct-2013 - Two Million Muslim Pilgrims Begin Major Hajj Ritual
14-Oct-2013 - Death Anniversary of Raja Sahib of Mehmoodabad [An Active Leader of Pakistan Movement]
14-Oct-2013 - Karachi:Shakeel Zaidi Embraces Shahaadat
13-Oct-2013 - 7th Zilhajj : Shahadat Anniversary Imam Mohammad Baqir [AS]
10-Oct-2013 - Annual Picnic For Khanwada-e-Shohada-e-Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan [Punjab Province ]
10-Oct-2013 - Karachi: SHO Syed Irfan Haider Embraces Shahadat.
10-Oct-2013 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Millat.....
10-Oct-2013 - Gift for Martyrs’ Kids (Bakra Project 2013)
9-Oct-2013 - Karachi : Ali Raza Embraces Shahadat
6-Oct-2013 - Shahadat Anniversary of Jawaad-ul-Ayemma Imam Mohammad Taqi [AS] Being Commemorated Today
6-Oct-2013 - Karachi : Shabbir Hussain and Shahid Raza Embrace Shahadat.
4-Oct-2013 - Karachi:Azhar Abbas Embraces Shahadat ,Son Injured.
3-Oct-2013 - DG Khan: Mohammed Shafiq Embraced Martyrdom
3-Oct-2013 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report September 2013
1-Oct-2013 - Sacrificial Animals' Meat for the Deserving.
30-Sep-2013 - 25th Anniversary of Dera Ismail Khan Carnage.
30-Sep-2013 - Karachi: Masjid Trustee and Driver Embraced Martyrdom
27-Sep-2013 - Karachi: Prominent Zakir & Soz Khwaan Kashif Hussain.. -Namaz-e-Janaza About to Begin.
26-Sep-2013 - Quetta: Bashir Ahmed Embraced Martyrdom
24-Sep-2013 - Gilgit: Rehman Shah Embraced Martyrdom
23-Sep-2013 - Gift for Martyrs’ Kids (Bakra Project 2013)
20-Sep-2013 - Karachi : Grenade Attack Rocks Sajjadia Imambargah Landhi- Updates.
19-Sep-2013 - Rahim Yar Khan : Fida Hussain Embraces Shahadat
19-Sep-2013 - Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Tanveer Abbas Rizvi Commemorated.
19-Sep-2013 - Karachi: Abid Ali Embraces Shahadat
18-Sep-2013 - Quetta:Bunyad Ali and M.Hashim Embrace Shahadat
18-Sep-2013 - Wilaadat-e-Baa Sa'adat-e- Imam Ali Raza (A.S) Mubaarak!!
16-Sep-2013 - Shaheed-e-Naamoos-e-Risaalat Syed Ali Raza Taqavi [RA]
16-Sep-2013 - Karachi: Mohammad Bakhsh Embraces Shahadat
14-Sep-2013 - SFP Central Committee Visits Parachinar
12-Sep-2013 - Karachi: Syed Shahid Ali Embraced Martyrdom
11-Sep-2013 - Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah 65th Death Anniversary
10-Sep-2013 - Karachi :Chairman Nur-e-Eemaan Trust Shot Martyred.
8-Sep-2013 - 1st Zeeqad :Wilaadat-e-Baa Sa'adaat-e-Sayyida Fatema Masooma-e-Qom [Salaamullaah Alaiha ] Mubaarak!
7-Sep-2013 - Gujrat: Eight Momineen Embrace Martyrdom
7-Sep-2013 - National Defence Day- Thoughts of Martyrs' Children.
6-Sep-2013 - Sila-e-shaheed kia hai, tab o taab-e-jaavidaana!!!
5-Sep-2013 - One Year Ago Today....
4-Sep-2013 - Construction Work Continues @ Markaz Asaar-e-Shohada wa Nigehdaasht-e-Khanwada-e-Shohada.
3-Sep-2013 - Karachi: Ejaz Hussain Embraces Shahadat
2-Sep-2013 - Karachi : Mohammad Zaman Embraces Shahadat
31-Aug-2013 - 35th Anniversary of Abduction of Sayyid-al-Mughayyab Imam Sayyid Musa al-Sadr.
31-Aug-2013 - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Session Judge Zulfiqar Naqvi
31-Aug-2013 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Eid Gaah Hazara Town Quetta....
31-Aug-2013 - Karachi : Haji Bostaan Ali Embraces Shahadat -Namaz-e-Janaza About to Begin
29-Aug-2013 - Dera Ghazi Khan :Agha Sharaf Hussain Embraces Shahadat
29-Aug-2013 - Tenth Martyrdom Anniversary Shaheed Ayatollaah Baqir-ul-Hakeem.[RA]
29-Aug-2013 - Thirty First Anniversary of Allaama Mufti Jaffar Hussain Qibla Commemorated
29-Aug-2013 - Karachi: Akhtar Hussain Embraces Shahadat -Namaz-e-Janaza update.
29-Aug-2013 - Lahore : Advocate Syed Arshad Ali Shah Laid to Rest Amid Tears and Cries.
28-Aug-2013 - Karachi :Salman Zaidi Embraces Shahadat.
26-Aug-2013 - Karachi: Qamar Sajjad Embraces Shahadat [Namaz-e-Janaza About to Begin]
25-Aug-2013 - Shalozan : Land Mine Blast Injures Two ,Limb Amputated.
24-Aug-2013 - Bhakkar :Scores of Hundreds Turn Up For Namaz-e-Janaza Defying Curfew.
23-Aug-2013 - Bhakkar : Syed Safder and Syed Imran Embrace Shahadat
23-Aug-2013 - Bhakkar : Ali Raza and Mohammad Khan Embrace Shahadat
23-Aug-2013 - Karachi : Mirza Abbas Embraces Shahadat
22-Aug-2013 - Karachi : Dr. Ghazanfer Namaz-e-Janaza About to Begin.
20-Aug-2013 - 42nd Martyrdom Anniversary Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed [Nishan-e-Hyder.]
18-Aug-2013 - Unique Opportunity to Contribute Towards Spiritual Contentment of Khanwada-e-Shohada.
18-Aug-2013 - Beginning of Ghaibat-e-Kubra of Imam-e-Zamana [a.t.f.s]
17-Aug-2013 - Karachi: Imdad Ali Embraces Shahadat
15-Aug-2013 - 8th Shawwal : Destruction of Jannat ul Baqee by the Cursed Aal-e-Saud.
14-Aug-2013 - Happy Independence Day ...
11-Aug-2013 - Martyrdom Anniversary Shaheed-e-Namoos-e-Imamat Shaheed Moharram Ali Today.
11-Aug-2013 - Karachi: Nazim Hussain Namaz-e-Janaza after Zohrain Today.
10-Aug-2013 - Hyderabad : Naeem Abbas Embraces Shahadat
10-Aug-2013 - Tribute to Shohada on Eid-ul-Fitr (1434 H)
9-Aug-2013 - Barakahu : Suicide Terrorist Sent to Hell on Spot.
9-Aug-2013 - Parachinar: Land mine Blast Martyrs Three
9-Aug-2013 - Gilgit:Rahat Hussain Embraces Shahadat
9-Aug-2013 - Eid-ul-Fitr [1434 H] Being Commemorated Across Pakistan With Religious Fervour and Zest.
7-Aug-2013 - Shaheed Hussaini [RA] : The Ambassador of Shia Sunni Unity.
5-Aug-2013 - 25th Martyrdom Anniversary of Quaid Shaheed Allaama Syed Arif Hussain al Hussaini (RA) being Commemorated Today
3-Aug-2013 - Karachi: Syed Ali Mazhar Moosvi Embraced Martyrdom
2-Aug-2013 - Tens of Millions Participate in Massive International Qods Day Rallies Across the Globe.
2-Aug-2013 - Rahim Yar Khan: SUC divisional President embraced martyrdom
2-Aug-2013 - Yaum ul Qods : The Day of Allaah and the Day of Rasool Allaah [SAWW] Today
1-Aug-2013 - 23rd Ramadhan : Laylat ul Qadr and Aama'l.
1-Aug-2013 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada Who Embraced Martyrdom in the Holy Month.
31-Jul-2013 - Yaum-e-Ali [AS] Commemorated Countrywide With Religious Fervour.
31-Jul-2013 - Peshawar: IB Sub Inspector Mazhar Embarced Shahdat
30-Jul-2013 - Dera Ismail Khan : Over 250 Militants Feared Released in 'Assisted Escape' Staged as an Attack.
30-Jul-2013 - Al Shaheed News paper (July 2013) Issue
29-Jul-2013 - Essence of Baab-ul-Ilm Ba-e-Bismillah, Ameer-ul-Momineen, Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib (as)
29-Jul-2013 - Shab-e-Zarbat-e-Maula-e-Muttaqiyyaan Imam Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib [Alaihimussalaam]
29-Jul-2013 - Importance of Night of Value and Opinion of Scholars .
27-Jul-2013 - Parachinar City in Blood and Tears : Over 60 Martyred ,150 + Injured.
25-Jul-2013 - Wiladat-e-Baa-Sa'aadat-e-Imam-e-Hasan Mujtaba [AS].
25-Jul-2013 - Karachi:Ahsan Abbas Embraces Shahadat.
23-Jul-2013 - Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Advocate Mukhtar Bukhari.
22-Jul-2013 - Quetta: Two Momineen Embrace Shahadat .
22-Jul-2013 - Shahadat-e-Ameer-e-Mukhtaar Ibne Abu Ubaidullaah-e-Saqafi [R.A]
21-Jul-2013 - Al-Shaheed Quarterly Magazine for July ,August and September Released
21-Jul-2013 - Terrorist attack on holy shrine of Hazrat Zainab (AS) sparks off stiff protest across Pakistan
20-Jul-2013 - Sayyida Zainab [SA] Shrine Attacked - [Labbayki Labbayki Ya Zainab]
20-Jul-2013 - 10th Ramdan : Wafaat-e-Ummul Momineen Hazrat-e-Khadija-tul-Kubra [S.A].
15-Jul-2013 - Quetta:Raza Hussain ,Idrees and two others Embrace Martyrdom
14-Jul-2013 - Quetta:Hafiz Abdul Wahid Embraces Shahaadat
14-Jul-2013 - Seventh Shahadat Anniversary Allaama Hassan Turabi Shaheed .
9-Jul-2013 - Karachi : Annual Picnic for Khanwada-e-Shohada-e-Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan.
9-Jul-2013 - 46th Anniversary of the Mother of Nation Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah.
8-Jul-2013 - Karachi:Syed Mansoor Jafri Embraces Shahadat- Namaz-e-Janaza Update.
7-Jul-2013 - Karachi:Shahadat Anniversary Majaalis-e-Azaa for Today.
6-Jul-2013 - Jumaa-e-Eefa-e-Ehad Baa Khoon-e-Shohada
6-Jul-2013 - 25th Sha'aban :Life of Hazrat Abdul Latif Shah[Bari Imam Sarkar]
6-Jul-2013 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Quetta [6th July 1985]
4-Jul-2013 - In the Loving Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Kalaan [4th July 2003]
1-Jul-2013 - Quetta :Balkhi Chowk Martyrs Laid to Rest Amid Tears & Cries.
29-Jun-2013 - Dera Ismail Khan : Tablighat Quiz & Jashn-e-Wiladat-e-Imam-e-Zamana[a.t.f.s]
28-Jun-2013 - LaaL Shahbaaz Qalandar : A Sufi Saint
27-Jun-2013 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report June 2013
27-Jun-2013 - Karachi:Advocate Ali Ahmed Jaan Bangash Embraces Shahadat.
26-Jun-2013 - Karachi : Justice Maqbool Baqar 's Convoy Attacked.
25-Jun-2013 - 15th Sha'aban -The Birth Anniversary of Imam Mehdi [Ajallalahu Ta'ala Farajahum]
23-Jun-2013 - Our Responsibilities in Occultation of Imam-e-Zamana[a.t.f.s]
23-Jun-2013 - Amaal-e-Neema-e-Sha'abaan
21-Jun-2013 - Peshawar:Blast Rocks the Madressah of Shaheed Quaid Allaama Syed Arif Hussain-al- Hussaini
20-Jun-2013 - Birthday Anniversary of the Shabeeh-e-Payambar[SAWW] ,Farzand-e-Ali[AS] o Batool [AS] ,Hazrat Ali Akbar [AS]
19-Jun-2013 - Karachi:Syed Imran Haider Rizvi Embraces Shahadat.
16-Jun-2013 - In the Loving Memory of My Great Mother ,Shaheedah Bibi Umme Salma - Contributed by Farzand-e-Shaheed.
14-Jun-2013 - 4th Sha'abaan :Wilaadat-e-Baa Sa'aadat-e-Saqqaye Sakina [SA] & Qamar-e-Banu Hashim Hazrat Abbas Ibne-e-Ali [Alaihimussalam]
13-Jun-2013 - Karachi: Abbas Ali Namaz-e-Janaza About to Begin
13-Jun-2013 - 3rd Sha'aban : Birth Anniversary of Sayyid-us-Shohadaa Abaa Abdillaah Imam Hussain Ibne Ali [Alaihimussalaam]
11-Jun-2013 - 1st Sha'aban : Wiladat-e-Baa Saadat-e-Sayyida Zainab Binte Ali [S.A]
10-Jun-2013 - Karachi:Ahmed Hussain & Mohsin Raza Embrace Shahadat.
10-Jun-2013 - Karachi : Shafi Ahmed Embraces Shahadat
8-Jun-2013 - In the Loving Memory of Ustaad-e-Buzurgwar Agha Syed Jafar Naqvi[RA]
8-Jun-2013 - Remembering Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Cadet Police Quetta [8th June 2003 ]
7-Jun-2013 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report May 2013
6-Jun-2013 - 27th Rajab : Eid-e-Be'that-e-Rasool-e-Khuda [SAWW]
6-Jun-2013 - In the Memory of Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Therhi [6th June 1963.]
5-Jun-2013 - Shahadat Anniversary Baabul Hawaij Imam Moosa Kazim [AS]
3-Jun-2013 - 24th Barsi-e-Rahber-e-Kabeer,But Shikan-e-Zamaan ,Imam-e-Rahil Imam Sayyid Roohallah Al-Musovi al-Khomeini [Rizwanullaah Alaih]
1-Jun-2013 - Karachi:Hasan Raza Namaz-e-Janaza begins Shortly.
1-Jun-2013 - Karachi : Asghar Ali 's Namaz-e-Janaza About to begin Shortly.
31-May-2013 - Shahadat Anniversary: Saniha e Masjid o Imambargah Ali Raza Karachi
30-May-2013 - Shahadat Anniversary of Shohada-e-Masjid-e-Madinatul Ilm Karachi
29-May-2013 - Al-shaheed Ahkaam Mayyat Book now available
28-May-2013 - Peshawar : Blast Rocks the Vicinity of Imambargah Sakhi Munawar Shah.
28-May-2013 - Karachi : Advocate Kausar Saqlain ,Sons Mohammad Abbas & Aun Abbas Martyred.
28-May-2013 - Remembering Shohada-e-Bari Imam Shrine Islamabad [MAY 2005 ]
28-May-2013 - Karachi : Advocate Kausar Saqlain ,Sons Mohammad Abbas & Aun Abbas Martyred.
27-May-2013 - Karachi:Syed Arshad Abbas[HAIDER] Embraces Shahadat.
26-May-2013 - Karachi : Majlis-e-Chehlum Shaheed Hasnain
24-May-2013 - Karachi:Al-Shaheed Saqafati Markaz Inauguration Ceremony in Soldier Bazar.
24-May-2013 - Wahhabi Clerics Get Vocal Regarding Last Prophet's [SAWW] Grave as Companion's Shrine Dug
24-May-2013 - Wiladat-e-Baa Saadat-e-Maula-e-Muttaqqiyaan Ali Ibne Abi Talib [AS]
22-May-2013 - Karachi : Abbas Haider Embraces Shahadat.
22-May-2013 - May 1988 : Shahadat Anniversary of Shohada of Gruesome Carnage of Gilgit Baltistan.
22-May-2013 - Wiladat Anniversary of Imam Mohammad Taqi al-Jawad [AS]
20-May-2013 - Al-Shaheed Saqafti Markaz Outlet Inauguration @ Soldier Bazar Karachi.
16-May-2013 - Yaum-e-Nakbah [The Catastrophe] and Yaum-e-Murdabad Amrika Commemorated
15-May-2013 - Laylat-ur-Raghayeb : The Night of Wishes & Duaa [First thursday night of Rajab.]
14-May-2013 - Shahadat Anniversary of Imam Ali Naqi al-Hadi [AS]
14-May-2013 - In the Loving Memory of Dr. Asad Abbas Naqvi [Shaheed-e-Saniha-e-Masjid-e-Hyderi]
14-May-2013 - Rajab-ul-Murajjab : The month Containing Laiylat-ur-Raghayeb [Night Preceding first friday of Rajab.]
11-May-2013 - 1st Rajab :Wiladat Anniversary of Imam Mohammad Baqar [AS]
10-May-2013 - Karachi : Ali Abbas Martyred after Abduction.
7-May-2013 - Shahadat Anniversary of Shohada-e-Masjid-e-Hyderi Karachi Today
5-May-2013 - Quetta :Asad Ali Embraces Shahadat
4-May-2013 - Shahadat Anniversary of Tipu Sultan Shaheed - Sher e Mysore (Tiger of Mysore)
3-May-2013 - Karachi : Advocate Shakeel Ahmed Jan Martyred ,Father Injured.
1-May-2013 - Birth Anniversary of Umme Abiha ,Siddiqatul Kubra Sayyida Fatema tuz Zehra Salaam ullaah Alaiha
1-May-2013 - Karachi: Chaman Ali and Hafeezullaah Embrace Shahadat
1-May-2013 - Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Ayatollaah Murtaza Mutahhari
1-May-2013 - Outstanding Achievements by Children of Shohada Families.
29-Apr-2013 - In the Loving Memory of Shaheed Dr. Saqlain Rizvi [Martyred 29th April 1997]
28-Apr-2013 - Kohat : Blast Rocks Election Office of Independent Candidate Syed Nur Akbar
27-Apr-2013 - Karachi : Maulana Baqar Hussain Zaidi [Jaffaria Alliance ] Injured , Guard Mohammad Qasim Embraces Shahadat.
27-Apr-2013 - Karachi : Hasan Kashmiri Embraces Shahadat -[Namaz-e-Janaza Update.]
25-Apr-2013 - SFP Continues to Serve Martyrs' Families - PDF Presentation
21-Apr-2013 - Death Anniversary of Sitara-e-Buland-e-Mashriq Dr. Allaama Mohammad Iqbal
19-Apr-2013 - Karachi: Chehlum Commemorations of Shaheed Ustaad Syed Sibt e Jaffer Zaidi
18-Apr-2013 - Karachi : Syed Ali Hasnain Embraces Shahadat - [Namaz -e - Janaza]
15-Apr-2013 - AL-SHAHEED Quarterly Magazine Issue April 2013
15-Apr-2013 - Karachi : Syed Murtaza Hasan [Sindh Police ] Embraces Shahadat.
14-Apr-2013 - Shahadat Anniversary of Sayyida Fatima Zahra (Salaamullaah Alaiha) -Sayyeda-e-Nisa-ul-Alameen.
13-Apr-2013 - Karachi : Fortieth Day Commemorations of Shohada of Abbas Town Carnage.
13-Apr-2013 - Karachi : Kalbe Abbas and Musarrat Abbas Embrace Shahadat.
12-Apr-2013 - Karachi : Maulana Haji Ghazanfar Ali Embraces Shahadat- [Namaz-e-Janaza About to Start.]
9-Apr-2013 - 33rd Martyrdom Anniversary Shaheed Baqir al-Sadr & Shaheeda Amina al-Sadr
7-Apr-2013 - Construction Work at Markaz Asar e Shohada and Rehabilitation Centre Project
7-Apr-2013 - Dera Ghazi Khan : Baqar Abbas Kolachi Embraces Shahadat
6-Apr-2013 - Dera Ismail Khan : Syed Ejaz Hussain Embraces Shahadat
6-Apr-2013 - Karachi:Syed Jafar Hussain Embraces Shahadat.
4-Apr-2013 - Sialkot:Ehtisham Haider Embraces Shahadat.
2-Apr-2013 - Karachi:Syed Ashraf Hussain Embraces Shahadat.
2-Apr-2013 - Peshawar:Zulfiqar Haider Embraces Shahadat.
30-Mar-2013 - Karachi: Kamran Ali Embraces Shahadat
28-Mar-2013 - Wiladat Imam Zain ul Abideen a.s
27-Mar-2013 - Peshawar:Imran Ali Embraces Shahadat [Namaz-e-Janaza Update.]
25-Mar-2013 - Karachi:Ali Asghar Rawjani Embraces Shahadat-[Namaz-e-Janaza Update.]
25-Mar-2013 - Shahadat Anniversary of Sayyida Fatema-tuz-Zahra (salaam ullah Alaiha)
23-Mar-2013 - Karachi : Syed Mutaqi Raza Embraces Shahadat
23-Mar-2013 - 23rd March : Pakistan Day Commemorated With Fervour & Enthusiasm.
22-Mar-2013 - Karachi:Soyem of Shaheed-e-Tarveej-e-Azadari Prof.Syed Sibt-e-Jaffar Zaidi Advocate Held.
21-Mar-2013 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report March 2013
21-Mar-2013 - Karachi:Syed Imran Hussain Embraces Shahadat-[Namaz-e-Janaza Schedule]
19-Mar-2013 - Karachi:Syed Ahmed Ali Zaidi Embraces Shahadat.
19-Mar-2013 - Karachi :Shaheed 'Ustaad' Laid to Rest Amid Tears & Cries.......
18-Mar-2012 - Shaheed Dr Mohammad Ali Naqvi barsi programme at lahore
18-Mar-2013 - Dera Ismail Khan :SP Malik Riaz Embraces Shahadat.
18-Mar-2013 - Peshawar : Advocate Syed Zaheer Abbas Naqavi Embraced Martyrdom.
15-Mar-2013 - Candle light and picture exhibition in honour of martyrs and victims of Abbas Town, Karachi
9-Mar-2013 - Karachi : Abbas Town Carnage [ Existing Ground Realities & Shaheed Foundation's Contribution ]
8-Mar-2013 - Yaum-e-Ehd-e-Wafa-ba-Khoon-e-Shohada
7-Mar-2013 - Karachi:Shaheed Foundation Pakistan 's Camp at Abbas Town.
7-Mar-2013 - Karachi:Soyem of Martyrs of Abbas Town
7-Mar-2013 - Karachi:Abbas Town - Imran Hyder & Hasan Ali Identified From Remains.
7-Mar-2013 - 7th March: Shahadat Anniversary Shaheed Dr. Mohammad Ali Naqavi.
6-Mar-2013 - Peshawar:Nawazish Ali Embraces Martyrdom
5-Mar-2013 - Karachi:Namaz-e-Janaza of Shohada .
4-Mar-2013 - Karachi:Kirani Road Injured Fatima Bibi Embraces Shahadat [Eighty First identified Martyr,Three Dozen Missing]
4-Mar-2013 - Karachi:Lt. Commander Syed Azeem Kazmi Embraced Martyrdom
3-Mar-2013 - Quetta: Tribute to Martyrs @ Qandhari Imambargah
3-Mar-2013 - Hangu: Chehlum Shohada-e-Masjid-e-Faizullaah
2-Mar-2013 - Karachi:Hadi Afzal Embraces Shahaadat
2-Mar-2013 - Karachi:Ali Daad Embraces Shahadat
2-Mar-2013 - Karachi:Saneha-e-Kirani Road Injured Embrace Shahadat [80th Identified Shaheed + Three Dozen Missing Yet]
2-Mar-2013 - Karachi:Ali Haider and Ali Hasnain Embrace Shahaadat
1-Mar-2013 - Peshawar:Akbar Ali Embraces Shahadat
28-Feb-2013 - Karachi: Syed Danish Hussain Zaidi Embraces Shahadat
27-Feb-2013 - City wise distribution of amount - Feb 2013
25-Feb-2013 - Inauguration Ceremony of Al Shaheed Qabar project at Graveyard Wadi e Hussain a.s
23-Feb-2011 - Karachi:Fiaz Hussain Embraces Shahadat-Namaz-e-Janaza Starts Shortly.
21-Feb-2013 - Birth Anniversary of Imam Hasan Askari (AS).
21-Feb-2013 - Karachi: Kirani Road Injured Lady Embraces Shahadat
20-Feb-2013 - Amal Ki Shaahraahon Par Shaheedo Roshni Tum Ho !
20-Feb-2013 - Quetta: Burial of martyrs bodies [Pictures]
19-Feb-2013 - Massive Mobilizations Worldwide on Call of Khanwada-e-Shohada Enters Day Four........
19-Feb-2013 - Karachi : Syed Safdar Hussain Embraces Sahadat
18-Feb-2013 - Lahore:Dr. Hyder Ali & Son Embraces Martyrdom-Namaz-e-Janaza!
17-Feb-2013 - Karachi:Rizwan Abbas Embraces Shahadat.
17-Feb-2012 - Sit-in protest in-front of Pakistani High Commission has started in London
17-Feb-2012 - Quetta: Chehlum of Shohada-e-Alamdar Road Quetta [Pictures]
16-Feb-2013 - Karachi:Anjuman-e-Karwan Hussain GS Martyred.
16-Feb-2013 - Epitaphs for Shohada's Graves
15-Feb-2013 - Karachi:Syed Sibt-ul-Hasan Embraces Shahadat
15-Feb-2013 - Quetta:Chehlum of Shohada-e-Alamdar Road Quetta
15-Feb-2013 - Tando Adam : Sit in @ Mohammadi Chowk
15-Feb-2013 - Karachi:Ansar Hussain Embraces Shahadat
14-Feb-2013 - Tando Adam:Shia Ulema Council Leader Qaisar Chughtai Martyred.
13-Feb-2013 - Dera Ismail Khan:Missing Momin Younus Kazmi's Martyred Body Found
11-Feb-2013 - Karachi:Mukhtar Ali Embraces Shahadat
9-Feb-2013 - Charsadda:Basheer Bachaa Embraced Shahadat
9-Feb-2013 - Karachi:Qamar Raza Embraces Shahadat
8-Feb-2013 - Peshawar:Malik Jarrar Hussain Embraces Shahadat
7-Feb-2013 - Karachi:Zahid Jafri Embraces Shahadat
6-Feb-2013 - Karachi : Afzal Naqvi Embraces Shahadat
6-Feb-2013 - Karachi:Aleem Jafri Embraces Shahadat
5-Feb-2012 - Shahadat Anniversar​y Shaheed Muzzaffar Ali Kirmani
5-Feb-2012 - Kashmir Day
4-Feb-2013 - Hangu:Another Injured Momin of Friday Blast Embraced Shahadat
1-Feb-2013 - Hangu: Shohada's Count Climb to Twenty Eight.
1-Feb-2013 - Karachi:Ali Hasan Embraces Shahadat(Namaze Janaza)
1-Feb-2013 - Karachi:Mehdi Abbas Embraces Shahadat
1-Feb-2013 - Sayings of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAWW)
1-Feb-2013 - Hangu:Twenty Four Martyred & 40 + Injured in Blast -UPDATES
31-Jan-2013 - Karachi:Namaz-e-Janaza Shaheed Iqbal Masood
30-Jan-2013 - Karachi:Waqar Hussain Embraces Shahadat
30-Jan-2013 - 17th Rabi-ul-Awwal : Jashne-Wiladat-e-Sarwar-e-Kainat(S) & Sadiq-e-Ale Mohammad(A)
30-Jan-2013 - Karachi :Alamdar Road Quetta Injured Embraces Shahadat:Namaz-e-Janaza About to Start
24-Jan-2013 - Hafta-e-Wahdat-e-Islaami
24-Jan-2013 - Rituals of Blessed Month of Rabi-ul-Awwal
23-Jan-2012 - Karachi:Dr.Hasan Alam Embraces Shahadat
22-Jan-2013 - Karachi:Habib Ali Embraces Shahadat
22-Jan-2013 - Peshawar:Dr.Shahnawaz Akhunzada Embraces Sahadat.
22-Jan-2013 - 9th Rabi-ul-Awwal : Eid-e-Zehra (S.A) & Jashn-e-Taj Poshi-e-Imam(a.t.f.s) Mubaarak!
21-Jan-2013 - Dil se Gham-e-Hussain na Ho Kum Khudaaa Karaay!!
21-Jan-2013 - 8th Rabiul-Awal:: Shahadat Anniversary of Imam Hasan Askari (AS)
18-Jan-2013 - Khuzdar: Shaban Ali embraced martyrdom
17-Jan-2013 - Karachi:Maqbool Ahmed Namaz-e-Janaza
16-Jan-2013 - Karachi:Maqbool Ahmed Embraces Shahadat.
16-Jan-2013 - Rawalpindi: Saneha Mastung Namza-e-Janaza
16-Jan-2013 - Karachi: Ibne Hasan embraced martyrdom
15-Jan-2013 - Karachi:Syed Qamar-ul-Hasan(Asghar Ali) Shot Martyred.
15-Jan-2013 - Quetta: Injured Ahmed Wais embrace martyrdom
14-Jan-2013 - Forty Days of Countrywide Mourning for Shohada.
14-Jan-2013 - Khanwada-e-Shohada Write History As Burials Begin after Seventy Hours.
12-Jan-2013 - Countrywide Sit-ins to Continue is the Message of the Moment [Watch Live]
12-Jan-2013 - London:Expatriate Pakistanis' Sit in Continues into Second Day.
10-Jan-2013 - Quetta:Twin Blasts ::91 Shahadats &190+Injured (UPDATED NAMES)
10-Jan-2013 - 28th Safar:Shahadat Anniversary Rasool-e-Khuda (S.A.W.W) & Imam Hasan(A.S)
9-Jan-2013 - Peshawar:Dr. Syed Riaz Hussain Embraces Shahadat.
8-Jan-2013 - Karachi:Imran Abbas Embraces Shahadat-(Namaz-e-Janaza About to Start)
7-Jan-2013 - Karachi:Murtaza Alwani Embraces Shahadat.
7-Jan-2013 - Quetta: One Momin Embrace Shahadat @ Spini Road.
6-Jan-2013 - Karachi:Chehlum of Two Shohada Today.
5-Jan-2013 - Chiniot: S Moazzam Ali Embraces Martyrdom
5-Jan-2013 - Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar Remembered
5-Jan-2013 - Arbaeen Commemorated Across the World With Fervour.
5-Jan-2013 - Chehlum of Shaheed Saeed Haider Zaidi Commemorated.(Video Link Updated)
31-Dec-2012 - Chiniot :Mukhtar Hussain Embraces Shahadat
31-Dec-2012 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report December 2012
31-Dec-2012 - Karachi:First Shahadat Anniversary Shaheed Askari Raza Today.
31-Dec-2012 - Karachi:Syed Jawad Hasan Embraces Shahadat.
31-Dec-2012 - Mastung: Blast Hits Three Zayereen Buses.[19 Shahadats Confirmed Yet]
30-Dec-2012 - Faisalabad::Jaffar Ali Embraces Shahadat
29-Dec-2012 - Karachi:Son of Shaheed DSP Sadiq Shah Embrace Martyrdom.
27-Dec-2012 - Shahadat-e-Bibi Sakina Bint Al-Hussain (AS).
26-Dec-2012 - Quetta: Ghulam Rasool embrace martyrdom
25-Dec-2012 - Karachi:Another of Same Family Martyred in Quick Succession.
25-Dec-2012 - Karachi:Namaz-e-Janaza of Shaheed Hasnain & Qamar
25-Dec-2012 - 136th Birth Anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah
24-Dec-2012 - Karachi: Namaz-e-Janaza of Shohada
24-Dec-2012 - Karachi:Three, Including Two Brothers Embrace Shahadat.
23-Dec-2012 - Karachi:Namaz-e-Janaza Shaheed Azmat Ali
23-Dec-2012 - KArachi:Azmat Ali Embraces Shahadat.
23-Dec-2012 - Faisalabad:Syed Jaffar Embraces Martyrdom.
20-Dec-2012 - Quetta:Riaz Hussain Embraces Shahadat
20-Dec-2012 - Karachi:Abbas Daryani Embraces Shahadat-(Namaz-e-Janaza @ 2pm @ Khurasan)
18-Dec-2012 - Gilgit:Zamir Abbas Embraces Shahadat
17-Dec-2012 - Karachi: Renowned Hakeem & Zakir Javaid Bhatti embraces Shahadat
17-Dec-2012 - Quetta: Deputy Director Public Relations Mirza Khadim Hussain Embraces Shahadat
17-Dec-2012 - Karachi: Ali Raza embraced martyrdom & 1 injured
16-Dec-2012 - Karachi:Raja Munsif Embraces Shahadat.[Namaz @ 5 F New Karachi Going On]
16-Dec-2012 - Millat's Resilience & Steadfastness Stamps Tactical Victory.
14-Dec-2012 - Karachi:Namaz-e-Janaza of Shaheed Shiraz Abbas @ Ancholi after Zohrain today.
14-Dec-2012 - Zhob:Qutb Ali Embraces Shahadat
13-Dec-2012 - Namaz-e-Janaza Shaheed Hashmat @ Ancholi @11pm .
13-Dec-2012 - Karachi:Syed Shiraz Abbas Embraced Martyrdom.
13-Dec-2012 - Quetta:Ali Khan Embraces Shahadat.
13-Dec-2012 - Quetta:Shabbir Hussain and Gul Shireen Embrace Shahadat.
13-Dec-2012 - Larkana : Bakht Hussain Embraces Shahadat.
12-Dec-2012 - Karachi :Baqar Shah & Bahawal Shah Embraced Shahadat.
11-Dec-2012 - Quetta: Injured of 4th Dec Altaf Hussain embraced martyrdom
11-Dec-2012 - Karachi: Zaheer Abbas embraced martyrdom
10-Dec-2012 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report November 2012
10-Dec-2012 - Karachi: Syed Ali Abbas Naqvi embraced martyrdom
10-Dec-2012 - 25th Moharram: Shahadat-e-Imam Zain-ul-Abideen (AS)
8-Dec-2012 - Dua-e-Sehat for Young Angel Mehzar Fatima.
8-Dec-2012 - Rawalpindi: Syed Zamir Shah Embraced Martyrdom- Namaz-e-Janaza.
6-Dec-2012 - Rawalpindi: Syed Azher Hussain Embraced Martyrdom
5-Dec-2012 - Karachi: Tanveer Bangash embraced martyrdom
5-Dec-2012 - Karachi: Kashif Imam Zaidi embraced martyrdom
5-Dec-2012 - Quetta: Firing on 2 Brother
3-Dec-2012 - Larkana: Naseer Magsi and girl Suhana embraced martyrdom
3-Dec-2012 - D.I. Khan: Ashura blast injured Dawar Hussain embraced martyrdom
1-Dec-2012 - Karachi: Bomb Making Factory.
1-Dec-2012 - Karachi:Namaz-e-Janaza of Shaheed Riaz Hussain
1-Dec-2012 - Faisalabad:Ghulam Qadir & Fazal Abbas Burial @ Hometown
30-Nov-2012 - Karachi:Ghulam Qadir & Fazal Abbas Martyred.
30-Nov-2012 - Karachi:Namaz-e-Janaza of Nazar Abbas @ Martin Road after Juma.
30-Nov-2012 - Karachi:Mehdi Shah Injured ,Riaz Embraced Martyrdom-Correction.
30-Nov-2012 - Karachi:Nazar Abbas Embraced Martyrdom,Daughter Injured.
30-Nov-2012 - Karachi:Namaz-e-Janaza of Martyrs.[Shaheed Iqbal & Shaheeda Fatima]
29-Nov-2012 - D.I. Khan: Ashura blast injured Jameel Hussain embraced martyrdom
29-Nov-2012 - Al Shaheed News paper (Nov 2012) Issue
29-Nov-2012 - Karachi:Lady and Her Husband Martyred in a Rare Attack of Kind.
29-Nov-2012 - Quetta: Namaz-e-Janaza of Shaheed Haji Malik Hussain
28-Nov-2012 - Quetta:Haji Hussain Embraced Martyrdom.
25-Nov-2012 - Ashura Commemorated Across the Country
25-Nov-2012 - Khairpur:Ashura Jaloos Attacked Near Kolab Jial
25-Nov-2012 - Dera Ismail Khan :Azadari Continues :: Blast / Firing in Central Ashura Procession
24-Nov-2012 - Karachi: Momineen visited Yadgar e Shohada & lit Candles
25-Nov-2012 - Karachi:Powerful Blast Near Safura Goth - No Casualties .
24-Nov-2012 - Dera Ismail Khan:Nine Martyred Including 5 Children [5 Martyrs are Sunni]
24-Nov-2012 - Yaum-e-Taasu'ua Commemorated Across the Country
24-Nov-2012 - Dera Ismail Khan : Blast Rocks Mourning Congregation
24-Nov-2012 - Ulema's Decision Text Regarding Markazi Ashura & Tasu'a Processions in Pakistan
24-Nov-2012 - Rawalpindi:Highlights Burial of Shohada - Long Live Shia Sunni Unity
23-Nov-2012 - Lakki Marwat: Suicide Attacker Sent to Hell
22-Nov-2012 - Karachi: Bomb discovered at Qasba Colony
22-Nov-2012 - Rawalpindi:Namaz-e-Janaza of Azadaran @ 2pm @ Dhok Sayyedan.
21-Nov-2012 - Rawalpindi : Azadari Continues Despite a Bomb Blast -23 Martyred ,over 50 Injured.
21-Nov-2012 - Karachi :Azadari Gatherings Strengthened Despite Another Blast.
21-Nov-2012 - GAZA : 150 Martyred and 1200 Injured including women and children
18-Nov-2012 - Karachi: Majlis-e-Aza Continues Despite a Powerful Blast.
17-Nov-2012 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report October 2012
16-Nov-2012 - Countrywise Majaalis-e-Azaa Schedule 1434 A.H
15-Nov-2012 - Kuch Nahi Hum Gham-e-Sarwar (AS) k Siva Mangtay Hain !!
14-Nov-2012 - Karachi:Namaz-e-Janaza Shaheed Shujaat @ OLD RIZVIA after Zohrain
13-Nov-2012 - Karachi: Shujaat Ali Embraces Shahadat
12-Nov-2012 - Mach : Abdullah , Ghulam Ali and Mohammad Ali Embrace Shahadat
12-Nov-2012 - Karachi:Administrative Mis-management ahead of Moharram.
12-Nov-2012 - Karachi: Highlights Majlis-e-Soyem Allaama Shaheed Aftab Haider Jafri
12-Nov-2012 - Karachi: Majlis-e-Soyem Shaheed-e-Saeed Shaheed Saeed Haider Zaidi
12-Nov-2012 - Karachi:Namaz-e-Janaza Shaheed Mukhtar @ Martin Road
12-Nov-2012 - Karachi: Namaz-e-Janaza of three Shohada @ Habib Bank Quarters
11-Nov-2012 - Karachi: Three members of a same Family Martyred
11-Nov-2012 - Karachi: Ijtema-e-Ummat-e-Rasool (SAWW) to be Held Today
11-Nov-2012 - Karachi: Son of a Shaheed and a Sunni Brother embrace Martyrdom.
10-Nov-2012 - Quetta: Another Two Momineen Martyred ,Two Injured in Attack
10-Nov-2012 - Quetta : Musa Embraces Shahadat on Double Road
10-Nov-2012 - Khuda se Kehna!
10-Nov-2012 - Karachi : Shaheed-e-Saeed laid to Rest amid Tears and Cries
10-Nov-2012 - Ground Breaking Work On Markaz-e- Nigehdasht wa Markaz e Asaar-e-Shohada
10-Nov-2012 - Highlights of Janaza Procession of Shaheed Allaama Aftab & Shaheed Shahid
9-Nov-2012 - Namaz-e-Janaza of Shaheed-e-Saeed Shaheed Syed Saeed Haider Zaidi
9-Nov-2012 - Karachi: Renowned Scholar Brother Saeed Haider Zaidi Martyred.
9-Nov-2012 - 24th Zilhajj :: The Day of Mubahila
9-Nov-2012 - Birth Anniversary Sitara-e-Buland-e-Mashreq
8-Nov-2012 - Bakra Mandi Expense Detail 2012
8-Nov-2012 - Hide Collection Project Results for the Year 2012
8-Nov-2012 - Quetta: Mohammad Dawood Embraces Shahadat
8-Nov-2012 - Karachi: Namaz-e-Janaza of Shohada @ OLD Rizvia @ 4PM
8-Nov-2012 - 20th-22nd Zilhajj:Shahadat Anniversary Hazrat Abdullaah Shah Ghazi .
8-Nov-2012 - 20th Zilhajj:Shahadat of Sons of Muslim Ibne Aqeel Ibne Abi Talib(Alaihihimussalam)
8-Nov-2012 - Karachi:Majlis-e-Soyem Shaheed Allaama Aftab & Shaheed Shahid.
8-Nov-2012 - Karachi: Najam Abbas & Nisar Mehdi Embrace Shahadat.
7-Nov-2012 - Karachi:Shaban Ali Shot Martyred
7-Nov-2012 - Peshawar: Suicide Attack on Police party
6-Nov-2012 - Karachi: Firing on Shohda Jaloos
6-Nov-2012 - Quetta: Firing on Spini Road
6-Nov-2012 - Karachi:Namaz-e-Janaza of Shohada @ Numayesh after Maghrebain
6-Nov-2012 - Karachi: Allaama Aftab Jafri Martyred
4-Nov-2012 - Parachanar: Firing on Wood cutters
4-Nov-2012 - Heartiest Greetings and Felicitations on Eid-e-Ghadeer
4-Nov-2012 - Karachi: Hammad Ali embraced martyrdom
29-Oct-2012 - Karachi: Syed Mehmood Ali embraced martyrdom
28-Oct-2012 - D.I. Khan: Firing & Hand grenade attack on momineen
26-Oct-2012 - Heartiest Greetings and Felicitations on Eid-ul-Azha 1433 A.H
26-Oct-2012 - Peshawar : Ali Abbas Embraces Shahadat
26-Oct-2012 - Appeal ::Expert Medical Opinion & Financial Assistance Needed
26-Oct-2012 - 9th Zilhajj: Day of Arafah and Shahadat-e-Hazrat Muslim Ibne Aqeel
24-Oct-2012 - 7th Zilhajj :: Shahadat Anniversary of Imam Baqar (AS)
24-Oct-2012 - 5th Zilhajj :: Hazrat Abu Zar Ghaffari :: True Follower of Prophet (SAWW)
24-Oct-2012 - SFP Bakra Mandi 2012 for children of Martyrs (Pictures)
22-Oct-2012 - AL SHAHEED MAGAZINE 4th ISSUE (Oct, Nov, Dec 2012)
19-Oct-2012 - Chehlum Shaheed-e-Namoos Risaalat Syed Ali Raza Taqvi
19-Oct-2012 - Orakzai Agency: Bomb blast at pickup many embraced martyrdom
19-Oct-2012 - Lahore: Advocate Syed Shakir Ali Rizvi embraced martyrdom
18-Oct-2012 - Sacrificial Hides Collection Project - 2012
17-Oct-2012 - Karachi: Syed Ali Raza embraced martyrdom
16-Oct-2012 - Karachi : Advocate Mirza Waqar Hussain Succumbs to Injuries & Embraces Shahadat
16-Oct-2012 - 29th Zilqadah : Shahadat Anniversary of Ninth Imam Mohammad Taqi al-Jawad
16-Oct-2012 - 61st Shahadat Anniversary Shaheed-e-Millat Khan Liaquat Ali Khan.
16-Oct-2012 - Quetta: Firing in Market 4 momineen embraced martyrdom
14-Oct-2012 - Quetta: Haji Ishaq Embraces Shahadat
14-Oct-2012 - Death Anniversary Rajaa Sahib of Mehmoodabad.
12-Oct-2012 - Eid-ul-Azhaa Projects : Join Hands With SFP O' Noble Millat.
11-Oct-2012 - Karachi : Ejaz Rizvi Embraces Shahadat
9-Oct-2012 - Karachi: Jahangir Hasan Embraces Shahaadat
8-Oct-2012 - Lahore : Thousands of Farzandan-e-Risalat Converge in Ijtima-e-Ummat-e-Rasool (SAWW)
8-Oct-2012 - Karachi: Syed Qamber Naqvi embraced martyrdom
7-Oct-2012 - Quetta: Mohammad Yaseen Embraces Shahadat
5-Oct-2012 - SFP Audit Report 2011 - 2012 Released
4-Oct-2012 - Quetta: Firing at shop Two momineen Embraced Martyrdom
4-Oct-2012 - Quetta: Firing near Kuchlak 1 injured and 1 embraced martyrdom
2-Oct-2012 - Bahawalpur, Rahimyar Khan, Khairpur Tamaywali, Yazmaan, Uch Sharif and Chishtyan: Annual Picnic 2012 for Shohada Families
1-Oct-2012 - Multan, Khanewal and Shuja abad: Annual Picnic 2012 for Shohada Families
30-Sep-2012 - Bhakkar ,Layyaah ,Taank and Kolachi: Annual Picnic 2012 for Shohada Families
29-Sep-2012 - D.I.Khan: Annual Picnic 2012 for Shohada Families
29-Sep-2012 - Bakra Project 2012 : Please Rise to the Occassion
29-Sep-2012 - 11th Zeeqad : Birth Anniversary of Imam Ali Ibne Moosa Al-Ridhaa.
27-Sep-2012 - Rawalpindi: Annual Picnic 2012 for Shohada Families
27-Sep-2012 - Quetta: Gulab Shah embraced martyrdom
27-Sep-2012 - Karachi: Moazzin Shabbir Hussain embraced martyrdom
26-Sep-2012 - Quetta: Ghulam Sakhi Embraced Shahadat .
26-Sep-2012 - Karachi: Namaz-e-Janaza of Mohsin @ Ancholi Block 20 : Please Join
26-Sep-2012 - Karachi: Zaheer Abbas embraced martyrdom
25-Sep-2012 - KARACHI: Career Counselling Seminar 2012
25-Sep-2012 - Karachi :Namaz-e-Janaza on Wednesday @ Khurasan (Zohrain)
25-Sep-2012 - Karachi : Paan Mandi :: Three Momin of Same Family Embrace Shahadat
22-Sep-2012 - Karachi: Ali Hussain embraced martyrdom
21-Sep-2012 - DAY OF ISHQ e MOHAMMAD (S.A.W.W) in Pakistan
19-Sep-2012 - Karachi : Majlis-e-Tarheem to Commemorate Second Shahadat Anniversary
19-Sep-2012 - Karachi : Majlis-e-Soyem Ashiq-e-Risalat (SAWW) today @ Ancholi
18-Sep-2012 - Mastung:Six Martyred in Gun & Bomb Attack on Zayereen Bus
18-Sep-2012 - 1st Zeeqad : Birth Anniversary of Sayyeda Fatema al- Masooma (Alaihissalam)
17-Sep-2012 - Karachi: Namaz-e-Janaza of Ashiq-e-Risalat Brother Taqavi
16-Sep-2012 - Karachi :Labbayka Ya Rasul Allaah Rally : Brutal Shelling Starts on Rally ,Eight injured.
14-Sep-2012 - SFP Continues to Provide Services to Families of Martyrs- (PDF Presentation 2012)
15-Sep-2012 - All Shia Parties Conference Questions Acquittal of Terrorists.
14-Sep-2012 - Karachi: Mohammad Ali embraced martyrdom
14-Sep-2012 - Pakistani Momineen to Stage Demo after Juma Prayers.
14-Sep-2012 - Widespread Protests Across the Muslim World Against Blasphemy.
11-Sep-2012 - Karachi & Lahore: Worst Industrial Disaster of the Country's History.
11-Sep-2012 - 64th Death Anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.
11-Sep-2012 - Parachinar: 3 injured momineed from yesterday's blast embraced martyrdom
10-Sep-2012 - Parachinar: Very Powerful Blast Rocks Kashmir Chowk
6-Sep-2012 - 6th September : Defence Day of Pakistan
6-Sep-2012 - Karachi: Namaz-e-Janaza-e-Shohada:THURSDAY :: 10 am @ IRC.
5-Sep-2012 - Karachi: Firing, Mukhtar Aazmi of IRC Embraced Shahadat
5-Sep-2012 - Quetta: Nematullah Embraced martyred.
4-Sep-2012 - Karachi: ASI Ali Mohsin Jaffri Embraced Shahadat
2-Sep-2012 - Article:Who was Imam Jafar Sadiq (A.S)
1-Sep-2012 - Quetta : Shia Organizations Call for Strike on Sunday.
1-Sep-2012 - Quetta:Yazeedi Attacker Sent to Hell On Spot.
1-Sep-2012 - Quetta:Another Attack in Quick Succession.
1-Sep-2012 - Quetta: Two More Momineen Martyred in Quick Succession.Toll Becomes 7 !
1-Sep-2012 - Quetta:Five Momineen Shot Martyred.
31-Aug-2012 - Karachi:Namaz-e-Janaza Shaheed Justice Zulfiqar Naqvi.
30-Aug-2012 - Quetta: Session Judge Zulfiqar Naqvi Embraced Martyrdom
29-Aug-2012 - Ninth Martyrdom Anniversary Shaheed Ayatollaah Baqir-ul-Hakeem.
29-Aug-2012 - Thirtieth Anniversary of Allaama Mufti Jaffar Hussain Qibla Commemorated
29-Aug-2012 - Meritorious Achievements by Daughters of Shohada-e-Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan
27-Aug-2012 - Quetta: Firing on Spini road 3 momineen embraced martyrdom
26-Aug-2012 - Youm-e-Inhaydam Jannat-ul-Baqi (8th Shawaal)
25-Aug-2012 - Karachi: S. Faraz Hussain embraced martyrdom
22-Aug-2012 - Ghazi ko Maut se kia Dar Hai ...Jaan Dena Jehaad-e-Akbar Hai ....!!‏
20-Aug-2012 - Tribute to Shohada on Eid-ul-Fitr (1433 h)
19-Aug-2012 - Eid ul Fitar 1433 Hijri
18-Aug-2012 - Karachi: Namaz Janaza Martyed Yom al quds day
18-Aug-2012 - Yaum-ul-Qods Being Observed on 28th Ramadhan Across Pakistan
17-Aug-2012 - Karachi: Syed Abbas Haider Jaffri Embraces Shahadat
17-Aug-2012 - Karachi: Blast in Bus near Safari Park
16-Aug-2012 - Quetta: Three Momineen Embrace Shahadat.
16-Aug-2012 - Naran: Updates of the Brazen Attack.
16-Aug-2012 - Naran: 25 Momineen Martyred after Checking ID cards.
15-Aug-2012 - Karachi :Namaz-e-Janaaza Shaheed Sajid Moosavi
14-Aug-2012 - Sajid Moosavi Embraces Shahadat
14-Aug-2012 - Pakistan- A Divine Gift for South Asian Muslims
14-Aug-2012 - 14th August : Happy Independence Day
10-Aug-2012 - Al Shaheed News paper (Aug 2012) Issue
10-Aug-2012 - Karachi : Rangers Firing Injures Two Scouts Volunteers.
10-Aug-2012 - 21st Ramadan: Yaum-e-Ali (A.S) Commemorated With Religious Fervor
5-Aug-2012 - Gilgit: Remote Control Bomb blast on Vehicle
5-Aug-2012 - 24th Martyrdom Anniversary of Quaid Shaheed Allama Arif Hussain Al Hussaini (R.A)
30-Jul-2012 - Karachi: Muzzammil Hussain Embraces Shahadat.
28-Jul-2012 - Quetta: Dr. Noor Ali embraced martyrdom
24-Jul-2012 - Peshawar: Firing on Imambargha Nergis Bibi embraced martyrdom
24-Jul-2012 - Eid Gift Dristibuted in Shuhada families
19-Jul-2012 - Karachi: Annual Picnic 2012 for Shohada Families
18-Jul-2012 - Lahore: Quran O Sunnat conference at Minar Pakistan
18-Jul-2012 - Orakzai: Hiace hit landmine, 12 momineen embraced martyrdom
18-Jul-2012 - Karachi: Yawar Mehdi embraced martyrdom
11-Jul-2012 - Quetta: Yazidi terrorist slaughtered two momineen
10-Jul-2012 - Mastung: School Teacher Abdul Rasheed embraced martyrdom
8-Jul-2012 - Quetta: Ramzan Ali embraced martyrdom
7-Jul-2012 - Karachi: Syed Qamar Raza Naqvi embraced martyrdom
7-Jul-2012 - AL SHAHEED MAGAZINE 3rd ISSUE (Jul, Aug, Sep 2012)
6-Jul-2012 - Wiladat-e-baa-saadat-e-Imam-e-Zamana (a.t.f.s) 15th Shaabaan
4-Jul-2012 - Sialkot: Sapah yazid attack on village, 1 Women Martyred with unborn child
4-Jul-2012 - Quetta : Mohammad Yasin embraced martyrdom
2-Jul-2012 - Karachi: Syed Habib Haider Naqvi embraced martyrdom
1-Jul-2012 - Gilgit: Firing near Police check post
29-Jun-2012 - Karachi: Mohammed Imran embraced martyrdom
28-Jun-2012 - Quetta: Attack on Zaireen bus
25-Jun-2012 - Karachi: Dr Mohammad Ali embraced martyrdom
25-Jun-2012 - 4th Shabaan Article : Wilaadat-e-Maula Abbas Alamdar Mubaarak!
24-Jun-2012 - 3rd Shabaan: Wiladat-e-Baa Saadat-e-Maula Hussain AS Mubaarak!
22-Jun-2012 - Karachi : Hasan Ali Embraced Martyrdom.
18-Jun-2012 - Karachi: Mollana Ghulam Mohammad Ameeni embraced martyrdom
18-Jun-2012 - Quetta: Attack on a bus carrying university students.
17-Jun-2012 - SYRIA : Bomb Blast @ Shrine of Sayyeda Zainab Salamullaah Alaiha Bint-e-Ali Alaihissalaaam.
11-Jun-2012 - NEWS LETTER JUNE 2012
6-Jun-2010 - Quetta : Protest against the Genocide of Shia Muslims in Balochistan province.
3-Jun-2012 - Quetta: Firing on Shop 7 embraced martyrdom
2-Jun-2012 - Quetta: Mohammad Ali embraced martyrdom
30-May-2012 - Quetta: Ali Mohammad embraced martyrdom
30-May-2012 - Karachi: Two (2) momineen embraced martyrdom
28-May-2012 - Parachinar : 3 momineen embraced martyrdom
25-May-2012 - Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Naqi Al-Hadi
24-May-2012 - Quetta: Ameer Mohammad embraced martyrdom
20-May-2012 - Karachi: New Qabar Project started in Karachi
20-May-2012 - Karachi: Manzoor Hussain embraced martyrdom
19-May-2012 - Lahore: Prof. Dr. Shabih-ul-Hasan embraced martyrdom
17-May-2012 - Arif-e-Ilahi Ayatollaah Taqi Behjet, Death Anniversary (17 May)
16-May-2012 - 64 years of illegitimate occupation of Zionist Regime : 15th May 1948. (Yaum-e-Nakba + Yaum-e-Murdabad Amreeka)
16-May-2012 - Mastung: Abdul Ghafor embraced martyrdom
15-May-2012 - Karachi: Syed Mehdi Raza embraced martyrdom
15-May-2012 - Quetta: Firing near Passport office 2 brother embraced Martyrdom
12-May-2012 - Wiladat-e-Baa-Saadat-e-Hazrat-e- Fatemah Zahra (s.a.)
10-May-2012 - SFP: Monthly Financial Report April 2012
9-May-2012 - Karachi: Haji Shafqat Hussain embraced martyrdom
5-May-2012 - Karachi : Yom e Shohada Programme at Martan Raod.
4-May-2012 - Karachi: Sibtain Shah embraced Martyrdom
1-May-2012 - Mastung: Rustam Lehri Embraced Martyrdom
1-May-2012 - Quetta: Firning on Kirabi Road Mehboob (Haji) Embraced Martyrdom
1-May-2012 - Lahore: Injured of Ghamay Shah blast needed support
29-Apr-2012 - Urgent: Attention and Contribution request!
21-Apr-2012 - QUETTA: 2 Momineen embraced martyrdom.
19-Apr-2012 - Lahore: Ex DP JSO Karachi Gulzar Bhutto embraced martyrdom
17-Feb-2012 - Karachi: Vice Principle Imran Hassan Zaidi embraced martyrdom
16-Apr-2012 - Quetta: Firing on Kawari Road 1 momin embraced martyrdom
14-Apr-2012 - SFP Newsletter March 2012
14-Apr-2012 - Sit in Concludes: 20th April Juma-e-Efaye-e-Ehad ba khoon-e-Shohada
14-Apr-2012 - Quetta : Hussain Hussain She'aar Hai , Shahadat Iftekhaar Hai !!
13-Apr-2012 - Quetta: Ali Akbar embraced martyrdom
12-Apr-2012 - Quetta: 3 Momineen embraced martyrdom
12-Apr-2012 - DI Khan: Zafar Ali embraced martyrdom in custody
12-Apr-2012 - 2nd MAGAZINE ISSUED (April, May, June 2012)
10-Apr-2012 - Gilgit : Very Critical Condition in GB. Many Momineen martyred and Missing
9-Apr-2012 - QUETTA: Firing on a shoe shop
9-Apr-2012 - Sit in @ Parliament House enters fourth consecutive day!
5-Apr-2012 - Karachi: Ghulam Hussain embraced Martyrdom
5-Apr-2012 - Karachi: Aamir Abbas embraced Martyrdom
4-Apr-2012 - Karachi: Injured Nadir Ali embraced Martyrdom
3-Apr-2012 - Quetta : 2 momineen embraced shahdat.
3-Apr-2012 - Gilgit: Wajahat Hussain embraced Martyrdom
3-Apr-2012 - Karachi: Sajid Ali embraced Martyrdom
3-Apr-2012 - Karachi: Syed Naseem Abbas embraced Martyrdom
2-Apr-2012 - Karachi: Syed Asghar Hussain Jaffri embraced martyrdom
31-Mar-2012 - Quetta: Another Injured of spini road embraced Martyrdom
28-Mar-2012 - Karachi: Syed M. Tahir embraced martyrdom
29-Mar-2012 - Quetta: Firing on Vehicle at spini road.
26-Mar-2012 - Gilgit: A momin Khos Mohammed embraced martyrdom
26-Mar-2012 - Karachi: Syed Basharat Zaidi embraced martyrdom
26-Mar-2012 - Quetta: Ejaz Hussain embraces martyrdom
25-Mar-2012 - "Quran aur Ahl-i-Bait a.s Conference" at Nishtar Park
24-Mar-2012 - Karachi: Advocate Father and son of Malir Bar embrace martyrdom
22-Mar-2012 - Shaheed Foundation Pakistan open a new Bank Account.
18-Mar-2012 - Quetta: Firing on shop Father and son embrace martyrdom
18-Mar-2012 - Hangu: A prominent leader Raziq Ali embraces martyrdom
16-Mar-2012 - Parachanar: Blast on Bus many injured
15-Mar-2012 - Karachi : Jaffria Alliance member's Son Martyered
12-Mar-2012 - Khairpur: Qalandar Bukhs embraced martyrdom
12-Mar-2012 - KURRUM AGENCY: Blast on bus moving from Peshawar to Parachinar.
7-Mar-2012 - Shahadat anniversary of Dr Mohammed Ali Naqvi
29-Feb-2012 - Foundation Stone Ceremeny of Markaz-e-Asaar-e-Shohada Pakistan & Markaz-e-Nigehdaasht
28-Feb-2012 - GILGIT: Namaz-e-Janaza Images
28-Feb-2012 - At-least 18 pilgrims from Gilgit and Northern area embraced martyrdom...
27-Feb-2012 - Alipur: Hafiz Syed M.Saqlain Martyred after fighting with death
25-Feb-2012 - Project launch Markaz Asar Shohada Pakistan or Markaz Nighaidash
18-Feb-2012 - Parachinar: Suicide Bomb Blast Update
17-Feb-2012 - Parachinar: Suicide Bomb Blast many mominee embraced martyrdom
16-Feb-2012 - Karachi: Kazim Ali embraced martyrdom
15-Feb-2012 - Karachi: Molana Sadaqat Ali embraced martyrdom
9-Feb-2012 - Injured Person Scheme Response
1-Feb-2012 - Karachi: 8th Rabi-ul-Awal Juloos
1-Feb-2012 - Karachi: Firing on Imambargha Madinatul Ilm
31-Jan-2012 - Karachi: Naeem Ali embraced martyrdom
31-Jan-2012 - D.I. Khan: Malik Ghulam Ahmed embraced martyrdom
30-Jan-2012 - Karachi: Tahseer Abbas embrace martyrdom
29-Jan-2012 - KARACHI: N.Janaza of Shaheed Dr.Jaffar Mohsin
28-Jan-2012 - KARACHI: Dr. Jaffer Mohsin of Caravan-e-Aly Aba shot martyred
26-Jan-2012 - KARACHI: Namaz-e-Janaza of martyred lawyers.
25-Jan-2012 - QUETTA: Firing at Mecongi Road leads 3 Martyrs.
25-Jan-2012 - Karachi: firing on car 3 lawyers embraced martyrdom
18-Jan-2012 - Quetta: Nisar Ahmed embraced Martryed
16-Jan-2012 - Khanpur: Injured Ghulam Qadir Embraced Shahadat.
16-Jan-2012 - Rahim Yar Khan - Namaz-e-Janaza of shohada
16-Jan-2012 - KARACHI: Ghulam Muhammad s/o Ghulam Ali Martyred
15-Jan-2012 - KARACHI: Ghulam Raza Embraced Martyrdom .
16-Jan-2012 - KHANPUR:Bomb found and disposed at graveyard
15-Jan-2012 - RAHIM YAAR KHAN: Blast at khanpur (update - video)
15-Jan-2012 - RAHIM YAAR KHAN: Blast at khanpur near darkhuasti chowk
12-Jan-2012 - Karachi: Syed M.Mushtaq Zaidi embraced martyrdom
8-Jan-2012 - KARACHI: 2 planted bomb disposed by Police in Malir 15.
5-Jan-2012 - Quetta: ASI Ghulam Abbas embraced martyrdom
5-Jan-2012 - GILGIT: DSP Ibrahim Astor Embraced Martyrdom.
2-Jan-2012 - Shaheed Askari Raza Janaza & Protest (in pictures)
2-Jan-2012 - Shaheed Askari Raza Buried Amid Tears and Cries
31-Dec-2011 - KARACHI: Attack on Askari Raza
29-Dec-2011 - KHAIRPUR: Attack on peaceful protesters.
27-Dec-2011 - KARACHI: Nayyar Abbas s/o M. Ashraf Embraced Martyrdom.
25-Dec-2011 - GILGIT: Johar Ali shot martyr on the way to Pindi
22-Dec-2011 - Lahore: Firing on student in Punjab University
21-Dec-2012 - KARACHI: Attack on Markazi jaloos in Shah Faisal colony
21-Dec-2011 - AL-SHAHEED Quarterly Magazine
19-Dec-2011 - MASTUNG: Azadar M. Iqbal shot martyred
17-Dec-2011 - Quetta: Ali Hassan embraced martyrdom
14-Dec-2011 - KARACHI: Firing on majlis in Ancholi Block 17
12-Dec-2011 - PESHAWAR: S. Mehmood Shot Martyred in his shop
9-Dec-2011 - KARACHI: Peer S.Zakir shot Martyred
6-Dec-2011 - Al Shaheed News paper (Dec 2011) Issue
6-Dec-2011 - Matami processions on 10th of Muharram
6-Dec-2011 - KARACHI: Attack on Momineen near Hassan Colony
6-Dec-2011 - KARACHI: Low Intensity Blast Near Kalapul, Defence
6-Dec-2011 - KARACHI: Blast at Jacob Line
5-Dec-2011 - Jhang: Firing on momineen after Majlis
5-Dec-2011 - Matami processions on 9th of Muharram
1-Dec-2011 - Karachi: Firing on Ladies Majlis
1-Dec-2011 - QUETTA: Young Man of 22 Years, Mir Gohar Shot Martyred
29-Nov-2011 - Quetta: Lecturer Danish Ali Baltistani embraced martyrdom
27-Nov-2011 - Karachi: Firing at Nomaish Round about
26-Nov-2011 - NATO Attack on Pak Army (24 embraced shahdat)
26-Nov-2011 - Istakbal-e-Moharram (1433 h)
26-Nov-2011 - Moharram Majalis Schedule (1433 h)
25-Nov-2011 - Karachi: Ghulam Hasan embraced martyred
20-Nov-2011 - Hide Collection and Meat Distribution Result
16-Nov-2011 - Tax Exemption for Donors of Shaheed Foundation
12-Nov-2011 - Karachi: Syed Kashif Zaidi embraced martyred
7-Nov-2011 - Bin Baba Aap Kay ya Eid kahan ki...
6-Nov-2011 - Eid Qurban Project : Hide Collection and Bakra Mandi 2011
4-Nov-2011 - KARACHI: Attack on Rtd. Justice Supreme Court Zawwar Jaffri
2-Nov-2011 - Appeal for sacrificial hides 2011
1-Nov-2011 - GILGIT : Nasir Abbas martyred in Napura
30-Oct-2011 - Karachi: Qasim Ali s/o Laiqat Ali embraced martyrdom
28-Oct-2011 - Karachi: Kausar Zaidi of Shia Ullema Council embraced martyrdom
19-Oct-2011 - Karachi: Imran Abbas s/o M. Ashraf embraced martyrdom
18-Oct-2011 - Sacrificial animal camp for martyrs children year 2011 (bakra mandi)
16-Oct-2011 - Shahadat Anniversary of Shaheed-e-Millat Khan Liaquat Ali Khan.
14-Oct-2011 - RAJA SAHIB OF MAHMUDABAD (Death Anniversary 14th October 1973)
10-Oct-2011 - Anniversary of Shohada-e-Masjid-e- Kashmirian Lahore
4-Oct-2011 - Anniversary Shohada-e-Masjid-e-Ali Murtaza Karachi
3-Oct-2011 - Shohada-e-Saneha-e-Suparco
4-Oct-2011 - Quetta: Another attack on vehicle carrying momineen of Quetta
3-Oct-2011 - Audit Report 2010 - 2011 Released
1-Oct-2011 - Shohada-e-Masjid-e-Zainabia S.A Sialkot
1-Oct-2011 - Shohada-e-Masjid-e-Hur
1-Oct-2011 - Second Anniversary Shaheed Wilayat Hussain Advocate
30-Sep-2011 - 23rd Anniversary of D.I .Khan Carnage
30-Sep-2011 - Marriage Fund for martyr's family
23-Sep-2011 - Quetta: Firing on Vehicle
20-Sep-2011 - Quetta: Firing on Bus of Zaaireen 29 shaheed
18-Sep-2011 - Parachinar: 3 people embraced martyrdom near Merokhel village
7-Sep-2011 - 8th Shawaal - Demolition of Al-Baqi
5-Sep-2011 - GILGIT: Atish Ali Martyred.
5-Sep-2011 - PARACHINAR. Fighting in Pewar village continue 1 Sajid Hussain Shaheed and another injured
6-Sep-2011 - 6th September - Sila-e-shaheed kia hai...
2-Sep-2011 - D.I. Khan: S. Qasier Bukhari embraced martyrdom
2-Sep-2011 - Parachinar: Makhi Zai firing 8 momineen embraced shahdat
31-Aug-2011 - Eid-ul-Fitr 1432h (Visit to Shohada Graveyard)
31-Aug-2011 - Quetta: Bomb Blast at Hazara Eidgah
28-Aug-2011 - Bhakkar: Mehdi Shah embraced martyrdom
28-Aug-2011 - Karachi: Chailum Shaheed Mukhtar Bukhari Advocate
26-Aug-2011 - Youm Al Quds Rally - 2011
25-Aug-2011 - D.I. Khan: Police Constable Sohail Abbas embraced martyrdom
22-Aug-2011 - Yaum-e-Ali (AS) (21st Ramadan 1432h)
22-Aug-2011 - CHAKWAL: Attack on Imambargah Husainia
22-Aug-2011 - Karachi: Naveed Abbas embraced martyrdom
21-Aug-2011 - D.I. Khan: Syed Ejaz Hussain Shah embraced martyrdom
20-Aug-2011 - Essence of Baab-ul-Ilm Ba-e-Bismillah, Ameer-ul-Momineen, Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib (as)
15-Aug-2011 - Karachi: Asif Ali embraced martyrdom
16-Aug-2011 - Wiladat Hazrat Imam Hasan (a.s.)
14-Aug-2011 - SFP Visit to the Quaid-e-Azam Mausoleum
14-Aug-2011 - SFP Annual Iftar Party 2011
6-Aug-2011 - Karachi: S. Muntazir Mehdi Rizvi embraced martyrdom
5-Aug-2011 - 23rd shahadat anniversary of Quaid-e-Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan
30-Jul-2011 - Quetta: Firing on Pickup, 11 momineen embrace martyrdom
29-Jul-2011 - Multan Khanwada-e-Shohada tour to Karachi (21st July to 25th July 2011)
29-Jul-2011 - QUETTA: Firing on bus at saryab road.
24-Jul-2011 - SFP Annual Picnic For Khanwada-e-Shuhda (Karachi)
24-Jul-2011 - Karachi: Attack on Ali Bagh Qabaristan chakiwara lyari
23-Jul-2011 - Karachi: Advocate Mukhtar Bukhari embraced martyred
19-Jul-2011 - Peshawar: Peer Alamgeer Chishti embraced martyrdom
18-Jul-2011 - Multan: 2 Bomb Blast at Peera-Ghaib
16-Jul-2011 - Karachi: Injured of firing Aun Mohammed embraced martyrdom
10-Jul-2011 - Quetta: Firing on Qambrani Road 3 momineen embraced martydom
6-Jul-2011 - KARACHI: 2 martyred at university Road
28-Jun-2011 - SFP Visit to different Cities of Pakistan
25-Jun-2011 - D.I. KHAN:Gold merchant Gulam Akber Farishta Martyred
23-Jun-2011 - BHAKKAR: Head of Matami Sungat martyred in darya Khan
22-Jun-2011 - KARACHI: Izhar Ali kidnapped and martyred.
18-Jun-2011 - D.I. KHAN: Firing near EID GAH
16-Jun-2011 - QUETTA: Olympian, Boxer Syed Abrar Hussain Martyred
15-Jun-2011 - KARACHI: Qasba Colony, S.Shahid Hussain Martyred
11-Jun-2011 - QUETTA: ASI Manzoor Hussain Martyred
8-Jun-2011 - D.I. Khan: Gulam Muhammad martyred.
28-May-2011 - Quetta: Firing on Policemen and passing by people
27-May-2011 - D. I. Khan: Syed Fida Hussain embraced martyrdom
26-May-2011 - Re-opening ceremony of display centre of Al-Shaheed
21-May-2011 - Karachi: 2 lawyer brother embraced martyrdom
19-May-2011 - Majlis Chailum Shaheed Dr Mumtaz Haider
18-May-2011 - Quetta: Vehicle of shia momineen attacked
15-May-2011 - ISO President Rehman Shah unhurt in the attack
13-May-2011 - Karachi: S. Majid Hussain embraced martyrdom
12-May-2011 - Karachi: Qamar Abbas embraced martyrdom
6-May-2011 - Quetta: Rocket attack and firing on football team
5-May-2011 - Karachi: Injured of saneha Al Quds Quetta embraced martyrdom
3-May-2011 - Karachi: Hyder Ali embraced martyrdom
22-Apr-2011 - Parachinar: Blood Soaked Parachinar
21-Apr-2011 - D.I.Khan: 2 police man embarced shahdat
20-Apr-2011 - DIKHAN: A Momin Naveed Abbas Martyed
20-Apr-2011 - Karachi: Tahir injured todays brutal attack embraced shahdat
20-Apr-2011 - Karachi: Basharat Bangash of Parachanar shot martyed
19-Apr-2011 - Quetta: Dr Mumtaz Hyder Naqvi embraced shahdat
16-Apr-2011 - Monthly statistics & support request
11-Apr-2011 - Parachinar: 3 Martyred in Van Bomb Blast
6-Apr-2011 - Chakwal: Mushtaq, injured of Chakwal bomb blast embraced Shahdat
3-Apr-2011 - DERA GHAZI KHAN: Suicide blasts at Darbar Sakhi Sarwar killing about 35 people
30-Mar-2011 - Karachi: Mooj Ali embraced Shahdat
25-Mar-2011 - Kurram Agency: 8 Momineen killed in Taliban attack
24-Mar-2011 - Karachi: Barkat Ali ISO Ex member shot dead
21-Mar-2011 - SFP: Supporting 1008 families of Shohada-Millat-e-Jafferia
20-Mar-2011 - Hungo : Firing at bus 9 momineen injured
13-Mar-2011 - Hango: Firing on Coach 11 people embraced shahdat
12-Mar-2011 - Karachi: Qadir Jaffri embraced shahdat
4-Mar-2011 - Majlis Barsi Shaheed Dr Mohammad Ali Naqvi at Lahore
22-Feb-2010 - Al-Shaheed welfare install water pump for flood victims
23-Feb-2011 - Majlis Tarheem for Shaheed Allama Altaf Hussain Al HUssaini
9-Feb-2011 - Shohada memorial day held in Hango
6-Feb-2011 - Shohada memorial day held in Dera Ghazi Khan
5-Feb-2011 - Shohada memorial day held in Bakkar
1-Feb-2011 - Al Shaheed News paper (Feb 2011) Issue
9-Feb-2011 - After Four Year Parachinar Road Open
8-Feb-2011 - Yom e Shohada Hungo wa Shohada Millat e Jaffria
4-Feb-2011 - Karachi: Allama Altaf Hussain Al-Hussaini embraced shahdat
4-Feb-2011 - Kotri: Firing on Allama Altaf Hussain Al-Hussaini
25-Jan-2011 - Karachi: 2 policeman embraced shahdat while protecting Momineen
25-Jan-2011 - Lahore: Huge bomb blast rocks Lahore
24-Jan-2011 - Audit Report 2009 - 2010 Released
10-Jan-2011 - D.I.Khan: Mehmood Hussain embraces shahdat
6-Jan-2011 - Karachi: Waseem Haider embraced shahadat
4-Jan-2011 - D.I. Khan: Ex ISO member Ishfaq Hussain Baloch Embraced shahdat
3-Jan-2011 - D.I. Khan: Prof Syed Muneer Hussain embraced Shahdat
30-Dec-2010 - Peshawar: Safder Abbas S/O Captain Asgher Shot Martyred
28-Dec-2010 - Karachi: Karachi University Bomb Blast in Namaz-e-Zohrain
26-Dec-2010 - 2 Injured in D.I.Khan attack
22-Dec-2010 - Injured of Saneha-e-Karbala Gamey Shah Lahore embraced...
17-Dec-2010 - Hangu: bomb blast Al-Zehra hostpital Pictures
17-Dec-2010 - Al Shaheed News paper Dec 2010 Issue
17-Dec-2010 - Procession on 10th Muharram 1432hj (Karachi)
17-Dec-2010 - Shikarpur: Suicide attack stopped by Police
17-Dec-2010 - Hango: Martor Attack on 10th Moharram Azadar
16-Dec-2010 - Peshawar: Bomb Attack on Procession
16-Dec-2010 - Karachi: Firing in Surjani 2 mourners injured
15-Dec-2010 - Detail of Procession on 8th Muharram 1432hj
15-Dec-2010 - Quetta: Firing, Father and 4 Years Son Martyred
10-Dec-2010 - Quetta: Sub Inspector Javed Hussain embraces shahdat
10-Dec-2010 - Hangu: Car bomb blast at Al-Zehra hostpital
8-Dec-2010 - Kohat: Suicide blast kills 18 in Tirah market
29-Nov-2010 - Karachi: Pasbane-e-Aza kay Nayyar Zaidi embraced shahdat
23-Nov-2010 - Thankfull to all Momineen about Skin Collection
15-Nov-2010 - BAKRA MANDI 2010 (Picture Gallery)
11-Nov-2010 - Appeal for sacrificial hides 2010 (1431 h)
11-Nov-2010 - Karachi: Famous Noha reciter only son embrased shahdat
11-Nov-2010 - Quetta: Store owner kidnapped, guard Killed
28-Oct-2010 - Firing on Al-Abbas store Quetta
28-Oct-2010 - Tahafuz Azadari Conference
22-Oct-2010 - Karachi: Chailum Shohada
14-Oct-2010 - Quetta: Chailum Shohada-e-Al Quds Rally
13-Oct-2010 - SFP BULLETIN
12-Oct-2010 - Pray for Early recovery of Allama Jalil Naqvi
9-Oct-2010 - Lahore: Chulam Shohada-e-Karbala Gamay Shah
7-Oct-2010 - Twin blasts at Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine
1-Oct-2010 - Barsi Shoda Masjid-e-Zanabiya, Sialkot
28-Sep-2010 - Quetta: 28th Sep, Vegetable Sellers Killed
25-Sep-2010 - Quetta: One More Injured Expired
21-Sep-2010 - Karachi: Rangers Firing, 3 martyred 7 injured
19-Sep-2010 - Tanveer Abbas Jaffri Shot Martyred
15-Sep-2010 - SFP News Update
15-Sep-2010 - Parachanar: 2 Attacks on Shia Village
11-Sep-2010 - Al Shaheed Taranay Vol 3, 2010
6-Sep-2010 - Request for Support of Injured Families
5-Sep-2010 - Banned Outfits Attacked Lahore & Quetta
3-Sep-2010 - Quetta: Attack on Al-Quds rally, Dozens martyred
3-Sep-2010 - Dadu: Pictures of Flood Victims
1-Sep-2010 - Lahore: Series of Blasts in procession of Yom-e-Ali
1-Sep-2010 - Multan: Procession attacked by Stones
1-Sep-2010 - Karachi: Firing on procession of Yaum Ali (A.S)
31-Aug-2010 - DHABEJI: Rashan delivered at Dhabeji
31-Aug-2010 - DADU:Rashan delivered at Dadu
29-Aug-2010 - Progress Report From Makli, Thatta
28-Aug-2010 - Aid Dispatched to Makli, Thatta
25-Aug-2010 - Gilgit: Imran Hussain Shot Martyred
24-Aug-2010 - Progress Report for Flood Victims
24-Aug-2010 - Karachi: Izhar Hussain Shot Martyred
22-Aug-2010 - Bhakkar: Fakhar Abbas Burried
22-Aug-2010 - D.I.Khan: Fakhar Abbas Shot Martyred
21-Aug-2010 - DIK Dawood Hussain Shot Martyred
20-Aug-2010 - ASWP Relief Report of Flood Victims
14-Aug-2010 - 14th August, The Independence day of Pakistan
17-Aug-2010 - DIK:Qalb-e-Abbas Shot Martyred
13-Aug-2010 - Survey Report of D.I.Khan & Tank
16-Aug-2010 - Karachi: Mirza Yousuf Hussains son Shot Dead
16-Aug-2010 - Disruption of Service on SFP Website.
11-Aug-2010 - Karachi: Zakir Hussain Shot Martyred
10-Aug-2010 - Karachi: Agha Abid Shirazi Martyred
4-Aug-2010 - SFP Film Jannat Kay Rahi
4-Aug-2010 - Emergency Relief For Flood Victims
2-Aug-2010 - Gilgit: Sher Nawaz embraced shahdat
31-Jul-2010 - Quetta: Zulifiqar Shah Shot Martyred
28-Jul-2010 - Gilgit: Shabar Hussain Shot Martyred
27-Jul-2010 - "TAREKH- e-SHOHADA" Dera Ismail Khan part 1.
21-Jul-2010 - Karachi: Picnic For Khanwada-e-Shuhda
18-Jul-2010 - Sargodha: Imam Bargha Bomb Blast
17-Jul-2010 - Parachinar: Militants attacked Shiite Convoy
10-Jul-2010 - Afghanistan: Several Pakistani Shia Martyred
9-Jul-2010 - Hacking Attempt on SFP Website
9-Jul-2010 - D.I.K Syed Asif Ali Shah Shot Martryed
6-Jul-2010 - Karachi: Fayyaz Hussain Shot Martyred
3-Jul-2010 - Rizwan Hussain Shot martyred in Karachi
2-Jul-2010 - Quetta: Ustad Ali Mohammad shot martyred
29-Jun-2010 - Mastung: Abdul Aleem Mangi Martyred
28-Jun-2010 - Karachi: One more Shia, Sajid Ali Martyred
21-Jun-2010 - Jandullah Terrorists Escaped
- Mastung: Abudul Aleem Shot Martyred
- Karachi: One more Shia, Sajid Ali Martyred
- Karachi: Hammad Nanji martyred
- Request for Marriage Fund
- Terrorists escaped from Police custody in Court
- Quetta: Two brothers killed and one Injured
- Karachi: Sohail Abbas Shot Martyred
- Shia Boy Critically Injured by the Terrorists
- Tribals Demand End of Target Killings in Karachi
- Khi: Shia Journalist Ayub Naqvi Martyred
- Karachi: Naseer Hussain matyred
- Khi: Ali Raza Martyred in Ancholi
- DIK: Dr. Javed Iqbal Shah Martyred
- Khi: Shahzad: Another brother Myrtred
- Imam Khomeini 21st Death Anniversary
- Yazidis Re-Grouping in Sindh.
- Karachi: Dr. Hassan Haider Martyred
- Karachi: Syed Asif Raza Martyred
- Rally Brutally Baton-Charged ,Tear -Gassed.
- Karachi: Imambargah Wali-e-Asr Under Attack
- DIK: Mashoor Kazmi Martyred
- Multan: Picnic 2010 for Shuhada Families
- Khi: Terrorists of ASWJ Killed Young Shia Boy
- Quetta Allama Najfi escaped in Bomb Blast
- Quetta:Rally for Shohada-e-Balochistan
- Blasphemy by Social Networking Site
- Quetta:Two monineen including Doctor martyred
- Quetta: Protest against Shia Killings
- Karachi:Two Momineen Shaheed
- Al Shaheed Qabar Project
- LJ planning to target Shia leaders, police
- Balochistan: Threat letters to Girls School by TTP
- Mastung: Two more Shia Muslims martyred
- Dr. Syed Abbas Hyder Namza-e-Janaza
- Shahadat Anniversary of Hazrat Fatemah (S.A)
- Dr. Syed Abbas Hyder Embraces Shahadat.
- Kohat : Twin Blasts Rock Momineen ,30 Martyred!
- Quetta : Civil Hospital Blast Updates.
- Quetta : Blast rocks hospital :10 martyred.
- 30th Anniversary :Shaheed Baqer Al- Sadr
- Chakwal: 1st Anniversary Shuhda
- Birth Anniversary of Imam Hasan Askari (AS) .
- Emergency Relief for Injured Families
- 23rd March : Pakistan Day
- Quetta : Three Momineen Embraced Shahadat
- Quetta: Haji Shabbir Martyred.
- D.G Khan : Naseem Abbas Embraced Shahadat.
- Layya: Tauqeer Abbas Martyred
- Hangu :Blast Rocks Momineen Caravan
- Al-Shaheed Memorial Hospital :
- Islamic Unity Week (12th-17th Rabiul Awwal) 1431h
- Eid -e-Zahra(SA) (1431h)
- Chup Tazia Juloos on 8th Rabiul Awwal
- Parachanar: SFP working member embraced shahdat
- Peshawar: A momin killed and 2 Injured
- Gilgit : Imambargah Comes Under Grenade Attack.
- Pictures of Saneha-e-Chehlum Karachi
- Karachi: ISO Marched and Sit-in for Demands
- Funneral of Shuhda-e-Karachi Observed
- Soyem & Chehlum of Shuhda-e-Karachi
- Khi: Namaza Janaza of Shuhada
5-Feb-2010 - Karachi: Blast in Jinnah Hospital
- Karachi: Mourners bus attacked
- Video on Saneha-e-Ashora is released
- Jhang : Azadari Procession Comes Under Attack.
- Quetta: 3 Dead Bodies, 2 injured Rushed to Karachi
- Quetta: 3 Pilgrims Shaheed and 10 injured
- Khi Ahura Blast: One More Identified
- Quetta:Attack on Doctor, 1 martyred 2 injured
- Quetta: A momin M. Arif embraced Shahadat
- Khi: Soyem of Shohada-e-Ashura Observed
- Khi: Soyem of Shuhda-e-Ashora
- Bomb Blast at M. A. Jinnah Raod, Karachi
- Attack on procession in Taluka Pano Akil, Sukkar
- Attack on procession in PirJo Goth, Khairpur
- Bomb blast in Procession, Muzaffarabad
- Bomb blast in Procession in Qasba Mour, Karachi
- Bomb blast in Procession in Paposh nagar, Karachi
- Islamabad: Two injured in Blast
- Majalis schedule of 1431 h (Karachi)
- SFP Bulletin December 2009
- Quetta: A momin Altaf Hussain embraced Shahadat
- Skin Project-Picture Gallery 2009 (1430 h)
- Bakra Mandi - Picture Gallery (1430h)
- Parachinar: A Momin Mohsin embraced Shahadat
- Appeal for sacrificial hides 2009 (1430 h)
- Karachi: Molana Mohammad Waaezi embraced Shahadat
- Anniversary of Allama Badruddin Mekho Shaheed
- Peshawar: Abul Hassan Jafri embraced Shahadat
- CAMP FOR MARTYRS CHILDREN (Bakra Mandi) (1430h)
- Tank: Water Project Successfully Completed
- Saniha Masjid-e-Zanabiya, Sialkot (Anniversary)
- Tank: Water Project progress (Picture Gallery)
- D.I.Khan: Maqbool Hussain Embraced Shahadat
- Tank: Water Project progress
- Hangu: Mazhar Ali, beheaded body found
- Peshawar: S. Samar Abbas Zaidi embraced Shahadat
- Quetta: Asif Jaffri embraced Shahadat
- Quetta: Dr. Aslam Mirza embraced Shahadat
- Tank: Water Project is started
- Quetta: M. Ashraf embraced Shahadat
- Peshawar: Rihan Ali Bangash Embraced shahadat
- Gilgit: Four Momineen embraced shahadat
- Black Day 8 Shawal - Demolishion of Jannatul Baqi
- Eid Mubarak (1430 h)
- Shohada Graveyard on Eid-ul-Fitr (1430 h)
- SFP distributed gift packs on Eid-ul-Fitr (1430 h)
- Fitra-e-Eid collection
- Huge blast near Kohat 30 Martyred
- Thanks for participants in Water Turbine
- Pictures of Shahadat of Imam Alis Procession
- Soyem of Shaheed Nazeers Mother
- Quetta: Factory Owner Ahmed Ali Embraced Shahadat
- More Details About Tank-Water Project
- Condolences on the death of Aziz Al Hakim
- Sialkot: Picnic of Shuhada Families
- Apeal for Tube Well in Seized Shia Town
- Hangu: Momin Anwar Embraced Shahadat
- Quetta: Attack on Molana Maqsood Domki
- SFP Celebrates Independence Day
- Quetta: Target killing still going on
- Khairpur: Many ALAM & Momineen House burnt
- Quetta: Dr Abid Raza Embraced Shahadat
- Happy 62nd Independence Anniversary
- Anniversary (21st) of Quad Shaheed
- Difa-e-Watan Convention Islamabad
- D.I.Khan: Bomb Blast in District Court Bar
- Shuhada-e-Islam Conference (London)
- D.I.Khan: Violation of Accord Continue
- Annual SFP Picnic 2009
- D.I.Khan: 3 Martyred, Violation of Accord Continue
- D.I. Khan: Rajab Ali Embraced Shahadat
- D.I.Khan: Fazal Hussain Shah Embraced Shahadat
- SFP Bulletin June 2009
- Parachinar: Millitants fleeing into Kurram
- D. I. Khan: Ghulam Shabbir Embraced Shahadat
- Quetta: Mominabad Nazim Shot dead
- Peshawar: Masjid Attack Retaliated 1 Killed
- Parachinar: Attack on Blashkhel, 3 martyred
- D. I. Khan: Syed Mehdi Shah Embraced Shahadat
- Taliban Martyred Dr. Mufti Naeemi
- Parachinar: Tribal Elder Killed by Taliban
- HANGU: Imambargah Shaheed in Shakhokhel
- D.I.Khan: Two Brothers Embraced Shahadat
- D.I.Khan: Mushtaq Hussain Embraced Shahadat
- D.I. Khan: Syed Saleem Shah Embraced Shahadat
- D. I. Khan: 1 Momeen Ikramullah Embraced Shahadat
- Kohat: Blast bus stand killing 1, many injured
- D. I. Khan: 1 momeen Killed by Firing
- D. I. Khan: Firing Killing 1 person, 1 Injured
- Layya Firing on Momineen attending majlis
- D.I.Khan: 1 martyred in a hand-grenade attack
- D.I.Khan: 3 shot martyred and 1 injured
- Karachi: Firing on Imambargahs
- Gilgit: Attack on Imamia Hostel
- Ulema Issued Fatwa against Taliban
- SFP Bulletin
- Taliban continues Shia killings: Pak media
- Bhakkar: Syed Shabir Embraced Shahadat
- SFPs Activities Report
- Khi: 5th Anniversary of Saneha-e-Masjid-e-Haidry
- DIKhan: Syed Ghulam Abbas Shah shot martyred
- Shorkot: Get Together With Shuhada's Families
- Kohat: 3 Momineen Shaheed, 1 injured
- D.I.Khan: Sadiq Hussain Shot Martyred
- Blast Rocks Jehangir's Funeral in Dera .
- SFP Starts to Serve Another 44 Families.
- Jehangir Hussain Embraces Shahadat.
- Hashmat Kazmi Embraces Shahadat.
- Young Angels Finally Freed..
- Murtajiz Embraces Shahadat.
- Malik Javed & Wife Embrace Shahadat.
- Asad Zaidi & His Driver Embrace Shahadat.
- D.I.Khan: Aanother Couple Shot Martyred
18-Apr-2009 - Hangu Children Await Saviour.....!!!
18-Apr-2009 - Kidnapping Victims of D.I.Khan Missing Still.
18-Apr-2009 - Iqbal Hussain Embraces Shahadat.
- S Abul Qasim Embraces Shahadat.
- Agha Farid Embraces Shahadat.
- Islamabad: Fida Hussain Embraces Shahadat.
- Tajammul Hussain Embraces Shahadat.
- Ali Raza Embraces Shahadat
13-Apr-2009 - Hussain Shah Embraces Shahadat.
11-Apr-2009 - SFP Thanks Contributors .
11-Apr-2009 - Tank (NWFP) Wahab Ali Shot Martyred
5-Apr-2009 - Career Guidance Seminar 2009.
6-Apr-2009 - Images & More Updates of Saneha Chakwal
5-Apr-2009 - Chakwal Imambargah suicide bombing
2-Apr-2009 - Multan: Majlis-e-Shuhda on 6th Anniversary
1-Apr-2009 - SFP Thanks for Participants in Medical Aid
31-Mar-2009 - Manawan Police Academy Attacked.
20-Mar-2009 - Chehlum Shohada-e-Dera Ghazi Khan.
18-Mar-2009 - D.I.Khan: Prominent Nauha Khwan Asghar Martyred.
18-Mar-2009 - Attacks on Jalamey , Chardewar REPULSED.
16-Mar-2009 - Mukhtiar Hussain Embraces Shahadat.
12-Mar-2009 - Hangu :One Momin Martyred , Four Injured
14-Mar-2009 - Eid Milad-un-Nabi (S.A.W.W) Mubarak...!
14-Mar-2009 - Mohammad Sharif and Wife Embrace Shahadat.
11-Mar-2009 - Dr. Jamshed Shah Kidnapped Near Shorkot.
11-Mar-2009 - Fahim Abbas Embraces Shahadat.
9-Mar-2009 - Three Mominin Embrace Shahadat in Quetta.
7-Mar-2009 - Syed Mumtaz Shah Embraces Shahadat.
7-Mar-2009 - Palestinian Martyred, 2 Wounded in an IAF Raid
7-Mar-2009 - Palestinian Premier Resigns.
7-Mar-2009 - Eid-e-Zahra (S.A) Mubarak..
7-Mar-2009 - Rafsanjani Visits Ayatollah Sistani.
7-Mar-2009 - Supreme Leader Meets Lebanon Parliament Speaker.
7-Mar-2009 - Rahber -e-Moazzam Stresses on Tauheed and Unity.
7-Mar-2009 - Shahadat Anniversary Dr. Mohammad Ali Naqvi.
6-Mar-2009 - Shahadat Anniversary Imam Hasan Askari (A.S)
6-Mar-2009 - Salaam-e-Akhri Aye Karbala Waloon....
4-Mar-2009 - Quetta: 5 More Momineen Martyred .
1-Mar-2009 - Quetta: 2 Momineen Martyred
28-Feb-2009 - Mehboob Hussain Embraces Shahadat.
27-Feb-2009 - Yazidi Taliban Kidnap Students in Ambush.
26-Feb-2009 - D.I.Khan :Ghulam Abbas Embraces Shahadat.
25-Feb-2009 - Gulab Shah and Four Sons Martyred in Quetta.
24-Feb-2009 - Faheem Abbas Embraces Shahadat.
21-Feb-2009 - Hangu: One Martyred 2 Injured
21-Feb-2009 - Khi: Shias under attack in Shah Faisal
21-Feb-2009 - Karachi: Aseem Raza Martyred
20-Feb-2009 - Hussain Embraces Shahadat in Hangu.
20-Feb-2009 - D.I.Khan Update: Shohada 26 , 107 Injured.
20-Feb-2009 - D.I.Khan : 24 Martyred ,Dozens Injured.
20-Feb-2009 - D.I.Khan :Blast Rocks Janaza Procession
19-Feb-2009 - The Dera Ghazi Khan Tragedy in Photos.
19-Feb-2009 - Six Martyred In PARACHINAR..
19-Feb-2009 - Phool Shah Embraces Shahadat.
19-Feb-2009 - DG Khan Blast Injured Embraces Shahadat.
19-Feb-2009 - Qurban Ali Embraces Shahadat in Gilgit.
19-Feb-2009 - Nasiran-e-Shohada Scheme.
14-Feb-2009 - Chehlum Imam Hussain
10-Feb-2009 - Ali Baba Buried Amid Cries and Tears..
10-Feb-2009 - Maulana Syed Shabeer Hussain Martyred
8-Feb-2009 - Protest held outside Pakistan Embassy London
5-Feb-2009 - Atleast 30 people embrace Sahadat in D.G.Khan
3-Feb-2009 - Ismail Haniya's Letter to Rahber-e-Moazzam...
3-Feb-2009 - Resistance Brought Israel to Knees : Meshal
3-Feb-2009 - Iqbal Haider Zaidi Embraces Shahadat.
2-Feb-2009 - D.I.Khan: Munawar Kazmi Martyred,Maqbool Injured.
28-Jan-2009 - Israeli Aggression: Children Sufferings
27-Jan-2009 - Israel re-launch its attacks
26-Jan-2009 - Quetta: HDP president martyred
24-Jan-2009 - Over 100 protesters occupied BBC headquarters
23-Jan-2009 - "Majlis e Barsi" of Shaheed Kausar Abbas
19-Jan-2009 - London protest mark emotional scenes
18-Jan-2009 - Ali Abbas Embraces Shahadat in D.I.Khan.
18-Jan-2009 - Rahber-e-Moazzam's Letter to Hammas...!!
16-Jan-2009 - Israel Faces International Bashing...!
16-Jan-2009 - Over 1130 Martyred in Gaza .....!!
15-Jan-2009 - Zionist Martyr Hamas Interior Minister
14-Jan-2009 - Gaza death toll passes 1000 mark
14-Jan-2009 - Brands to Boycott
14-Jan-2009 - Israel blocks Irans relief ship to Gaza
14-Jan-2009 - Rahbers Fatwa: Boycott Israeli Products
14-Jan-2009 - Quetta: 3 Policemen martyred
12-Jan-2009 - Pakistan: Anti-Israel Rallies
11-Jan-2009 - GAZA UPDATES- Day 16 (27th Dec-11 Jan) !
11-Jan-2009 - London anti-Israeli protest turns violent
11-Jan-2009 - M.P.Khas: Attack on Imambargah
11-Jan-2009 - Hungo: 17 Martyred, 35 Injured
10-Jan-2009 - Sibi: President of Shia Conference martyred
10-Jan-2009 - D.I.Khan:Habib Qureshi Embraces Shahadat...!!
10-Jan-2009 - Hangu: 4 Mominin Embrace Shahadat
9-Jan-2009 - Ashora Procession still ceased since 36 hours
8-Jan-2009 - Hungo: Ashora Procession not allowed to Move
8-Jan-2009 - Hangu Under Curfew ; Ashura Procession Banned.
8-Jan-2009 - Difa-e-Ghazza Rally : ISO Karachi Division.
7-Jan-2009 - Dastan-e-Shahdat Vol-4 Released
7-Jan-2009 - ISO to hold Countrywide Protests for Gaza.
7-Jan-2009 - Entry &Parking for 9th & 10th Procession
5-Jan-2009 - Karachi:Entry Points Moharram Processions
5-Jan-2009 - Two Momineen Embrace Shahadat in Quetta.
4-Jan-2009 - 38 Pilgrims Martyred in Kadhimiya ,Baghdad.
4-Jan-2009 - Rahber Urges All Muslims to Defend Gaza...
4-Jan-2009 - Gaza: 485 Embrace Shahadat ,Over 2500 Injured.
4-Jan-2009 - United Nations Security Council is not Impressed !
4-Jan-2009 - Haniyeh : Victory Near for Gaza Resistance.
4-Jan-2009 - Hamas Kills 9 Israeli Soldiers,Captures 2.
4-Jan-2009 - Moharram 1430 H : Scouts Rabta Council.
2-Jan-2009 - Gaza War : Time-line.
2-Jan-2009 - Resistance Active and Positive in Gaza..!!
2-Jan-2009 - 450 Palestinians Embrace Shahadat
31-Dec-2008 - Join the protests to stop Gaza massacre !
31-Dec-2008 - Hamas Gains First Diplomatic Victory .
31-Dec-2008 - SFP Joins Hands With Scouts Rabta Council.
31-Dec-2008 - Gaza : 368 Martyred, 1,750 Injured .
29-Dec-2008 - Jaffarabad: Imambargah Roof Collapses.
18-Dec-2008 - Fida Hussain Embraces Shahadat in Hangu.
18-Dec-2008 - Hilal Embraces Shahadat in Hangu.
15-Dec-2008 - Hangu : 1 Shahadat , 2 Injured & 3 Abducted.
8-Dec-2008 - Support Higher Education of Martyrs Children.
6-Dec-2008 - Jamrud College Principle Embraces Shahadat.
5-Dec-2008 - Suicide Blast in Orakzai Claims 6 Mominin.
5-Dec-2008 - Peshawar :Bomb Rocks Saraye Alamdar
29-Nov-2008 - Injured Expired, Several Innocents Arrested
27-Nov-2008 - Khairpur: 3 Mominin Injured in Attack.
26-Nov-2008 - Allama Mirza Yousuf Hussein Escapes Life Attempt.
26-Nov-2008 - Tauqeer Abbas Embraces Shahadat
21-Nov-2008 - D.I.Khan Blast :Shohada & Injured List
21-Nov-2008 - D.I.Khan: Janaza Processesion Bombed.
20-Nov-2008 - Shahid Abbas Shot Martyred in D.I. Khan.
17-Nov-2008 - Special Tribute to the Martyrs...!!
17-Nov-2008 - Gohar Ali Embraces Shahadat in Karachi.
15-Nov-2008 - Ex-ISO Division President Shot Martyred.
15-Nov-2008 - Ameer Khan Embraces Shahadat in Peshawar.
13-May-2004 - List of Injured Worshipers of Saniha Hyderi
26-Jun-2010 - Karachi: Hammad Nanji martyred
20-Jun-2010 - Quetta: Two brothers killed and one Injured
17-Jun-2010 - Karachi - Sohail Abbas Shot Martyred
15-Jun-2010 - Tribals Demand End of Target Killings in Karachi
14-Jun-2010 - Kharachi - Shia Journalist Ayub Naqvi Martyred
12-Jun-2010 - Karachi - Naseer Hussain matyred
11-Jun-2010 - Karachi: Ali Raza Martyred in Ancholi
10-Jun-2010 - DIK: Dr. Javed Iqbal Shah Martyred
9-Jun-2010 - Karachi: Shahzad: Another brother Martyred
7-Jun-2010 - Yazidis Re-Grouping in Sindh.
4-Jun-2010 - Karachi: Dr. Hassan Haider Martyred
1-Jun-2010 - Karachi :Imambargah Wali Asr Under Attack
1-Jun-2010 - Karachi: Syed Asif Raza Martyred
31-May-2010 - DIK: Mashoor Kazmi Martyred
31-May-2010 - Multan: Picnic 2010 for Shuhada Families
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